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149 Take Down, Spread Out — Read Text Benjamin de Boer  
149 George the Parasite — SF Ho — Read Text Eleonor Botoman  
149 Editorial: Community — Read Text Jac Renée Bruneau  
149 Wildseed: A Fellowship Model by and for Black Creatives — Read Text Erica Cardwell  
149 In-reach and the Fabulatory Function of the Curatorial — Read Text Emelie Chhangur  
149 “Black Gold” — Ts̱ēmā — Read Text Steven Cottingham  
149 “Moon Poetics 4 Courageous Earth Critters and Dangerous Day Dreamers” — Zadie Xa — Read Text Lillian O’Brien Davis  
149 Moving at the Speed of Trust: On Teaching Social Practice — Read Text Emily Dickson  
149 Ongoing Legacies of Transmisogyny — Read Text Dallas Fellini  
149 My Meteorite Or, Without the Random There Can Be No New Thing — Harry Dodge — Read Text Genevieve Flavelle  
149 Letters — Read Text Emily Amos-Wood, Rosemary Flutur, and Karina Roman Justo  
149 “A Thread That Never Breaks” — Angel Aubichon, Joi T. Arcand, Leanna Marshall, Caroline Monnet, Jaad Kuujus (Meghann O’Brien), Olivia Whetung, The Pacific Sisters — Read Text Camille Georgeson-Usher  
149 Aajiiqatigiingniq: Isuma’s Digital Indigenous Democracy Project — Read Text Emily Laurent Henderson  
149 Community is Never Neutral: Placemaking in Chinatowns Across Canada — Read Text Steph Wong Ken  
149 “Inaction” — Brendan Fernandes — Read Text Godfre Leung  
149 “Thought, outside” — Craig Berggold, Marlene Creates, Kiss & Tell, Roy Kiyooka, Laiwan, Ken Lum, Melinda Mollineaux — Read Text Jaleh Mansoor  
149 Seghąxole, my clan by Victoria Redsun: Text — Read Text Mariana Muñoz Gomez  
149 Seghąxole, my clan — Abstract Victoria Redsun  
149 Gay Day 1971 — Read Text Jamie Ross  
149 Imagination Tool for Institutional Operations: A Long Project Between Gudskul & 7 Toronto Collectives — Read Text Ruben Beny Esguerra , Rosina Kazi, Marsya Maharani, Vince Rozario, Gesyada Siregar, and Geneviève Wallen  
149 “The Neighbour’s Plate” — Derya Akay, Amna Elnour, Dana Qaddah — Read Text April Thompson  
149 Grass Drama — Julian Yi-Zhong Hou — Read Text Magnus Tiesenhausen  
149 “Queer Correspondence” — Alex Margo Arden and Caspar Heinemann, Beatriz Cortez and Kang Seung Lee, Ezra Green and Martin Hansen, rafa esparza, Gelare Khoshgozaran, David Lindert, Atiéna — Read Text Alex Turgeon  
149 An Invitation for Black and Indigenous Artists to Dream — Read Text Kite and Alisha B. Wormsley  
149 1—130 — Nour Bishouty — Read Text Reyhan Yazdani  
148 Gaawiin Ogiibagidenaawaasiiwaawan / They Did Not Let It Go: Robert Houle — Read Text Noor Alé  
148 Wanderings by Anna Binta Diallo: Text — Read Text Noor Bhangu  
148 Shame and Prejudice: A Story of Resilience: Kent Monkman — Read Text Raymond Boisjoly  
148 Editorial: Body Language — Read Text Jac Renée Bruneau  
148 Picture Cycle: Essays: Masha Tupitsyn — Read Text Jesse Cumming  
148 One Thing: Bundles — Read Text Dayna Danger  
148 Wanderings — Abstract Anna Binta Diallo  
148 The (Im)possibility of Healing: On Lauryn Youden — Read Text Lauren Gabrielle Fournier  
148 The Gas Imaginary: Rachel O’Reilly — Read Text Jonah Gray  
148 I Confess: Moyra Davey — Read Text Greta Hamilton  
148 Three-Thirty: Ebti Nabag, Aaron Jones, and Kelly Fyffe-Marshall — Read Text Huda Hassan  
148 Soft Blues — Read Text Johanna Hedva  
148 Letters — Read Text Tatum Dooley, Ivetta S.Y. Kang, and Philip Leonard Ocampo  
148 What Are They Fighting For? On Oliver Husain, Kerstin Schroedinger, and the community who embraced DNCB as an experimental treatment for HIV — Read Text Theodore (ted) Kerr  
148 amiskwacîwâskahikan: Jane Ash Poitras, MJ Belcourt Moses, Lauren Crazybull, Tanya Harnett, George Littlechild, Dwayne Martineau, Conor McNally, Lana Whiskeyjack — Read Text Missy LeBlanc  
148 Hands that gather and forget: Ana Luisa Bernárdez Notz and Sebastián Rodríguez y Vasti — Read Text Alex Lepianka  
148 Composition: Invocation 1 — Read Text Isabel Lewis  
148 the commute: S F Ho, jaye simpson, Helena Krobath — Read Text Brynn McNab  
148 Feeling The Spirit in The Dark — Read Text Preston Pavlis  
148 "Cells interlinked within cells interlinked": On Ambivalent Contamination — Read Text Alex Quicho  
147 My Words Will Heal You: On RISE Edutainment — Read Text Kelsey Adams  
147 darkness is as deep as the darkness is: Rita McKeough — Read Text sophia bartholomew  
147 Letters — Read Text Elliat Albrecht, Alexa Bunnell, and Anna Hawkins  
147 Editorial: Gather — Read Text Jac Renée Bruneau, Ginger Carlson, and Natasha Chaykowski  
147 Miinakii and Me — Read Text Lauren Crazybull and Faye HeavyShield  
147 Câhcacêp Art & Tea House: A Conversation with Jerry Saddleback and Jo-Ann Saddleback — Read Text Dawn Saunders Dahl  
147 The Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge, Issue 07: TILTING (1), TILTING (2) Edited and published by Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto Mississauga — Read Text Louis Fermor  
147 The Undying: Pain, Vulnerability, Mortality, Medicine, Art, Time, Dreams, Data, Exhaustion, Cancer, and Care by Anne Boyer — Read Text Lauren Gabrielle Fournier  
147 Cooking the Books: Recipes by Artists — Read Text L. Sasha Gora  
147 Alongside Underbrush — Abstract Mackenzie Ground and Rob Jackson  
147 One Thing: A Rock Isn’t Always a Rock — Read Text Henry HeavyShield  
147 Reading Images Against Racism — Read Text Su-Ying Lee  
147 Crip Hope — Read Text Christiana Myers  
147 This is the future: Hito Steyerl — Read Text Sinead Petrasek  
147 A convex, minutely puckered surface could be called a vertical sea* by Aislinn Thomas: Text — Read Text Daniella Sanader  
147 Consciousness: Lex Brown — Read Text Cason Sharpe  
147 The Black Prairie Archives: An Anthology Edited by Karina Vernon Wilfred Laurier University Press, 2020 — Read Text Safia Siad  
147 Bureau of Aesthetics: Native Art Department International — Read Text Emma Steen  
147 Evaporative Losses — Read Text Jenna Swift  
147 A convex, minutely puckered surface could be called a vertical sea,* with: Alternative Audio Description by Anna Bowen — Abstract Aislinn Thomas  
147 David Wojnarowicz: Photography & Film 1978–1992 Morris and Helen Belkin Art Gallery, Vancouver Jan 10–April 5, 2020 — Read Text April Thompson  
147 To Reciprocate All They Freely Offer — Read Text Mercedes Webb  
147 Revisiting ‘A Journal of the Plague Year’ (2013): Cosmin Costinas and Inti Guerrero — Read Text Kate Whiteway  
146 Architecture after the Asylum: Hannah Hull, Agata Mrozowski, Maria-Saroja Ponnambalam, Rupali Mozaria, arielle tai, and Joe Wood — Read Text Hiba Ali  
146 Letter to the Reader — Read Text Jac Renée Bruneau and Kate Monro  
146 Editorial: Humour — Read Text Jac Renée Bruneau  
146 No Laughing Matter — Read Text Caitlin Chaisson  
146 My Crops are Dying But My Body Persists: Bridget Moser — Read Text Natasha Chaykowski  
146 Letters — Read Text Dallas Fellini, Margaryta Golovchenko, and Henry Heng Lu  
146 Inside Killjoy's Kastle: Dykey Ghosts, Feminist Monsters, and Other Lesbian Hauntings: Allyson Mitchell and Cait McKinney — Read Text Christina Hajjar  
146 Laughing at Power, Laughing as Power: On Mike Bourscheid — Read Text Karina Irvine  
146 Tragicomedy, a Toolkit — Read Text Parker Kay  
146 Sparkle's Map Home: Tau Lewis — Read Text Maandeeq Mohamed  
146 Say "Hi" by Lisa Smolkin: Text — Read Text Aliya Pabani  
146 The Pathos of Mandy: Walter Scott — Read Text Emily Pelstring  
146 Condolere Sanctuaries: Eve Tagny — Read Text Ashley Raghubir  
146 Healthy, Complicated Relationships: An Interview with Madelyne Beckles — Read Text Leah Schulli  
146 One Thing: Untitled Fall '95 — Read Text Cason Sharpe  
146 Composition: The Sound of a Heart — Read Text Leanne Betasamosake Simpson  
146 New Red Order Wants You — In Conversation with NRO: Adam Khalil, Zack Khalil and Jackson Polys — Read Text Paul Chaat Smith  
146 Say "Hi" — Abstract Lisa Smolkin  
146 I'm Only Going to Show You Once, Now You Try: Alyssa "Sikapinakii" Duck Chief — Read Text Steph Wong Ken  
146 I Apologize: Jessica Baldanza — Read Text Fan Wu  
145 Sontag: Her Life and Work: Benjamin Moser — Read Text David Balzer  
145 The Limits of Empathy: Criticism and Editing Across Borders — Read Text Casey Beal  
145 ᐃ: Joi T. Arcand, George Arlook, Pierre Aupilardjuk, Esaias Beardy, Nick Beardy, Elizabeth Flett, Philip Hakuluk, Jeremiah Harper, Stanley Houle, Peter Inukshuk, Toona Iquliq, Octave Tigumiak Kappi, David Keno, Dwight Keno, Jacob Keno, Nelson Keno, Saunde — Read Text Noor Bhangu  
145 Letters — Read Text Ginger Carlson, Natasha Chaykowski, Helen Lee, and Maandeeq Mohamed  
145 Demagogues: 4 by Erdem Taşdelen: Text — Read Text Allison Collins  
145 The Shoreline Dilemma — Read Text Valérie Frappier  
145 Writing About Indigenous Art with Critical Care — Read Text David Garneau  
145 Editorial: Criticism, Again — Read Text Merray Gerges  
145 Truth to Material: Krista Belle Stewart — Read Text Hamish Hardie  
145 Tell Us What You Really Think: A Survey on the Landscape of Canadian Art Criticism — Read Text Esmé Hogeveen and Emma Sharpe  
145 What Else Might Be Possible? Towards a Decolonial Criticism — Read Text Serena Lukas Bhandar, Kemi Craig, Lindsay Katsitsakatste Delaronde, Kim Dhillon, and Tarah Hogue  
145 Curating, Criticism and Care, or, “Showing Up” as Praxis — Read Text Joana Joachim  
145 Solitaire: Julian Hou and Anne Bourse — Read Text Kate Kolberg  
145 Transits and Returns: Edith Amituanai, Christopher Ando, Natalie Ball, BC Collective with Louisa Afoa, Drew Kahuʻāina Broderick with Nāpali Aluli Souza, Hannah Brontë, Elisa Jane Carmichael, Bracken Hanuse Corlett, Mariquita Davis, Chantal Fraser, Maureen — Read Text Julia Lum  
145 La douche écossaise: Katie Bethune-Leamen — Read Text John Nyman  
145 Civilization #1 — Read Text Michael Pace  
145 On Venus: Patrick Staff — Read Text Alex Quicho  
145 Demagogues: 4 — Abstract Erdem Taşdelen  
145 Pastoral Fail: Reflections on an Art World Call-Out — Read Text Michael Turner  
145 #GetMad: Rendezvous with Madness Festival — Read Text Justice Walz  
144 Virgil Abloh: Figures of Speech — Read Text D'Arcy Blake  
144 Karen Asher: Class — Read Text Madeline Bogoch  
144 Trajet: An Interview with Dean Baldwin and Caroline Monnet — Read Text Jac Renée Bruneau and Aamna Muzaffar  
144 arriver avant moi devant moi — Abstract Erika DeFreitas  
144 Jean-Paul Kelly: A sensation best described by another — Read Text Laura Demers  
144 Turning the Page on the Politics of Inclusion and Exclusion, 30 Years On — Read Text Rachelle Dickenson and Lee-Ann Martin  
