InternshipC Magazine Internship Application Deadline
Apr. 01 2016

C Magazine accepts applications for academic and volunteer editorial and publishing internships. As valuable members of C Magazine’s team, interns play a key role in promoting and encouraging critical engagement with and knowledge of contemporary art, while gaining valuable experience in the field of publishing.

C Magazine PLATFORM Talk at Art Toronto
Oct. 23 - 26 2015

Wanda Nanibush and Sarah Robayo Sheridan will discuss some of the nascent ideas of a history not yet written – the history of contemporary art in Toronto. At once definitively regional and highly international, over the past half-century artists have remapped the city both onto itself and within the realm of global cultural practices. Focusing on indigenous art in Toronto, as well as conceptual art and media art, the speakers will explore the relation between the evolving social and cultural landscape of the city and the artists who live and work here.

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