Issue 101


Issue Contents

  1. Rosemary Heather
    What Can a Magazine Do? — Abstract
  1. Jon Davies
    What Can Cinema Do? — Abstract
  2. Rodney LaTourelle
    The Lap, The Fur — Abstract
  3. Johan Lundh
    The Art of Disappearing — Abstract
  1. Vincenzo De Bellis
    Tino Sehgal — Abstract
  2. Ryan English
    Gareth Long: Second, Third, Fourth — Abstract
  3. Jesse McKee
    The 7th Gwangju Biennale Annual Report: A Year in Exhibition, Directed by Okwui Enwezor — Abstract
  4. Earl Miller
    28th Bienal de Sao Paulo — Abstract
  5. Leah Modigliani
    Nathalie Djurberg — Abstract
  6. Patricia Reed
    Claude Wampler: Staging Shadows Without Source — Abstract
  7. Rachelle Sawatsky
    Making Real — Abstract
  8. Stephanie Vegh
    Fiona Kinsella: Chapel (Rose) — Abstract
  1. Eli Bornowsky
    Letter to the Editor, Re: Sholem Krishtalka's Letter to the Editor in C Magazine Issue 100 — Abstract
  1. Jacob Korczynski
    Those of Us Who Know about These Darkened Rooms — Abstract
  2. Lars Bang Larsen
    PCP: Pop/Conceptual/Psychedelic — Abstract
  3. Carol-Ann M. Ryan
    Future Forward — Abstract
  4. Chen Tamir
    Political Action Figures — Abstract