144 Speaking Ourselves Into Being — Read Text Andrea Fatona and Liz Ikiriko  
144 Andrea Long Chu: Females: A Concern — Read Text Lauren Gabrielle Fournier  
144 Editorial: Déjà Vu — Read Text Merray Gerges  
144 Communing with (Art) Ancestors — Read Text Sky Goodden and Pamila Matharu  
144 David Hammons: Ornette Coleman: Harmolodic Thinker — Read Text Jonah Gray  
144 We Relate, Therefore We Are: Relation-Making in Jin-me Yoon's Practice — Read Text Areum Kim  
144 Composition: Writing About Douglas Writing About Douglas Writing — Read Text Godfre Leung  
144 Developing Historical Negatives: Deanna Bowen, Morris Lum, Jacqueline Hoàng Nguyễn, Krista Belle Stewart, Hajra Waheed — Read Text Henry Heng Lu  
144 k.g. Guttman: Visiting Hours — Read Text Fabien Maltais-Bayda  
144 arriver avant moi devant moi by Erika DeFreitas: Text — Read Text Emily McKibbon  
144 Elvia Wilk: Oval — Read Text Stan Portus  
144 Letters — Read Text Alexandra Irimia, Jack McCombe, and Chelsea Rozansky  
144 Writer in Residence: Shifting Spotlights Introduction — Read Text Chelsea Rozansky  
144 Ken Lum: Everything is Relevant: Writings on Art and Life, 1991-2018 — Read Text Saelan Twerdy  
144 One Thing: 13 Conversations About Art and Cultural Race Politics — Read Text Geneviève Wallen  
144 Shanzhai Lyric: LOOSELY ASSEMBLED CYCLE 3: J'ai besoin d'a Of North 1986 — Read Text Fan Wu  
143 Collecting Forever? On Acquiring a Tino Sehgal — Read Text Marie Fraser  
143 Karla McManus: Inside/Outside: Images of the LAND in Artexte’s Collection — Read Text Samuel Bernier-Cormier  
143 Twenty Years of Despacio 2008–2028 — Read Text Fabiola Carranza  
143 Composition: Skin Has Two Sides — Read Text Adriana Disman  
143 70,000 Veils — Abstract Sameer Farooq  
143 Editorial: Ownership — Read Text Merray Gerges  
143 70,000 Veils, by Sameer Farooq: Text — Read Text Merray Gerges  
143 Manar Moursi: The Loudspeaker and the Tower — Read Text Ahmed Hegazy  
143 Alexia Laferté-Coutu and Jessica Williams: Between Two Eternities — Read Text Esmé Hogeveen  
143 Gabrielle L’Hirondelle Hill: Money — Read Text Karina Irvine  
143 Reformed? — Read Text Jaimie Isaac  
143 Together Apart, Queer Indigeneities — Read Text Jessica Johns  
143 Thread: Identity Politics Economics — Read Text Elisha Lim  
143 Inquiring Minds: Lawrence Abu Hamdan, Gabi Dao, Eitan Efrat, Sirah Foighel Brutmann, Henry Hills, Onyeka Igwe, Martina Melilli — Read Text Steffanie Ling  
143 Isuma: Isuma, 58th International Venice Biennale — Read Text Lisa Myers  
143 But a Storm Is Blowing from Paradise: Acquiring Contemporary Art of the Middle East and North Africa — Read Text Sara Raza  
143 The Market Will Never Catch Up — Read Text Tiana Reid  
143 One Thing: Surface Tension (or What Holds an ‘Us’ Together) — Read Text Arun Nedra Rodrigo  
143 Beatrice Gibson: Plural Dreams of Social Life — Read Text Daniella Sanader  
143 Letters — Read Text Parker Kay, Amy Lam, and Lisa Smolkin  
143 Getting Our Belongings Back — Read Text Adrian Stimson  
143 Varvara & Mar: Chameleon — Read Text Steph Wong Ken  
142 Not the Camera, But the Filing Cabinet: Performative Body Archives in Contemporary Art — Read Text sophia bartholomew  
142 Anne Low: Chair for a woman — Read Text Caitlin Chaisson  
142 Steven Cottingham: Heat, Death — Read Text Weiyi Chang  
142 We Didn’t Know What the Monument Meant Until Someone Said It Should Be Removed — Read Text Aylan Couchie  
142 Pilvi Takala: Admirer — Read Text Jesse Cumming  
142 Editorial: Monument — Read Text Kari Cwynar  
142 Not One Monument but 12: Re-memorializing the Stonewall Riots — Read Text Genevieve Flavelle  
142 Esmé Weijun Wang: The Collected Schizophrenias — Read Text Lauren Gabrielle Fournier  
142 Benchin — Read Text Stacey Ho  
142 Trauma as Monument — Read Text Elwood Jimmy  
142 How to Have an AIDS Memorial in an Epidemic — Read Text Theodore (ted) Kerr  
142 Vajiko Chachkhiani: They Kept Shadows Quiet — Read Text Kate Kolberg  
142 Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed: Multiple Elementary — Read Text Justin A. Langlois  
142 The Bell at the End of Time — Read Text Pejvak (Rouzbeh Akhbari and Felix Kalmenson)  
142 Sky Hopinka: Cloudless Blue Egress of Summer — Read Text Sheila Regan  
142 “I am the colour of burnt pineapple, mango, lemon”: An Interview with Stephanie Comilang — Read Text Stephanie Comilang and Heather Rigg  
142 Letters — Read Text Salena Barry, Jacquelyn Ross, Fan Wu, and Muhan Zhang  
142 Mike Goldby: Silver 35 — Read Text Emma Sharpe  
142 Histories and Setups: Interview with Life of a Craphead — Read Text Robin Simpson  
142 Tamara Lee-Anne Cardinal: Mekinawewin, to give a gift — Read Text Steph Wong Ken  
141 “I’m a Little Too Rebellious for That”: A Conversation with Joi T. Arcand and Winona Wheeler — Read Text Joi T. Arcand, Chris Lee, and Winona Wheeler  
141 Poletown vs. GM: Insert — Abstract Danielle Aubert and Kikko Paradela  
141 A Completely Customized World Where Everything Is Just How I Like and Need It: The Work of Shannon Finnegan — Read Text Mary Banas  
141 I’ll be your Mirror: Stephanie Comilang, Erika DeFreitas, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Neil Goldberg, Milutin Gubash, Vivek Shraya — Read Text Noa Bronstein  
141 In the Process of Making Themselves: Poster Art, Internationalism and the Cuban Revolution — Read Text Tings Chak  
141 Greg Durrell: Design Canada — Read Text Michèle Champagne  
141 University at Buffalo: Sugar Cookie — Read Text Steven Chodoriwsky  
141 Joshua Schwebel: A Dream In Which I Am You — Read Text Farid Djamalov  
141 Poletown Lives — Read Text Lisa Gitelman  
141 I continue to shape: Maria Thereza Alves, Deanna Bowen, Cathy Busby, Justine A. Chambers, Nicholas Galanin, Ame Henderson, Maria Hupfield, Jessica Karuhanga, Lisa Myers, Michalene Thomas, Joseph Tisiga, Charlene Vickers — Read Text Vanessa Lakewood  
141 Editorial: Graphic Design — Read Text Chris Lee and Ali S. Qadeer  
141 Incidental Graphics: To Design in and Through Documents — Read Text Tucker McLachlan  
141 MSCHF Internet Studios: Times Newer Roman — Read Text Brian Morgan  
141 Autotheory: Hiba Ali, Madelyne Beckles, Thirza Cuthand, Deirdre Logue, Allyson Mitchell, Andrew James Paterson, Evan Tyler, Martha Wilson — Read Text Chelsea Rozansky  
141 Now in Circulation — Read Text David Schnitman  
141 Paul Soulellis: QUEER.ARCHIVE.WORK — Read Text Danielle St-Amour  
141 Entangled Visions: The Birth of a Radical Pedagogy of Design in India — Read Text Kalpana Subramanian  
141 The Blackbox Trick: Magic in the Age of Techno-governance and Corporate Secrecy — Read Text Chris Hamamoto and Federico Pérez Villoro  
140 Seth Price: Danny, Mila, Hannah, Ariana, Bob, Brad — Read Text D'Arcy Blake  
140 Artefact: Mediums — Read Text Jac Renée Bruneau  
140 By the Strike of a Match, or Her Good Strike of Lightning — Read Text Natasha Chaykowski  
140 Editorial: Institutions — Read Text Kari Cwynar  
140 Conflicting Heroes: Sonny Assu, Natalie Ball, Dayna Danger, David Garneau, Leonard Getinthecar (Nicholas & Jerrod Galanin) in collaboration with Nep Sidhu, Kent Monkman, Caroline Monnet, Jessie Ray Short, Skawennati — Read Text Dagmara Genda  
140 Tax Gentrification / Gentrification Tax, 2018 — Read Text GTA (Gentrification Tax Action)  
140 On Writing: in two vignettes — Read Text Nasrin Himada  
140 Helen DeWitt: Some Trick: Thirteen Stories — Read Text Esmé Hogeveen  
140 Historical Blinds and SITElines: Unsettling the Biennial with Candice Hopkins — Read Text Jenn Jackson  
140 Yve Laris Cohen: Meeting Ground — Read Text Jovana Jankovic  
140 Lisa Smolkin and Neil LaPierre: Belonging(s) — Read Text Ryan Josey  
140 Chloë Lum and Yannick Desranleau: What Do Stones Smell Like in the Forest? — Read Text Karie Liao  
140 Meaningful Inclusion — Read Text Whitney Mashburn and Carmen Papalia  
140 The Artist as Doctor (of Fine Arts) — Read Text K. Hart and Ashok Mathur  
140 Germaine Koh: Home Made Home — Read Text Ines Min  
140 Jackie Wang: Carceral Capitalism — Read Text Kendra Place  
140 Deep-Time Construction: Basel Abbas & Ruanne Abou-Rahme, Lida Abdul, Sky Hopinka, NIC Kay, Asma Kazmi, and Amanda Russhell Wallace — Read Text Genevieve Quick  
140 Lorna Bauer: The Hand of Mee — Read Text Barbora Racevičiūtė  
140 Lynne Tillman: Men and Apparitions — Read Text Jacquelyn Ross  
140 Karen Kraven: Pins and Needles — Read Text Theresa Wang  
140 A Study in Concrete: Text by Annie Wong, Image by jes sachse — Read Text jes sachse and Annie Wong  
139 Celia Perrin Sidarous: Toujours la coquille de l’autre always the shell of another — Read Text Kendra Ainsworth  
139 Who can we trust? Whose words will rescue us? — Read Text Lillian Allen  
139 Naufus Ramírez-Figueroa: Shit-Baby and The Crumpled Giraffe — Read Text Noor Bhangu  
139 Open Engagement: Sustainability — Read Text Caitlin Chaisson  
139 'Zeal Without Wisdom': Rushing for Reconciliation — Read Text Aylan Couchie  
139 Inventory: Group Exercise — Abstract Randy Lee Cutler  
139 Editorial: Trust — Read Text Jac Renée Bruneau and Kari Cwynar  
139 Kite: The Listener — Read Text Zoë De Luca  
139 The Artist-Curator Relationship — Read Text Pablo de Ocampo, Erika DeFreitas, Pamela Edmonds, Vera Frenkel, Ayumi Goto, Tarah Hogue, Justin A. Langlois, Pamila Matharu, Peter Morin, Helena Reckitt, Lou Sheppard, Erdem Taşdelen, Geneviève Wallen, and Shellie Zhang  
139 Me, My Parents and My Art Practice — Read Text Simon Fuh  
139 Filipa César: Spell Reel — Read Text Jill Glessing  
139 Artefact: Animal — Read Text Andil Gosine  
139 Queering Intimacy Through Acts of Care: A Conversation with Kerri Flannigan and Megan K. Quigley — Read Text Kerri Flannigan, Kerri Flannigan, Kerri Flannigan, Greta Hamilton, and Megan K. Quigley  
139 Rochelle Goldberg: Pétroleuse — Read Text Aryen Hoekstra  
139 It’s Not the Economy: An Interview with Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa — Read Text Lucy Ives  
139 Patrick Langley: Arkady — Read Text Alex Quicho  
139 Sanjit Dhillon and cherry kutti: Biding My Time / Biting My Tongue — Read Text Vince Rozario  
139 Àdisòkàmagan / Nous connaître un peu nous-mêmes / We’ll All Become Stories — Read Text Leah Snyder  
139 Angela Grauerholz — Read Text Ricky Varghese  
139 Chris Kraus: After Kathy Acker — Read Text Casey Wei  
139 Mattea Perrotta and Jonathan Ryan — Read Text Natasha Young  
138 Inventory: Consumption — Read Text Gabriela Aveiro-Ojeda  
138 Allan Sekula: OKEANOS — Read Text Jesse Cumming  
138 Editorial: Games — Read Text Kari Cwynar  
138 “A way of talking about art”
Never the Same: what (else) can art writing do?
