Issue 31


Issue Contents

  1. Maija Bismanis
    Art Works/ Works of Art — Abstract
  2. Walter Klepac
    Presence and Abstraction
  3. Donald Kuspit
    Sizing Art Up (and Down); The Issue of Quality — Abstract
  4. Carol Podedworny
    First Nations Art and the Canadian Mainstream
  5. Andrew Sorfleet
    Canadian Colinization — Abstract
Artist's Projects
  1. Lin Gibson
    How I Learned That Jimmy was Dead
  1. Gary Michael Dault
    Michael Merrill, Garnet Press Gallery, Toronto — Abstract
  2. Amy Gogarty
    Garry Williams, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary
  3. Peter Hobbs
    Brian Scott, Toronto Sculpture Garden — Abstract
  4. Amy Karlinski
    Diana Thorneycroft, Winnipeg Art Gallery — Abstract
  5. Robin Laurence
    Yellow Peril: Reconsidered, Artspeak, Or and the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
  6. Maja Miller
    Carolyn White, S.L. Simpson Gallery, Toronto — Abstract
  7. Sarah Milroy
    Hanne Darboven, Ydessa Hendeles Art Foundation, Toronto
  8. Andrew Payne
    Real Authentic Genuine, Beaver Hall, Toronto — Abstract
  9. Dena Shottenkirk
    Louise Lawler, Metro Pictures Gallery, NYC — Abstract
  10. Colin Smith
    Kevin Madill, Artspeak Gallery, Vancouver
  11. Gary Telfer
    Rene Pierre Allain, Julian Pretto Gallery, NYC — Abstract
  12. Karen Tisch
    Images '91, Euclid Theatre and John Spotton Cinema, Toronto
  13. Liz Wylie
    Landon Mackenzie, Wynick Tuck Gallery, Toronto
  1. Ron Martin
    Letter to the Editor — Abstract