Issue 84


Issue Contents

  1. Rosemary Heather
    Your information is wrong
  1. Aaron Brewer
    The Shover: War Consolations
  2. Goody-B Wiseman
    Slant: Terriblisma and the Work of Candice Lin and Alice Catteneo
  1. Conor Humphries
    Shining-TV: Distortion on Demand
  2. Thomas Johnson
    Oona Stern: False Platitudes
  3. John Bentley Mays
    Utopia Problem: Bruce Mau Design’s Massive Change Project
  4. Robin Peck
    Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Sculpture of James Carl
Artist's Projects
  1. Bettina Hoffmann
    Bettina Hoffmann, Maître Et Chien, 2004
  1. Jan Allen
    Adrian Blackwell, Car Collective: Modern Fuel, Kingston, Canada
  2. Janis Demkiw
    Artefact 2004 Urban Sculpture: Parc du Mont-Royal, Montréal
  3. Stacey DeWolfe
    Fabulation: Vox Contemporary Image, Montréal
  4. Doris Kleilein
    Shrinking Cities: Kunstwerke Gallery, Berlin
  5. Bryne McLaughlin
    Eddo Stern: Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto
  6. Lisi Raskin
    Lee Bontecou: MoMA, New York
  7. Julie Ryan
    The Cave and the Island: Kunstburo Gallery, Vienna
  1. Ariane Beyn
    Precision Gesamtkunstwerk: This is a Universe, An Interview with Michael Snow