— Read Text
Maeve Hanna  
138 Arts of Engagement: Taking Aesthetic Action In and Beyond the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada, edited by Dylan Robinson and Keavy Martin — Read Text Sydney Hart  
138 Lossy Relay — Read Text Mitchell Akiyama and Bethany Ides  
138 Catherine Telford-Keogh: Source Supplements — Read Text Ruth Jones  
138 “Phallus in Wonderland”: Role Plays with Joyce Wieland — Read Text Maryse Larivière  
138 Megan Hepburn: Banana Dust — Read Text Steffanie Ling  
138 Brie Ruais: Attempting to Hold the Landscape 2016–2017 — Read Text Jenine Marsh  
138 Philippe Parreno: La levadura y el anfitrión (The Yeast and The Host) — Read Text Jac Renée Bruneau and Aamna Muzaffar  
138 Esmaa Mohamoud: THREE-PEAT
Oreka James: If the Other Does Not See Me, I do See Myself
Michèle Pearson Clarke: All That is Left Unsaid
— Read Text
Rupert Nuttle  
138 Chto Delat?: Performative Practices of our Time — Read Text Georgia Phillips-Amos  
138 Generations of Play — Read Text Skawennati  
138 Portnoy’s Game — Read Text Jovana Stokic  
138 On Writing: A Bongard Problem — Read Text Beth Stuart  
138 Steven Beckly: Meirenyu — Read Text Jessica Thalmann  
138 Artefact: Apology Dice — Read Text Clement Yeh  
138 Unsettling Settlers: An Interview with Golboo Amani — Read Text Farah Yusuf  
137 Pollyanna and Peppermint: Libraries as a Site of Praxis — Read Text Sepake Angiama, Clare Butcher, Brian McBay, and Jesse McKee  
137 It’s like hammering into nothing when I speak it by k.g. Guttman — Read Text Jac Renée Bruneau  
137 …in memoriam: The Sonority, the Together Sound, Outside of Time — Read Text Natasha Chaykowski  
137 Editorial: Time — Read Text Kari Cwynar  
137 Artefact: Late to the Party — Read Text Genevieve Flavelle  
137 Prospect.4: The Lotus in Spite of the Swamp — Read Text Sylvie Fortin  
137 Day With(out) Art 2017: ALTERNATE ENDINGS, RADICAL BEGINNINGS — Read Text D.J. Fraser  
137 Derya Akay, on Process, Labour and Time — Read Text Greta Hamilton  
137 Logan MacDonald: Lay of the Land — Read Text Gloria Hickey  
137 Kapwani Kiwanga: Flowers for Africa — Read Text Karina Irvine  
137 Reading Rajni Perera — Abstract Negarra A. Kudumu  
137 Moyra Davey: Portrait / Landscape — Read Text Charmaine Li  
137 Carry Forward — Read Text Sally McKay  
137 Somehow I Found You: On Black Archival Practices — Read Text Maandeeq Mohamed  
137 Amshu Chukki: The Tour — Read Text Zeenat Nagree  
137 Artwork by Rajni Perera — Read Text Natasha Chaykowski and Rajni Perera  
137 N. Vancouver — Read Text Lee Plested  
137 Inventory: Feeled Recordings: An Embodied Exploration of Archival Ephemera — Read Text Emma Sharpe  
136 THE BUSH MANIFESTO — Read Text    
136 TO BE AT THE MERCY OF THE SKY — Read Text Billy-Ray Belcourt  
136 Learning from the Land: BUSH gallery @dechintau — Read Text BUSH gallery  
136 to the archive — Read Text Jeremy Dutcher  
136 tagatavāsā — Read Text Léuli Māzyār Luna‘i Eshrāghi  
136 I Am — Abstract Maureen Gruben  
136 Coney Island Baby — Read Text Gabrielle L’Hirondelle Hill, Amy Kazymerchyk, Chandra Melting Tallow, and Jeneen Frei Njootli  
136 Inventory: On the land, on the body, on and off the walls… — Read Text Jaimie Isaac  
136 Artefact: Architecture of the Bush — Read Text Toby Katrine Lawrence  
136 Refracting Bush — Read Text Ashok Mathur  
136 Natural fibre shopping with Renee “Wasson” Dillard at the Ojibwe Cultural Foundation, and nearby bush, M’Chigeeng First Nation, Summer 2016 — Read Text Crystal Migwans  
136 Editorial: Site/ation — Read Text BUSH gallery, Peter Morin, and Tania Willard  
136 The Labrador Interpretation Centre — Read Text Mark Igloliorte and Peter Morin  
136 A Feast for the Stewards of the Land: Contemporary Art and Netukulimk on Unama’ki — Read Text Amish Morrell  
136 Sovereign Capitals — Abstract Native Art Department International  
136 Seeing You and Looking Back: Display as Land Rights and Title — Read Text Marianne Nicolson  
136 Where I Learned to Weave — Read Text Meghann O’Brien  
136 Kinstillatory Gathering — Read Text Karyn Recollet  
136 On Writing: Moving — Read Text Michael Turner  
136 Re-centring Knowledge an Interview with Artist and Curator Anique Jordan — Read Text Anique Jordan and Tania Willard  
136 Storymancy — Read Text Peter Morin and Tania Willard  
135 Adrian Villar Rojas: The Theater of Disappearance — Read Text Aisle 4  
135 Maggie Groat: Suns also Seasons — Read Text Kendra Ainsworth  
135 On Ling’s Nascar — Read Text Fabiola Carranza and Steffanie Ling  
135 Chris Curreri: Unruly Matter — Read Text Elora Crawford  
135 Editorial: Voice — Read Text Kari Cwynar  
135 red rose and lidii by Jeneen Frei Njootli: Words — Abstract Linnea Dick  
135 We Are Still Here, Camille Seaman’s Portrait Photography from Oceti Sakowin — Read Text Emily Dickson  
135 The Past, The Present and The Same, Deanna Bowen interviewed by Amy Fung — Read Text Amy Fung  
135 LOUD: In Conversation with Raven Davis — Read Text Charlotte Henay  
135 Making Us Look: Filmmaker Charles Officer on documentary-making, silent film aspirations and the overdue question of national audience in the year of Canada 150 — Read Text Esmé Hogeveen and Charles Officer  
135 A New Generation: In conversation with five independent art galleries: Little Sister, Bunker 2, Franz Kaka, The Loon and Y+ Contemporary — Read Text Anna Kovler  
135 Julian Hou: Milman Parry’s Waiting Room Rhapsody — Read Text Steffanie Ling  
135 Sisyphus’ Music Box: A dialogue on race and interruption — Read Text Prathna Lor and Fan Wu  
135 On Walcott’s Black Like Who? — Read Text Katherine McKittrick and Rinaldo Walcott  
135 red rose and lidii — Read Text Linnea Dick and Jeneen Frei Njootli  
135 Andrea Roberts: The Stridents — Read Text Kendra Place  
135 nurture dance: a love letter to conversation and friendship in art — Read Text jes sachse  
135 Madelyne Beckles and Petra Collins: In Search of Us — Read Text Cason Sharpe  
135 Soft Listen, Aliya Pabani interviewed by Lena Suksi — Read Text Aliya Pabani and Lena Suksi  
134 Inventory: Canada 150: An Exegesis — Read Text    
134 Juan Cisneros Neumann: It Was Something and Then It Became Something Else — Read Text D'Arcy Blake  
134 Whitney Biennial 2017 — Read Text Rose Bouthillier  
134 Kelly Jazvac Interviewed by Weiyi Chang — Read Text Weiyi Chang  
134 Editorial: Land — Read Text Kari Cwynar  
134 Babybel Wax Bodysuit and Condo Heartbreak Disco by Eric Kostiuk Williams — Read Text Jon Davies  
134 Artefact: Landscapes of Forgetting — Read Text Pamela Edmonds  
134 Sovereign Acts II: Rebecca Belmore, Lori Blondeau, Dayna Danger, Robert Houle, James Luna, Shelley Niro, Adrian Stimson, Jeff Thomas — Read Text Genevieve Flavelle  
134 RAVE: Rave and Its Influence on Art and Culture Edited by Nav Haq — Read Text Esmé Hogeveen  
134 Tercerunquinto: Doble fondo (False Bottom) — Read Text Su-Ying Lee  
134 On Writing: Out of Season — Read Text Christine Lemke  
134 New-Found-Lands: Exploring historical and contemporary connections between Newfoundland and the Caribbean diaspora — Read Text Mary MacDonald  
134 Mare Liberum Interviewed by Katherine McLeod — Read Text Katherine McLeod  
134 Racialized Landscapes: Marking Territory Across North America — Read Text Mary E. Mendoza  
134 Florida is Galaxy Grey — Read Text Jake Moore  
134 Water is land, Land is also water — Read Text Lisa Myers  
134 all our days are full of breath: a record of momentum — Read Text Coman Poon  
134 Postcommodity Interviewed by Sadia Shirazi — Read Text Sadia Shirazi  
134 Jason Dodge and Paul Thek — Read Text Alex Turgeon  
134 the cul-de-sacs bulb into dead ends — Read Text nicole kelly westman  
134 tibewh — Abstract Olivia Whetung  
133 Inventory: The Subject of Tears: Reflections on three works by Divya Mehra — Read Text Jacqueline Bell  
133 Le Grand Balcon, BNLMTL — Read Text Xenia Benivolski  
133 Yuki Kimura: Inhuman Transformation of New Year's Decoration, Obsolete Conception or 2 — Read Text Jesse Birch and Jesse Birch  
133 LIES: Volume II — Read Text Whitney Brennan  
133 Editorial: Refusal — Read Text Kari Cwynar  
133 Hoods by John Edmonds: Words — Read Text Kari Cwynar  
133 Hoods — Abstract John Edmonds  
133 Patrick Cruz: Archeological Apathy — Read Text Marina Fathalla  
133 Wood Land School: A Brief Report — Read Text Jonah Gray  
133 Art After Property — Read Text Lauren van Haaften-Schick  
133 Killjoy in Conversation with Stacey Ho — Read Text Stacey Ho  
133 We Dance, We Smoke, We Kiss — Read Text Simone Krug  
133 Campus Sex, Campus Security by Jennifer Doyle — Read Text Grace Linden  
133 That ends that matter — Read Text Amy Luo  
133 Ho Tam: Cover to Cover — Read Text Kegan McFadden  
133 Primary Research Lab — Read Text Jesse McKee  
133 Artefact: Sonsbeek Beyond the Limits — Read Text Rodrigo Ortiz Monasterio  
133 #callresponse — Read Text Dory Nason  
133 Etel Adnan: The Weight of the World — Read Text Georgia Phillips-Amos  
133 We Are in a Non-Relationship Relationship — Abstract Lido Pimienta  
133 Lutz Bacher: Glitter and Resign — Read Text Sabrina Tarasoff  
133 When We Are Welcomed Into The Fold, Where Do We Keep What Is Left Behind? — Read Text Joshua Vettivelu  
132 Joan Jonas/ Affinities — Read Text Olivia Boudreau, Barbara Clausen, Corinn Gerber, Simone Forti, Tanya Lukin Linklater, taisha paggett, Erin Silver, and Robin Simpson  
132 Flex, Conjure, Crack. Flexibility and the Uncertainty of Blackness — Read Text Treva C. Ellison  
132 Cait McKinney and Hazel Meyer: Tape Condition: degraded — Read Text Genevieve Flavelle  
