Issue 91


Issue Contents

  1. Rosemary Heather
    The Young Canadians — Abstract
  1. Chris Kraus
    Greetings from LA: Chris Kraus reports on some suspicious activity in the new USA — Abstract
  2. Victor Tupitsyn
    Oil for Art's Sake: Andrei Molodkin cuts into the veins of Western oil dependency — Abstract
  1. Emily Vey Duke
    Althea Thauberger: Experimentalism is Dead, Long Live the Internet — Abstract
  2. Yam Lau
    Kristan Horton: An Image of Sculpture — Abstract
  3. Earl Miller
    Law and Ordering: On Evaluating Recent Canadian Neoconceptualism — Abstract
  4. Bernard Schütze
    Michel De Broin: Taking Art For A Ride — Abstract
  5. Monika Szewczyk
    Close To Icons: Monika Szewczyk on Steven Shearer's growing devotion to painting — Abstract
Artist's Projects
  1. Corwyn Lund and Simone Moir
    Parlour of Twilight — Abstract
  2. Jennifer Murphy
    Wait For Me — Abstract
  1. Clint Burnham
    Territory, Artspeak and Presentation House Gallery — Abstract
  2. Charles Danby
    Canada: A Group Show From New York — Abstract
  3. Jacob Korczynski
    Ninth Havana Biennial — Abstract
  4. Rodney LaTourelle
    Nico Ihlein: Unclear Situations in Half Secured Rooms — Abstract
  5. Ruth Maclennan
    Dan Hays: Colorado Impressions — Abstract
  6. Tatiana Mellema
    Daniel Olson: Beside Myself — Abstract
  7. Jennifer Murphy
    Near and Far, Milutin Gubash, Stride Gallery — Abstract
  8. Nadja Sayej
    Sadegh Tirafkan: Manhood — Abstract
  1. Christina Ritchie
    Vancouver's Collecting Collective — Abstract