Issue 116


Issue Contents

  1. Amish Morrell
    Editorial: Collections — Read Text
  1. Shannon d'Avout
    Structural Mutation, Cinnamon-Scented Speculation, the Twenty-First Century and the Artist Pension Trust. — Abstract
  2. Randy Gladman
    Collecting That Matters: The Art Collection of Alison And Alan Schwartz — Abstract
  3. Laura Kenins
    Reduce, Reuse, Exhibit: Electronic Waste as Collection. — Abstract
  4. Steve Lyons
    Ivan Moudov's Museum in Fragment — Abstract
  5. Anna-Sophie Springer
    Volumes: The Book as Exhibition. — Abstract
  6. Pandora Syperek
    Lands Beyond: Charles Stankievech's Intangible Archives — Abstract
Artist's Projects
  1. Charles Stankievech
    BOOKEND — Abstract
  1. Martha Baillie
    The Schlögel Archive — Abstract
  2. Jacqueline Bell
    Only Birds Sing the Music of Heaven in this World. — Abstract
  3. Mireille Bourgeois
    Sounding Selves — Abstract
  4. Clint Burnham
    Digital Natives, edited by Lorna Brown and Clint Burnham — Abstract
  5. Roger Bywater
    Lou Ford @ G Gallery, Toronto — Abstract
  6. Bill Clarke
    Red Sky at Night — Abstract
  7. Jon Davies
    Emotional Blackmail — Abstract
  8. Sky Goodden
    Wavelengths and Future Projections — Abstract
  9. Ebony L. Haynes
    Yuji Agematsu — Abstract
  10. Yuki Higashino
    Morgan Fisher: The Frame and Beyond — Abstract
  11. Michelle Kasprzak
    Foundation Izolyatsia in collaboration with Galleria Continua: Where Is The Time? — Abstract
  12. Andrew Pel
    The Guantanamo Bay Museum of Art and History — Abstract
  13. Amanda Ratej
    The Photographs Not Taken, edited by Will Steacy — Abstract
  14. Kevin Rodgers
    Raymond Boisjoly: The Work That Work Leaves Undone. — Abstract
  15. Joanna Sheridan
    IAIN BAXTER&: Works 1958-2011 — Abstract
  16. Saelan Twerdy
    Artificial Hells, by Claire Bishop — Abstract
  17. Ellyn Walker
    Derek Liddington Today a Legend Died. Viva La Revolution. — Abstract
  18. Heather White
    The Parallel Museum — Abstract
  19. Heather White
    Museum of Innocence Istanbul — Abstract
  20. Heather White
    The World Portable Gallery Convention, Halifax — Abstract