132 Desearch Repartment Institute for Durational Futures: Brought to you by ESSENTIALHAPPINESSPOSSIBILITY — Read Text D.J. Fraser  
132 Artefact: Virgo Woman Matches Tinder Men Only to Criticize their Profiles — Read Text Merray Gerges  
132 Feminisms of the Future, Now: Rethinking Technofeminism and the Manifesto Form — Read Text Esmé Hogeveen  
132 Inventory: Ready Fire Aim — Read Text Aisha Sasha John  
132 Simone Leigh: The Waiting Room — Read Text Jessica Karuhanga  
132 Borrowed Lady Martine Syms in Conversation with Amy Kazymerchyk — Read Text Amy Kazymerchyk  
132 Lizzie Borden: Born in Flames (1983) — Read Text Yaniya Lee  
132 At the Edge of Space and Time: Expanding Beyond Our 4% Universe — Abstract laub and Jennifer Moon  
132 Close Readings: Anishinaabe-kwe and/or Indigenous feminist? — Read Text Wanda Nanibush  
132 Jaime Black: Conversations with the Land — Read Text Kendra Place  
132 Editorial: Force — Read Text taisha paggett and Erin Silver  
132 On Writing: 2025: Light Black Years From Now — Read Text Syrus Marcus Ware  
132 Raque Ford, Tiziana La Melia, Maryse Larivière, Athena Papadopoulos, Megan Rooney: A Pool is Water — Read Text Nancy Webb  
132 Rocking the Running Spirit: Meditations on Sisterhood and Occupations — Read Text Anna Martine Whitehead  
132 Model Minority — Read Text Shellie Zhang  
131 Leya Evelyn: It’s Not What You Think — Read Text Jane Affleck  
131 Aleesa Cohene, Derek Dunlop and Deborah Edmeades: The Accursed Share — Read Text sophia bartholomew  
131 Richard Ibghy & Marilou Lemmens: Putting Life to Work — Read Text Gentiane Bélanger  
131 Katie Lyle and Shelby Wright: Movements for a Room — Read Text Justina Bohach  
131 MFA Questionnaire — Read Text Dana Claxton, John Cussans, Laurie Kang, Eleanor King, John Kissick, Bogdan Luca, Jan Peacock, and Scott Rogers  
131 The Chicago School of Theaster Gates — Read Text Chris Dingwall  
131 Carlos Motta: Beloved Martina… with Arisleyda Dilone, Pidgeon Pagonis and Del LaGrace Volcano — Read Text Emily Doucet  
131 The Days of Living Chroma by Erin Alexa Freedman and Lili Huston-Heterich: Essay — Abstract Andy Fabo  
131 The Artists Newsstand — Read Text Emily Fitzpatrick  
131 Close Readings: Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun: Unceded Territories at University of British Columbia Museum of Anthropology, Vancouver May 10 – October 16, 2016 — Read Text Richard William Hill  
131 Jacob Wren: Rich and Poor (Book Thug, 2016) — Read Text Esmé Hogeveen  
131 Inventory — Read Text Candice Hopkins  
131 The Days of Living Chroma — Read Text Erin Alexa Freedman and Lili Huston-Heterich  
131 The Pedagogy of Play: Fluxus, Happenings, and Curriculum Reform in the 1960s — Read Text Vesna Krstich  
131 Leap Before You Look: Black Mountain College — Read Text Vesna Krstich  
131 Editorial: Experimental Pedagogies — Read Text Kari Cwynar and Amish Morrell  
131 The Pedagogies of Looking: An Interview with Kim Simon and Gabrielle Moser — Read Text Amish Morrell  
131 Art School Supplement — Read Text Michelle Bigold, Esmé Hogeveen, and Rupert Nuttle  
131 Allison Hrabluik: The Splits — Read Text Jacquelyn Ross  
131 Joana Hadjithomas and Khalil Joreige: I Must First Apologize… — Read Text Duncan Scovil  
131 Artefact — Read Text David Senior  
131 Amy Lawless and Chris Cheney: I Cry: The Desire to Be Rejected (Pioneer Works Press, 2016) — Read Text Heather White  
130 On Writing: ‘She invented love to not die’ Script written and performed by Cara Benedetto — Read Text Cara Benedetto  
130 Rodrigo Hernández: every forest madly in love with the moon has a highway crossing it from one side to the other — Read Text Xenia Benivolski  
130 Notes on Myth-Making — Read Text Alison Cooley and Daniella Sanader  
130 Every Home a Heartache: Chantal Akerman — Read Text Jon Davies  
130 Robert Walser, Looking at Pictures (New Directions, 2015) — Read Text Tess Edmonson  
130 Artefact — Read Text Francisco-Fernando Granados and Jessica Karuhanga  
130 Ana Alenso: Tropical Curse — Read Text Kenneth Hayes  
130 Shane Krepakevich: Lightweight — Read Text Joel Herman  
130 Close Readings: Brian Jungen Close 51 Catriona Jeffries, Vancouver January 22 – February 27, 2016 — Read Text Richard William Hill  
130 Hito Steyerl: Factory of the Sun — Read Text Cameron Hu  
130 Ashley after Ashley — Read Text Steve Kado  
130 Ron Tran: Somewhat Mine: A Nanaimo Retrospective — Read Text Steffanie Ling  
130 Notes for Performers — Read Text Annie MacDonell  
130 Carol Sawyer: The Natalie Brettschneider Archive — Read Text Jaclyn Meloche  
130 Editorial: Performance — Read Text Kari Cwynar and Amish Morrell  
130 Radio Daze: Why Ken Jacobs’ Blonde Cobra Still Matters — Read Text Ara Osterweil  
130 enter the fog — Read Text Craig Francis Power  
130 Inventory — Read Text Walter Scott  
130 Sylvia — Read Text Sabrina Tarasoff  
130 Aleksandra Domanović: Mother of This Domain — Read Text Monika Vrečar  
130 The Lake Is a Plate of Itself: On Anne Carson’s “Dave’s, Lake Michigan, Early June” — Read Text Fan Wu  
129 Writing Topography: The Marion McCain Exhibition of Contemporary Atlantic Art — Abstract sophia bartholomew  
129 Seamless Transitions — Abstract James Bridle  
129 Looking back now. Or, a forgotten questionnaire on the historization and contemporaneity of performance art — Read Text Barbara Clausen  
129 On Writing: Given Time: Notes on Dimensional Poetry — Read Text Karin Cope, Anna Heywood Jones, and Ryan Josey  
129 Authorship and the Reproduction of Language — Read Text Kari Cwynar  
129 Close Readings: 7: Professional Native Indian Artists Inc. Winnipeg Art Gallery, May 9 – Aug. 31, 2014 & McMichael Canadian Art Collection, May 10 – Sept. 7, 2015 — Abstract Richard William Hill  
129 Artist project by Jennifer Rose Sciarrino: Text — Abstract Aryen Hoekstra  
129 Talk (New York Review Books, 2015) by Linda Rosenkrantz — Read Text Esmé Hogeveen  
129 Madelyne Beckles and Delilah Rosier: Masking Is Always More Fun with A Friend — Abstract Benjamin Hunter  
129 Speculations (“The future is _____”) (Triple Canopy, 2015) — Abstract Angela Jerardi  
129 Christian Marclay: Surround Sounds — Abstract Godfre Leung  
129 Artefact: Relating To Things — Abstract Anna Mikkola  
129 Editorial: Documentation — Read Text Kari Cwynar and Amish Morrell  
129 Anna Boghiguian: Cities by the Rivers — Abstract Yasmin Nurming-Por  
129 A Putting Down of Roots: 40 Years of CV2 — Abstract Jeanne Randolph  
129 Laura Piasta: Sounding the Ultraviolet — Abstract Denise Ryner  
129 Cloaked Bacteria and Yeast: Rendered biology seen through a hypothetical object Jennifer Rose Sciarrino  
129 Liz Magor — Read Text Lena Suksi  
129 Darren Bader: rock and mirrors — Abstract Sabrina Tarasoff  
129 Hank Bull: Connexion — Abstract Felicity Taylor  
129 Paulo Bruscky: Bruscky Invent's — Abstract Alex Turgeon  
129 Amy Bowles: Echoing Wood — Abstract Simone Wharton  
129 Compressing and Reconstructing: James Bridle’s Digital Documents — Abstract Jayne Wilkinson  
128 Drawings from the Heart: Reproductions and Paulette Phillips: The Directed Lie — Abstract Jane Affleck  
128 Inventory — Abstract Bambitchell  
128 On Writing: Critical Art Writing Ensemble — Abstract Andrew Berardini, Alison Cooley, Tess Edmonson, Quinn Latimer, Danielle St-Amour, Rachel Valinsky, and Nancy Webb  
128 Shout, Shout Let It All Out — Abstract Derrick Chang  
128 I preferred my old skin to this one, but don't know where it went... — Abstract Tyler Coburn  
128 Negotiations in a Vacant Lot: Studying the Visual In Canada, Edited by Lydna Jessup, Erin Morton and Kirsty Robertson — Read Text Alison Cooley  
128 Babe, Edited by Petra Collins — Abstract Shauna Jean Doherty  
128 The Figure in the Carpet — Abstract Marina Fathalla  
128 Close Readings: Before and after the Horizon: Anishinaabe Artists of the Great Lakes & The Plains Indians: Artists of Earth and Sky — Abstract Richard William Hill  
128 A Burning Bag as a Smoke-Grey Lotus — Read Text Angela Jerardi  
128 Questioning Citizenship at the Venice Biennale: Responses and Interventions — Read Text Adrian Blackwell, Elle Flanders, Justin A. Langlois, Tamira Sawatsky, Amanda Shore, Leah Snyder, and Rinaldo Walcott  
128 Anxious Territory: The Politics of Neutral Citizenship in Canadian Art Criticism — Read Text Yaniya Lee  
128 Mime Radio; a novel, an exhibition and a performance — Abstract Steffanie Ling  
128 An Evening Redness in the West — Read Text Jonathan Lockyer  
128 Duty Free: Feminist Land Art Retreat — Read Text Tiziana La Melia  
128 Editorial: Citizenship — Read Text Kari Cwynar and Amish Morrell  
128 Fantasies of the Library and Land & Animal & Nonanimal, Edited by Anna-Sophie Springer and Etienne Turpin — Abstract Amish Morrell  
128 Artefact: Explaining Man to Man — Read Text Jacqueline Hoang Nguyen  
128 Can You Pull In An Actor With A Fishhook Or Tie Down His Tongue With A Rope? — Abstract Ben Portis  
128 Responding to Canada's Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report — Abstract Scott Benesiinaabandan, Cathy Busby, David Garneau, and Krista Belle Stewart  
128 The Creation of Sanctioned Spaces and the Fall of the Cuban Wall: The 12th Bienal de la Habana — Abstract Victor Wang  
128 Apocalypsis — Abstract Evan Webber  
127 (Soma)tic Ritual Collaborations — Read Text CAConrad  
127 All the World's Futures: The 56th International Art Exhibition, Venice — Read Text Randy Lee Cutler  
127 Perfume Area by Laurel Schwulst and Sydney Shen — Read Text Sam Davis  
127 Tore Off — Abstract Amy De'Ath  
