Issue 55


Issue Contents

  1. Joyce Mason
    C is for change

  1. What to c: a guide to the season's major events
  2. Joyce Mason
    European Scrapbook
  3. Joanne Tod
    Music, Light and Other Conundrums
  1. Dyan Marie
    Imagining Architecture: Mark Gomes, Karl Blossfeldt and Noel Harding
Artist's Projects
  1. Suzy Lake
    So this is...
  1. John Armstrong
    Oliver Girling: Red Head Gallery, Toronto
  2. Blair Brennan
    Brent Irving: Fringe Gallery, Edmonton
  3. Mimi Fautley
    Lucy Pullen & Mitch Wiebe: Saint Mary's University Art Gallery, Halifax
  4. Moritz Gaede
    Eight Canadian Artists: Metro Hockey Centre, Halifax
  5. David Garneau
    Western Canada in Brief: Fall 1997
  6. Esther Grisham
    Chicago in Brief: Fall 1997
  7. Alice Ming-Wai Jim
    Lau Tin-Yum: Observatoire 4, Montreal
  8. Lisa Gabrielle Mark
    Toronto in Brief: Fall 1997
  9. Robin Metcalfe
    Atlantic Canada in Brief: Fall 1997
  10. Ben Portis
    Sheila Butler: London Regional & Historical Museums, London, Ontario
  11. Lee Rodney
    Vanessa Beecroft, Jennifer Bornstein, Martin Kersels & Gillian Wearing: S.L. Simpson Gallery, Toronto
  12. Dena Shottenkirk
    Arakawa & Madeline Gins : Guggenheim Museum, New York
  13. Dena Shottenkirk
    New York in Brief: Fall 1997
  14. James Yood
    Karen Lebergott: Jan Cicero Gallery, Chicago
  1. John Armstrong
    Spirit of Modernity: Ben Walmsley’s recent paintings at Garnet Press