Issue 64


Issue Contents


  1. What to c: a guide to the season's major exhibitions

  2. What was C'n: highlights from our editions' notebooks, SITE Santa Fe / Science Museum / AKI 2
  1. John Brunetti and Therese Grisham
    The Collaborators: Antonia Contro's and Maurizio Pellegrin's Constructive Engagement
  2. Gary Michael Dault
    Juan Geuer: Present Intense
  3. Ihor Holubizky
    Here and Now: Ihor Holubizky looks at Brisbane's millennium-bridging triennial
  4. Robin Metcalfe
    Friend or Faux: Robin Metcalfe looks for superficial meanings in three recent Halifax exhibitions
  1. John Armstrong
    Faki: Open Studio Gallery, Toronto
  2. Blair Brennan
    Leesa Streifler: Latitude 53 Gallery. Edmonton
  3. Ray Cronin
    A Theatre of Presence: Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton
  4. Lisa Gabrielle Mark
    Letter from Toronto: November, 1999
  5. Philip Monk
    Navigator: Philip Monk on recent works by Roland Brener
  6. Carol Peaker
    Mimmo Paladino & Brain Eno: The Roundhouse, London
  7. Lee Rodney
    Suzy Lake: Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto
  8. Dena Shottenkirk
    Letter from New York: October 1999