127 The Perfume Recordist — Abstract Stacy Doris and Lisa Robertson  
127 Alina Szapocznikow, Alisa Baremboym, Aleksandra Domanović, Sarah Lucas, Katja Novitskova, Carolee Schneemann and Anicka Yi: Them — Abstract Olivia Dunbar  
127 The Agronauts by Maggie Nelson — Abstract Tess Edmonson  
127 Laurie Kang: Deferring Diffractions — Abstract Shelby Fenlon  
127 Elizabeth Zvonar: THE CHALLENGE OF ABSTRACTION — Abstract Emma Healey  
127 A Positioning, Not a Question — Read Text Nasrin Himada  
127 On Writing: Meditations on the Art of Reading — Read Text Lucy Ives  
127 Do I have faith or am I stupid? — Abstract Aisha Sasha John  
127 Three Parts on Poetry: Orality and Action, The Edges and the Centre, Voices On Her Cures — Abstract Tanya Lukin Linklater, Hanne Lippard, and Tiziana La Melia  
127 Excerpt from Pissing — Abstract Andrea Lukic  
127 Shirin Neshat: Soliloquy — Read Text Magdalena Milosz  
127 Editorial: Poetry — Read Text Kari Cwynar, Amish Morrell, Danielle St-Amour, and cheyanne turions  
127 Julia Feyrer and Tamara Henderson: Consider the Belvedere — Read Text Erica Prince  
127 ManWoman: Heart of Longing — Abstract Peta Rake  
127 Constellation — Abstract Leanne Betasamosake Simpson  
127 Inventory: Poetry — Abstract Robin Simpson  
127 Midday in the Garden at the Wrecked Beach — Abstract Alex Turgeon  
127 For Example (We Have Decided to Become Our Own Posterity): on Arakawa and Gins — Abstract Rachel Valinsky  
127 The First Drawing for Reflection Paper No. 5 and The Second Drawing for Reflection Paper No. 5 — Abstract Taocheng Wang  
127 Brian Droitcour, ed., The Animated Reader: Poetry of "Surround Audience" — Abstract Fan Wu  
126 Performatorium: Festival of Queer Performance — Read Text Jon Davies  
126 How to Train your Virgin by Wednesday Black; We Love Lucy by Lilith West; God, I Don't Even Know Your Name by Andrea McGinty — Read Text Tess Edmonson  
126 Andrea Robbins and Max Becher: Following the Ten Commandments — Abstract Jessica Evans  
126 Predecessors: Linda Rubin, Ruth Maleczech, Andrew James Paterson, Mary Daly, Albert Dumouchel and Yvonne Rainer, Queer Elders, Mary Anne Staniszewski and Mick Wilson, James McSwain, Red Burns George Sawchuk, Bill Murray, AA Bronson, May Cutler, Ivan Illic — Abstract Jesse Birch, Randy Lee Cutler, Corrine Fitzpatrick, Vera Frenkel, Amy Fung, Reesa Greenberg, Georgina Jackson, Steve Kado, Jacob Korczynski, Chris Kraus, Sholem Krishtalka, Kegan McFadden, Robin Metcalfe, Helena Reckitt, Jamie Ross, and David Senior  
126 Possible Futures: What is to be Done? — Abstract Pearl Van Geest  
126 Krista Buecking: MATTERS OF FACT — Abstract Karina Irvine  
126 Myfanwy MacLeod: Tell Her Nothing She Tells All — Abstract Kyra Kordoski  
126 Krista Belle Stewart: Seraphine, Seraphine — Abstract Yaniya Lee  
126 because he loved the people / served the people? Counterculture Positions, Inheritance and Leadership — Abstract Jesse McKee  
126 Editorial: Predecessors — Read Text Amish Morrell  
126 Artefact: The World Will Always Welcome Lovers — Read Text Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay  
126 Cornelia Wyngaarden: Heroines — Abstract Liz Park  
126 TEMPERAMENTAL — Abstract Ben Portis  
126 Aerobic Justice — Abstract Helen Reed  
126 Rearviews: With Onyeka Igwe, Amy Lam, Tiziana La Melia, Raymond Boisjoly, Oliver Husain and Mohammad Salemy — Abstract Xenia Benivolski and Danielle St-Amour  
126 Eleanor King: Dark Utopian — Read Text Henry Adam Svec  
126 Feminist Approaches to Citation — Read Text Maiko Tanaka  
126 Eileen Quinlan: Double Charlie — Read Text Sabrina Tarasoff  
126 Rethinking Aesthetics and Ontology through Indigenous Law: On the work of Val Napoleon and Loretta Todd — Read Text Zoe Todd  
126 Inventory: Predecessors — Abstract VSVSVS  
125 An Te Liu: Tradition and the Historical Sense — Read Text Shannon Anderson  
125 From age to age, as its shape slowly unravelled... — Abstract Raymond Boisjoly  
125 Susana Reisman: Standardizing Nature: Tress, Wood, Lumber — Abstract Matthew Brower  
125 Still Alive: Celia Perrin Sidarous, Peter Morin and the Still Life Genre — Read Text Mark Clintberg  
125 Experimental Comedy Training Camp — Abstract Kari Cwynar  
125 Curationism by David Balzer — Read Text Shauna Jean Doherty  
125 Panaesthetics: On the Unity and Diversity of the Arts by Daniel Albright — Abstract Anna Gallagher-Ross  
125 Why Can't Minimal — Abstract Dagmara Genda  
125 From age to age, as its shape slowly unravelled... by Raymond Boisjoly: Text — Abstract Jonah Gray  
125 Queering Citizenship — Abstract Maeve Hanna  
125 There and Here: GCC and Geopolitical Style — Abstract Cameron Hu  
125 Bande a part / Kids these days — Read Text Edwin Janzen  
125 Jeremy Shaw: Attention, Oblivion, Jubilation — Abstract Godfre Leung  
125 Artefact: Sunrise at Cape Spear Newfoundland — Abstract Duane Linklater  
125 Burning Down the House: 2014 Gwangju Biennale — Read Text Earl Miller  
125 Editorial: Attention — Read Text Amish Morrell  
125 Joseph Tisiga: A Sacred Game: Escape is Perpetual — Abstract Ben Portis  
125 Wikipedia talk: Meetup/Toronto/ArtAndFeminism 2015 — Abstract Amy Furness, Ella Dawn McGeough, Zeesy Powers, and Zeesy Powers  
125 Is Toronto Burning? — Abstract Kevin Rodgers  
125 Inventory: Attention — Read Text Kitty Scott  
125 Jasmina Cibic: The Fruits of Our Land — Abstract Rosie Spooner  
125 Mira Friedlander: Half of What's There — Read Text Anna Tome  
124 Wrongs Can Make It Right: The Performance and Sculptural Installation Work of Ursula Johnson — Abstract Jane Affleck  
124 Yokohama Triennale 2014 — Abstract Shinobu Akimoto  
124 Women on Diving Board — Abstract Alex Bowron  
124 Curiosity: Art and the Pleasures of Knowing — Abstract Mark Clintberg  
124 Getting Rid of Ourselves — Abstract Sam Cotter  
124 beyond earth art: contemporary artists and the environment — Abstract Michael Davidge  
124 Stan Douglas: Mise en scène — Abstract L. Sasha Gora  
124 Where Does it Hurt? — Abstract Sydney Hart  
124 Forms FTP — Abstract Dan Holdsworth  
124 Sympathetic Magic — Abstract Tarin Hughes  
124 Amy Sillman: one lump or two and Anne Collier — Abstract Jen Kennedy  
124 Incident Light: Gendered Artifacts and Traces Illuminated in the Archives — Abstract Jacob Korczynski  
124 I Could See Everything by Margaux Williamson — Abstract Sholem Krishtalka  
124 Directions to the Land of Milk and Honey: An Interview with Bill Burns — Read Text Yaniya Lee  
124 Editorial: Strata — Read Text Amish Morrell  
124 On Bathtub Rings and Other Irritants: Cedric, Nathan and Jim Bomford’s Deadhead — Abstract Kimberly Phillips  
124 Trading Hosts: Del Hillier's The Trading Post — Abstract Peta Rake  
124 Pictou Island Portage: An Artist Residency — Read Text Veronica Simmonds  
124 Inventory: Strata — Abstract Rebecca Travis  
124 Forms FTP by Dan Holdsworth: Text — Abstract Rebecca Travis  
124 Your Everyday Art World by Lane Relyea — Abstract Saelan Twerdy  
124 Adrian Norvid: Mr. Fizz’s Knocking Shop — Abstract Nick Warner  
124 Robert Frank: Books, Films, 1947–2014 — Abstract Aaron Weldon  
124 Digging for Ficto-Criticism — Abstract Susannah Worth  
123 Sara Cwynar: Flat Death — Abstract Rose Bouthillier  
123 Taking it Slow: Duration and Intimacy in Olivia Boudreau's Le Bain and L'Étuve — Read Text Noa Bronstein  
123 On Writing: The Pencil Method: a minor genre — Abstract Mieke Chew  
123 Glenn Brown/Rebecca Warren: Collected Works — Abstract Rhys Edwards  
123 Moyra Davey: Burn the Diaries — Abstract Yuki Higashino  
123 Richard Ibghy & Marilou Lemmens: Is there anything left to be done at all? — Read Text Aryen Hoekstra  
123 Systems We Have Loved: Conceptual Art, Affect, and the Antihumanist Turn, by Eve Meltzer — Abstract Cameron Hu  
123 Ed Ruscha The Liquid Paintings — Abstract Jen Hutton  
123 Primer: WET: The Magazine of Gourmet Bathing — Abstract Leonard Koren  
123 Inventory: WET — Abstract Anna Kovler  
123 Erring on the Mount — Abstract Caroline Langill  
123 Cougar Centrefold — Abstract Dayna McLeod  
123 Dear Jess Carrol from Allyson Mitchell — Abstract Allyson Mitchell  
123 Cold Water: Three Short Stories about Cold Water Baths — Abstract Peter Morin  
123 Editorial: Wet — Read Text Amish Morrell  
123 Wet Places — Abstract Amish Morrell  
123 Chronovisor: Archive (Mirko Smerdel, Rowena Harris, Johann Arens, Cathy Haynes, Verity Birt, Patrick Hough) — Abstract Dan Munn  
123 WET 2014: An Interview with Leonard Koren — Abstract Christie Pearson  
123 Show Time: The 50 Most Influential Exhibitions of Contemporary Art, by Jens Hoffman — Abstract Heather Saunders  
123 The Hypnotic Show: Raimundas Malašauskas and Marcos Lutyens — Abstract Penelope Smart  
123 D’Arcy Wilson: Tuck — Abstract Henry Adam Svec  
123 Peter Doig: No Foreign Lands — Abstract Felicity Taylor  
123 Acquiring Modernity: Kuwait Pavilion — Abstract cheyanne turions  
123 Women Who Run (off to the side of) the Wolves — Abstract RM Vaughan  
122 Graeme Patterson: Secret Citadel — Abstract Jane Affleck  
122 Akram Zaatari: All is Well — Abstract Amber Berson  
122 Stopover — Abstract Alexis Bhagat and Stephanie Loveless  
122 Renzo Martens and the Institute for Human Activities — Abstract Nicholas Brown  
122 Rabih Mroué: The Pixelated Revolution — Abstract Zoë Chan  
122 Glam North: Doris McCarthy and her New Contemporaries — Abstract Bill Clarke  
122 Albany Bus Station Stopover a Testimonial Andrea-Jane Cornell  
122 Chris Curreri: Medusa — Abstract Sam Cotter  
122 Artefact: On Printed Matter — Abstract David Court and Josh Thorpe  
122 A Problem So Big It Needs Other People — Abstract Kari Cwynar  
122 Being in a State of Pure Belief: On the Work of Etel Adnan — Abstract Corrine Fitzpatrick  
122 Sarah Cale: Petrified — Abstract Maeve Hanna  
122 Damage Control: Art and Destruction Since 1950 — Abstract Joseph Henry  
122 Self-Organised, edited by Stine hebert and Anne Szefer Karlsen — Abstract Amber Landgraff  
122 On Writing: The Parrot — Abstract Maryse Larivière  
122 Primer: The Window May be Open — Abstract Maryse Larivière  
122 The Lake, edited by Maggie Groat — Abstract Jonathan Lockyer  
122 Inventory: Walking — Abstract Jonathan Lockyer  
122 Sharon Hayes: Loudspeakers and Other Forms of Listening — Abstract Jaclyn Meloche  
122 Editorial: Location — Read Text Amish Morrell  
122 Neil Beloufa, Julie Born Schwartz, Christopher Kulendran Thimas, Timur Si-Qin, Lewis Teague Wright, and Tyra Tingleff: Fulfilment Centre — Abstract Dan Munn  
122 Willow, Weep for Me: Noa Giniger, Marian Penner Bancroft, and the Intricacies of Melancholy — Read Text Kimberly Phillips  
122 Both Here and There: Canadian Artists and the Berlin Experience — Abstract Alexandra Phillips  
122 Chiharu Shiota: Trace of Memory — Abstract Daniella Sanader  
121 Minor Threats — Abstract Zoë Chan  
121 On Speculative Walking: From the Peripatetic to the Peristaltic — Read Text Randy Lee Cutler  
121 Sissy Boys on Youtube: Notes Towards a Cultural History of Online Queer Childhood — Abstract Jon Davies  
121 It’s the Political Economy, Stupid: The Global Financial Crisis in Art and Theory, Edited by Gregory Sholette & Oliver Ressler — Abstract Michael DiRisio  
121 Will Gill: Bloodredlife — Abstract Adrienne Fitzpatrick  
121 Artefact: Mushroom Magic, Mushroom Gold — Abstract Dylan Gordon  
121 Samuel Roy-Bois: Not a new world, just an old trick — Abstract Sydney Hart  
121 Kailey Brian: Bits & Places — Abstract Gloria Hickey  
121 Garry Neill Kennedy: PATTISON — Abstract Stephen Horne  
121 The Visible Inside the Invisible by Sheilah Wilson: Text — Abstract Stephen Horne  
121 Walking with Artists — Abstract Eugenia Kisin  
121 Land|Slide: Possible Futures — Abstract Joni Low  
121 Zachari Logan: Fugitive Garden — Abstract J. J. Kegan McFadden  
121 The Walk Exchange: Pedagogy and Pedestrianism, An Interview with Moira Williams — Abstract Earl Miller  
121 Editorial: Walking — Read Text Amish Morrell  
121 Explosion in the Movie Machine: Essays and Documents on Toronto Artists’ Film and Video, Edited by Chris Gehman — Abstract Andrew James Paterson  
121 Walking Transformed: The Dialogics of Art and Walking — Read Text Simon Pope  
121 Surface Tension — Abstract Ben Portis  
121 As Perennial as the Grass — Abstract Penelope Smart  
121 Inventory: Walking — Abstract Sasha Sobrino  
121 On Writing: Group Writing — Abstract Malcom Sutton  
121 Primer: The Walking Library — Abstract unknown  
121 Artists' Walks: The Persistence of Peripateticism — Abstract Michael Vass  
121 Tom Dean: Mercy — Abstract Susan Walker  
121 Art as Therapy, by John Armstrong and Alain de Botton — Read Text Heather White  
121 The Visible Inside the Invisible — Abstract Sheilah Wilson  
120 Rita McKeough: The Lion's Share — Abstract Jane Affleck  
120 Living Labor, edited by Milena Hoegsberg and Cora Fisher — Abstract Heather Anderson  
120 2013 Carnegie International — Abstract Rose Bouthillier  
120 Jon Knowles: I'm only in it for the Manet — Abstract Benjamin Bruneau  
120 Kate Newby: Let the Other Thing In — Abstract Kay Burns  
120 Bernice Vincent: Time and Travels — Abstract Bill Clarke  
120 On Writing: Linguistic Proxies — Abstract Kari Cwynar  
120 Stranger Visions — Abstract Heather Dewey-Hagborg  
120 Investigating the Unexplained: An Interview with Christina Battle — Abstract Clint Enns  
120 Stealthwear by Adam Harvey: Text — Abstract Erin Alexa Freedman  
120 Seeing the Unseen: An Interview with Public Studio — Read Text Nives Hajdin  
120 Mana Rouholamini: Marcher le texte/Walking the Text — Abstract Petra Halkes  
120 Stealthwear Adam Harvey  
120 Under the Mountain — Abstract Alhena Katsof  
120 Juliana Pivato, Maura Doyle, Laura Taler: bones kneel in company — Abstract Anna Khnimasia  
120 Inventory: Surveillance — Abstract Eugenia Kisin  
120 Artefact — Abstract Eugenia Kisin  
120 Adam Lauder - Oct. 18, 2013 — Abstract Adam Lauder  
120 Leah Modigliani - Oct. 12, 2013 — Abstract Leah Modigliani  
120 Editorial: Surveillance — Read Text Amish Morrell  
120 13th Istanbul Biennial — Abstract Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay  
120 Sarah Fuller: The Homecoming — Abstract Peta Rake  
120 Primer: How to Disappear Completely and Never be Found — Abstract Doug Richmond  
120 Paranoia — Read Text Deborah Root  
120 Allison Moore and Jasa Baka: Smile Stealers — Abstract Jamie Ross  
120 Jimmy Robert: Draw the Line — Abstract Milena Tomic  
120 Aisthesis: Scenes from the Aesthetic Regime of Art, by Jacques Ranciere — Abstract Heather White  
119 David Askevold: Once Upon a Time in the East — Abstract Jane Affleck  
119 Images Festival — Abstract Sam Cotter  
119 Il Palazzo Enciclopedico: The 55th International Art Exhibition, Venice June 1 - November 24, 2014 — Abstract Randy Lee Cutler  
119 Bernadette Corporation: 2000 Wasted Years — Abstract Tess Edmonson  
119 First Look: New Art Online — Abstract Daniel Fuller  
119 Our Aesthetic Categories: Zany, Cute, Interesting, by Sianne Ngai — Abstract Amy Gaizauskas  
119 Interview with Wanda Koop — Abstract Sky Goodden  
119 Kara Uzelman: Stratiform — Abstract Karina Irvine  
119 Glamour is Theft: A User's Guide to General Idea, by Philip Monk — Abstract Luis Jacob  
119 love takes the worry out of being close: public assemblies in bed with queers — Abstract Reena Katz  
119 Escapists and Jet-Setters: Residencies and Sustainability — Read Text Laura Kenins  
119 Nomadic Residency Council — Abstract Jp King  
119 Editorial: Residencies — Read Text Amish Morrell  
119 Residency for Artists on Hiatus: Interview with Shinobu Akimoto and Matthew Evans (a.k.a. smfoundation) — Abstract Amish Morrell  
119 Noteworthy — Abstract Amish Morrell  
119 Sakahan: International Indigenous Art — Abstract Wanda Nanibush  
119 Obituary: Colette Urban — Abstract Ingrid Mary Percy  
119 After Finitude: Neil Campbell, Hanne Darboven, Nicole Ondre, Cheyney Thompson — Abstract Jacquelyn Ross  
119 Sara Angelucci: Provenance Unknown — Abstract Jennifer Rudder  
119 The Pedagogical Impulse: Aberrant Residencies and Classroom Ecologies — Read Text Stephanie Springgay  
119 Splendid Isolation — Abstract Andrea Williamson  
118 Position As Desired / Exploring African Canadian Identity: Photographs from the Wedge Collection — Abstract Jane Affleck  
118 Volume: Hear Here — Abstract Shannon Anderson  
118 Surviving the Crisis — Abstract Ben Davis  
118 Julia Dault — Abstract Rose Bouthillier  
118 Peter Dykhuis: Inventories & Micro-mapping — Abstract Kyla Brown  
118 Robert Tombs: L'Occupation — Abstract Michael Davidge  
118 Old Man Deciphering a Briefcase — Abstract Dave Dyment  
118 Noteworthy — Abstract Amy Gaizauskas  
118 This Will Have Been: Art, Love & Politics in the 1980s — Abstract Jill Glessing  
118 Interview with Dave Hickey — Abstract Sky Goodden  
118 Philippa Jones: MIRIAD — Abstract Gloria Hickey  
118 On The Doing(s) of Art Criticism — Read Text Stephen Horne  
118 Jordan Wolfson: Raspberry Poser — Abstract Jen Hutton  
118 Work Work Work: A Reader on Art and Labour, Edited by Cecelia Widenheim, Lisa Rosendahl, Michele Masucci, Annika Enqvist and Jonatan Habib Angqvist — Abstract Amber Landgraff  
118 Resist the List: A Problem of Politics in the Evaluation of Contemporary Art — Read Text Charlene Lau  
118 "Sensitivity Information": The Wild Body of N.E. Thing Co. — Abstract Adam Lauder  
118 The Last Art College: Nova Scotia College of Art and Design, 1968-1978, by Garry Neill Kennedy — Abstract Leah Modigliani  
118 Editorial: Criticism — Read Text Amish Morrell  
118 Rebecca Belmore, Ken Gonzales-Day, Francisco-Fernando Granados, and Louis Noguchi: Invisible Violence — Abstract Vanessa Parent  
118 Private Acts: Note-taking in the Margins of Art Criticism — Abstract Peta Rake  
118 Manuela Lalic: Activisme timide — Abstract Daniella Sanader  
118 West of Center: Art and the Counterculture Experiment in America, 1965-1977, Edited by Elissa Auther and Adam Lerner — Abstract Felicity Taylor  
118 The painting is better — Abstract Charmaine Wheatley  
118 Jimmy Limit: Show Room — Abstract Heather White  
117 Rick Leong: The Sublimation of Self — Abstract Jane Affleck  
117 A New Novel by Bjarne Melgaard — Abstract Nickolas Calabrese  
117 Beyond Measure: Systems of Chance in the Art of Kristiina Lahde — Abstract Kristin Campbell  
117 Nicolas Grenier: Proximities — Abstract James D. Campbell  
117 Vanessa Maltese: Two-fold Tally — Abstract Bill Clarke  
117 Kika Thorne: The WILDcraft — Abstract Michael DiRisio  
117 Summer of Hate, by Chris Kraus — Abstract Tess Edmonson  
117 FAGing It Forward — Abstract Feminist Art Gallery  
117 Noteworthy — Abstract Shannon Garden-Smith  
117 Michèle Provost: Rebranding Bytown — Abstract Petra Halkes  
117 Open! Key Texts, 2004-2012: Art, Culture and the Public Domain, Edited by Jorinde Seijdel and Liesbeth Melis — Abstract Petra Halkes  
117 XTRAVAGANZA: Staging Leigh Bowery — Abstract Yuki Higashino  
117 Disturbances, by Critical Art Ensemble — Abstract Marc James Léger  
117 Editorial: Translation — Read Text Amish Morrell  
117 Roman Liška: Nu Balance — Abstract Dan Munn  
117 Hazel Meyer: Walls to the Ball — Abstract Craig Francis Power  
117 Dancing in the Face of Danger — Abstract Patricia Reed  
117 Rehearsal for a Poem: Tiziana La Melia in Conversation with Jacquelyn Ross — Abstract Jacquelyn Ross  
117 Sean Alward: A Vertical City Goes Both Ways — Abstract Marina Roy  
117 One for Me and One to Share: Artists' Multiples and Editions, Edited by Dave Dyment and Gregory Elgstrand — Abstract David Senior  
117 Institutions by Artists: Resistance or Retreat? — Abstract Diana Sherlock  
117 From the ongoing work WHEN PLATITUDES BECOME FORM. — Abstract Christopher Kulendran Thomas  
117 Archival Dialogues: Reading the Black Star Collection — Abstract Heather White  
117 Le baiser de l'institution: Feminism After Elles — Abstract Ania Wroblewski  
116 The Schlögel Archive — Abstract Martha Baillie  
116 Only Birds Sing the Music of Heaven in this World. — Abstract Jacqueline Bell  
116 Sounding Selves — Abstract Mireille Bourgeois  
116 Digital Natives, edited by Lorna Brown and Clint Burnham — Abstract Clint Burnham  
116 Lou Ford @ G Gallery, Toronto — Abstract Roger Bywater  
116 Red Sky at Night — Abstract Bill Clarke  
116 Structural Mutation, Cinnamon-Scented Speculation, the Twenty-First Century and the Artist Pension Trust. — Abstract Shannon d'Avout  
116 Emotional Blackmail — Abstract Jon Davies  
116 Collecting That Matters: The Art Collection of Alison And Alan Schwartz — Abstract Randy Gladman  
116 Wavelengths and Future Projections — Abstract Sky Goodden  
116 Yuji Agematsu — Abstract Ebony L. Haynes  
116 Morgan Fisher: The Frame and Beyond — Abstract Yuki Higashino  
116 Foundation Izolyatsia in collaboration with Galleria Continua: Where Is The Time? — Abstract Michelle Kasprzak  
116 Reduce, Reuse, Exhibit: Electronic Waste as Collection. — Abstract Laura Kenins  
116 Ivan Moudov's Museum in Fragment — Abstract Steve Lyons  
116 Editorial: Collections — Read Text Amish Morrell  
116 The Guantanamo Bay Museum of Art and History — Abstract Andrew Pel  
116 The Photographs Not Taken, edited by Will Steacy — Abstract Amanda Rataj  
116 Raymond Boisjoly: The Work That Work Leaves Undone. — Abstract Kevin Rodgers  
116 IAIN BAXTER&: Works 1958-2011 — Abstract Joanna Sheridan  
116 Volumes: The Book as Exhibition. — Abstract Anna-Sophie Springer  
116 BOOKEND — Abstract Charles Stankievech  
116 Lands Beyond: Charles Stankievech's Intangible Archives — Abstract Pandora Syperek  
116 Artificial Hells, by Claire Bishop — Abstract Saelan Twerdy  
116 Derek Liddington Today a Legend Died. Viva La Revolution. — Abstract Ellyn Walker  
116 The Parallel Museum — Abstract Heather White  
116 Museum of Innocence Istanbul — Abstract Heather White  
116 The World Portable Gallery Convention, Halifax — Abstract Heather White  
115 Michael Maranda: ART FORUM X. — Abstract Dan Adler  
115 The Ungovernables — Abstract Shannon Anderson  
115 Minimalism in Germany: The Sixties II — Abstract Iliana Antonova  
115 Rory Middleton: Steady Water — Abstract Kay Burns  
115 Manufacturing Exhibitions 2 — Abstract Zoë Chan  
115 In Numbers: Serial Publications by Artists since 1955 — Abstract Michael Davidge  
115 The Present as Enduring Past: Recollecting Through the Works of Kerry Tribe, Petrina Ng and Lindsay Seers. — Abstract Rachel Anne Farquharson  
115 Venus in Transit. — Abstract Corrine Fitzpatrick  
115 Communities and Antagonism: Looking for Art in All the Wrong Places — Abstract Amy Fung  
115 Cindy Sherman — Abstract Jen Kennedy  
115 Push and Pull: How to Make a 'Happening' Classroom. — Abstract Vesna Krstich  
115 Jeremy Deller: Joy in People. — Abstract Vesna Krstich  
115 Living as Form: Socially Engaged Art from 1991-2011, edited by Nato Thompson — Abstract Amber Landgraff  
115 Emily Falencki: Missing — Abstract Sarah Maloney  
115 The Vancouver Occupations of 1971 — Abstract Leah Modigliani  
115 Editorial: Participation — Read Text Amish Morrell  
115 Beat Nation: Art, Hip Hop and Aboriginal Culture. — Abstract Lisa Myers  
115 Revolution. Two Marks in Rotation. — Abstract MPA and Amapola Prada  
115 Nature, Knowledge and the Knower — Abstract Marina Roy  
115 Noteworthy — Abstract Daniella Sanader  
115 the buddhist, by Dodie Bellamy — Abstract Rachelle Sawatsky  
115 Janieta Eyre: The Mute Book — Abstract Kathryn Simpson  
115 Sean MacAlister: Crow's Nest — Abstract Andrea Williamson  
114 Ian Wallace's Monochrome Series — Abstract Dan Adler  
114 Material World — Abstract Jane Affleck  
114 Andrea Zittel: Lay of My Land — Abstract Jacqueline Bell  
114 Althea Thauberger — Abstract Rose Bouthillier  
114 Noteworthy — Abstract Benjamin Bruneau  
114 A.K. Burns: Pregnant Patron Penny Pot — Abstract Corrine Fitzpatrick  
114 Seripop: Landscapes Events Reproducted — Abstract Amy Gaizauskas  
114 Christoph Schlingensief: Fear at the Core of Things — Abstract Natasha Ginwala  
114 Attila Richard Lukacs from the Collection of Salah J. Bachir — Abstract Sky Goodden  
114 Michael Flaherty: Rangifer Sapiens — Abstract Gloria Hickey  
114 Lezbros for Lesbos — Abstract Logan MacDonald  
114 Everything But the Boy: Chris Ironside's Mr. Long Weekend — Abstract Kerry Manders  
114 Shame and Men: A Queer Perspective on Masculinity — Abstract Ken Moffatt  
114 Editorial: Men — Read Text Amish Morrell  
114 A Terrible Beauty: Politics, Sex and the Decline of Empires — Abstract Ann Marie Pe  
114 A Refusal of Images — Abstract Kirsty Robertson  
114 Declining Democracy — Abstract Emmy Skensved  
114 My Winnipeg — Abstract Jeffrey Swartz  
114 Gender Diasporist: Shawn Syms interviews Tobaron Waxman — Abstract Shawn Syms  
114 Martha Wilson Sourcebook: 40 Years of Reconsidering Performance, Feminism, Alternative Spaces, by Independent Curators International — Abstract Leila Timmins  
114 Radical Prototypes: Allan Kaprow and the Invention of Happenings, by Judith F. Rodenbeck — Abstract Milena Tomic  
114 Contemporary Art in North America, edited by Michael Wilson — Abstract Ellyn Walker  
113 Rural Readymade — Abstract Jane Affleck  
113 Tonik Wojtyra: Paragraph of Possibility. — Abstract Sean Alward  
113 Noteworthy — Abstract Benjamin Bruneau  
113 Sky Glabush: Background — Abstract Kristin Campbell  
113 Dematerialized C Magazine issue # 1 (Winter 1983/84) — Abstract CN Tower Liquidation  
113 Polymer resin cube containing dematerialized copy of C Magazine issue # 1 — Abstract CN Tower Liquidation  
113 Untitled (12th Istanbul Biennial) — Abstract Dave Colangelo  
113 L.A. Immersion: A Conversation on Pacific Standard Time — Abstract Kathy Acker and Allison Collins  
113 In Deed: Certificates of Authenticity In Art. — Abstract Alice Dixon  
113 Melanchotopia — Abstract Petra Halkes  
113 Ineffable Plasticity: the experience of being human and Human / Nature. — Abstract Anastasia Hare  
113 Buses, Babies, Temporary Tattoos: Social Media and Art Collide — Abstract Michelle Kasprzak  
113 The One and the Many: Contemporary Collaborative Art in a Global Context, by Grant Kester — Abstract Amber Landgraff  
113 Lands of Invention: The Nation Interrogated at the 8th Mercosul Biennial — Abstract Scott McLeod  
113 Editorial: Memory — Read Text Amish Morrell  
113 Laurel Woodcock: Jump Cuts — Abstract Crystal Mowry  
113 Diana Thorneycroft: A People's History — Abstract Michael Rattray  
113 Reflecting Absence or When Social Networks Memorialize — Abstract Chloé Roubert  
113 Commerce by Artists Edited by Luis Jacob Art Metropole, 2011 — Abstract Leila Timmins  
113 Raqs Media Collective: Surjection — Abstract cheyanne turions  
113 Garden of Forking Paths: A Conversation with Derek Sullivan — Read Text Saelan Twerdy  
113 Nicholas Galanin: First Law of Motion — Abstract Ellyn Walker  
113 Rites of Return: And Europe will be Stunned — Abstract Carol Zemel  
112 (Re)Staging the Art Museum, edited by Tone Hansen — Abstract Heather Anderson  
112 A Sea of Contingencies: Durational Projects — Abstract Jesse Birch  
112 Where Art Belongs, by Chris Kraus — Abstract Amanda Brason  
112 Paris/Ojibwa: Interview with Robert Houle — Abstract Denise Frimer  
112 Making Art Global (Part 1): The Third Havana Biennial 1989, by Rachel Weiss and other authors — Abstract Natasha Ginwala  
112 EL ARTE del Comer: DE LA NATURALEZA MEURTA A FERRAN ADRIA (The Art of Eating: from "still life" to Ferran Adrià) — Abstract Jill Glessing  
112 Louise Bourgeois: El retorno de lo reprimido ("the return of the repressed") — Abstract Sky Goodden  
112 Noteworthy — Abstract Anastasia Hare and Candice Napoleone  
112 Carl Beam: The Poetics of Being — Abstract Richard William Hill  
112 "Me Calling Him—Him Calling Me"— Tom Sherman's Recent Video Work — Abstract Caroline Seck Langill  
112 New Experiments in Communal Living — Abstract Tatiana Mellema  
112 Some Like It Haute: The General Idea Retrospective at the Art Gallery of Ontario — Abstract Philip Monk  
112 Editorial: Exhibition Practices — Read Text Amish Morrell  
112 Gwen Macgregor and Sandra Rechico: Backtrack — Abstract Lisa Myers  
112 Taryn Simon: A Living Man Declared Dead and Other Chapters — Abstract Sarah Parsons  
112 Art Ex 2011: River as Source — Abstract Craig Francis Power  
112 Haven't We Been Here Before? — Abstract Mary Reid  
112 Pavillon levé (dix jours à vaincre les mortes-eaux) — Abstract Emily Rosamond  
112 The Normal Condition of Any Communication — Abstract Joanna Sheridan  
112 New Photography 2011 — Abstract Sarah Stephenson  
112 The F.E.K. Archives:This is making me nervous... — Abstract Alex Wolfson  
111 Wim Botha: All Around — Abstract Jovana Jankovic  
111 Song Dong: Waste Not — Abstract Zoë Chan  
111 A Practice in Reading — Abstract Randy Lee Cutler  
111 Models for Taking Part — Abstract Kari Cwynar  
111 Rabih Mroué: The Inhabitants of Images — Abstract Kenneth Hayes  
111 Soft Protocols: Dexter Sinister's Book and Library-making — Abstract Jen Hutton  
111 Gina Badger: Mongrels — Abstract Reena Katz  
111 Jardin de la Connaissance — Abstract Thilo Folkerts and Rodney La Tourelle  
111 Performing the Library — Abstract Adam Lauder  
111 Chris Curreri: Something Something — Abstract Annie MacDonell  
111 Editorial: Libraries — Read Text Amish Morrell  
111 Frances Stark: I've Had it and a Half — Abstract Jenifer Papararo  
111 Read-in Manual Read-in (Ester Bartels, Marieke Houwers, and Annette  
111 The Whole Earth Library — Abstract David Senior  
111 The Domestic Queens Project — Abstract Erin Silver  
111 Adel Abdessemed: The Future of Décor — Abstract Matthew Ryan Smith  
111 La Biennale Di Venezia 54th International Art Exhibition — Abstract Pandora Syperek  
111 Shary Boyle: Flesh and Blood, with essays by Louise Déry, James Bewley, and Michelle Jacques — Abstract Pandora Syperek  
111 Noteworthy — Abstract Leila Timmins  
111 The Birds and the Bees — Abstract Stephanie Vegh  
111 Cloning Terror: The War of Images, 9/11 to the Present — Abstract Harry J. Weil  
110 Douglas Scholes: Working the Pragmatic Aesthetic in Four Parts — Abstract Randall Anderson  
110 Jessica Eaton: Strate — Abstract Rose Bouthillier  
110 Noteworthy — Abstract Amanda Brason  
110 Kitchen Studio: A Recipe for Disaster — Abstract Nicole J. Caruth  
110 4 Reservation Food Groups — Abstract Keesic Douglas  
110 John Monteith: Lost Highway — Abstract Rachel Anne Farquharson  
110 Diane Arbus: A Printed Retrospective 1960-1971 & Cady Noland: The American Dream — Abstract Jacob Korczynski  
110 Dark Matter: Art and Politics in the Age of Enterprise Culture, by Gregory Sholette — Abstract Amber Landgraff  
110 Karen Azoulay: Carnation Thunder — Abstract Liz Linden  
110 Collaborating on Conceptual Art: An Aesthetics of the Impossible — Abstract Leah Modigliani  
110 Editorial: Food — Read Text Amish Morrell  
110 Marcel Dzama: Behind every Curtain — Abstract Gabrielle Moser  
110 We Are Behind the Object by Emily Wardill & Ian White — Abstract Andrew James Paterson  
110 Bruce Nauman: Audio/Video Piece for London, Ontario — Abstract Kevin Rodgers  
110 Hide/Seek: Difference and Desire in American Portraiture — Abstract Stephanie Rogerson  
110 Reliquary Confections: Interview with Fiona Kinsella — Abstract Pandora Syperek  
110 The Performative Space: Tracing the Roots of Performance-Based Work in India — Abstract Swapnaa Tamhane  
110 Sean Martindale: Tent: Life-like Living — Abstract Lauren Wetmore  
109 David Diviney: Head for the Hills — Abstract Jane Affleck  
109 29th Bienal de São Paulo — Abstract Emelie Chhangur and Philip Monk  
109 Journey into Whatever — Abstract Mireille Eagan  
109 Noteworthy — Abstract editorial staff  
109 Daniel Barrow: Good Gets Better — Abstract Rachel Anne Farquharson  
109 Hannah Rickard: … a legend, it, it sounds like a legend — Abstract Suzanne Fulbrook  
109 Logics of Scientific Discovery: Mandy Ginson interviews Toril Johannessen — Abstract Mandy Ginson  
109 Scott McFarland: Sans Souci — Abstract Sky Goodden  
109 Summerhill, Revised: Learning In/As Marginalia — Abstract Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed  
109 School's In: Contemporary Art and the Educational Turn — Abstract Jen Kennedy  
109 You and Me and Her and Us and Them: A Conversation on Using and Being Used — Abstract Sholem Krishtalka  
109 Selected Maria Lind Writing, Edited by Brian Kuan Wood — Abstract Amber Landgraff  
109 Editorial: Knowledge — Read Text Amish Morrell  
109 Edwin Janzen: Guys in Caves — Abstract Laura Paolini  
109 Manifesta 8: The European Biennial of Contemporary Art — Abstract Mikhel Proulx  
109 Katie Bethune-Leamen: Older, Sadder, And All In White This Time — Abstract Amanda Rataj  
109 Art School (Propositions for the 21st Century), Edited by Steven Henry Madoff — Abstract Amanda Rataj  
109 Brendan Fernandes: Until We Fearless — Abstract Farah Yusuf  
108 Centrefold: what is above is as that which is below… — Abstract Abbas Akhavan  
108 Anselm Kiefer: Palmsonntag — Abstract Shannon Anderson  
108 Art and Cold Cash, Edited by Ruby Arngna'naaq, Jack Butler, Sheila Butler, Patrick Mahon and William Noah. — Abstract Marco Avolio  
108 6th Berlin Biennale: What is Waiting Out There — Abstract Michael Birchall  
108 Both Teams Cannot Win: Natasha Bissonauth Interviews Divya Mehra — Abstract Natasha Bissonauth  
108 Annie MacDonell: Beside the Midnight Lake — Abstract Heather Diack  
108 Noteworthy — Abstract Rachel Anne Farquharson  
108 Fernando Sánchez Castillo: National Episodes and Oscar Mua∓#241;oz: Becoming Air — Abstract Jill Glessing  
108 The ABS Group: The ABS Art Practice Imagined as a Class Struggle in College Art Education — Abstract Kenneth Hayes  
108 Economies of Faith — Abstract Richard Ibghy and Marilou Lemmens  
108 Documents of Self-Administration: A Conversation with Vincent Bonin — Abstract Adam Lauder  
108 New Ways to Go Forward You Never Dreamed Existed: David Lillington Interviews Spartacus Chetwynd — Abstract David Lillington  
108 Editorial: In The Money — Read Text Amish Morrell  
108 Rivane Neuenschwander: A Day Like Any Other — Abstract Vanessa Nicholas  
108 The Power of Judgment: A Debate on Aesthetic Critique, Edited by Daniel Birnbaum and Isabelle Graw — Abstract Aaron Peck  
108 Green Light: Towards an Art of Evolution, by George Gesset — Abstract Maxine Proctor  
108 Holy Shit — Abstract Marina Roy  
108 Projections: Music Video — Abstract Saelan Twerdy  
108 Jon McCurley: Fashion Blog-Clothes for president — Abstract Evan Webber  
108 Guy Ben-Ner: Thursday the 12th — Abstract Rebecca Weisman  
107 Kristan Horton: The Echo Chamber — Abstract Dan Adler  
107 Of Fauna and Manufactured Derivatives: Bill Burns and the Lucrative Didactics of Environmental Stewardship — Abstract Gentiane Bélanger  
107 The Lives and Deaths of Carolee’s Cats — Abstract Carla Benzan  
107 Marina Abramović: The artist is Present — Abstract Aileen Burns and Johan Lundh  
107 Bird Radio for Afghanistan, 2010 Bill Burns  
107 Marion Wagschal: Private Views and Paintings — Abstract James D. Campbell  
107 Christian Boltanski: Personnes — Abstract Zoë Chan  
107 David Hoffos: Scenes from a House Dream — Abstract Meredith Dault  
107 On Year of the Dog — Abstract Jon Davies  
107 Daryl Vocat: The Secret of the Midnight Shadow — Abstract Sally Frater  
107 Stephen Kelly: Open Tuning (WaveUp) — Abstract Quyen Hoang  
107 Infinite, Indifferent Kinship — Abstract Karen Houle  
107 Trash, by Jon Davies — Abstract Jovana Jankovic  
107 Justin Thomas Schaefer: Comedy Comedy — Abstract Corinna Kirsch  
107 Carlos Garaicoa: Overlapping — Abstract Leah Modigliani  
107 Editorial: Among Animals — Read Text Amish Morrell  
107 Emergence: Contemporary Photography in Canada, edited by Sarah Parsons — Abstract Amish Morrell  
107 Noteworthy — Abstract Jovana Jankovic and Maxine Proctor  
107 Touching Animals — Abstract Helena Reckitt  
107 Ryan Trecartin: Any Ever — Abstract Nadja Sayej  
107 Adrian Blackwell: Model for a Public Space [knot] — Abstract Alex Snukal  
107 Timberland:2010 Alberta Biennal of Contemporary Art — Abstract Leah Turner  
106 Funkaesthetics — Abstract Sarah Aranha  
106 Photography Haunted by Spirit Photography, by Bernard Lamarche and Pierre Rannou — Abstract Adi Baker  
106 Cultural Programming in Vancouver During the 2010 Winter Olympics — Abstract Jesse Birch and Jesse Gray  
106 Scott Treleaven: Are You a Zombie or a Witch? — Abstract Elijah Burgher  
106 Get on Up! Michael Jackson is Alive and, Well -- (Preface to a Twenty Volume Love Note) — Abstract Lynn Crosbie  
106 Noteworthy — Abstract editorial staff  
106 Psychometry and the Affective Artifact — Abstract Jennifer Fisher  
106 Liam Gillick: Three Perspectives and a Short Scenario — Abstract Sally Frater  
106 Paying a Visit to Mary — Abstract Daniel Fuller  
106 Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller: The Murder of Crows — Abstract Amy Fung  
106 Cedric and Nathan Bomford, Bamberton: Contested Landscape — Abstract Holand Gidney  
106 Textiles: Art and the Social Fabric — Abstract Luis Jacob  
106 Drowning Ophelia — Abstract Laura Robynn Kane  
106 The Aesthetic Unconscious, by Jacques Rancière — Abstract Laura Robynn Kane  
106 “The Secret Circle of God’s Supernatural Blessing:” Nate Larson’s Photographic Miracles and the Question of Belief — Abstract Louis Kaplan  
106 Julia Rosa Clark: Paradise Apparatus — Abstract Miles Keylock  
106 Will Munro: Inside the Solar Temple of the Cosmic Leather Daddy — Abstract Bruce LaBruce  
106 The Uncanny as Real: David Lillington Interviews Paulette Phillips — Abstract David Lillington  
106 Learning from Vancouver, Western Front — Abstract Joni Low  
106 Behind the Curtain: Leah Modigliani Interviews the Center for Tactical Magic — Abstract Leah Modigliani  
106 Editorial: Transcendence — Read Text Amish Morrell  
106 Barbara Lounder — Abstract Colleen O'Neill  
106 World Tea Party, Centre A — Abstract Christopher Olson  
106 Brawl, Norma (Vanessa Kwan, Diana Lopez-Soto, Josh Neelands, Christy Nyiri, Pietro Sammarco, Erica Stocking, and Kara Uzelman), Andy Livingstone Field Presented by Artspeak as Part of the Bright Lights Festival — Abstract Christopher Olson  
106 Heidi Nagtegaal: Redirecting Traffic (Hastings Between Heatley and Hawkes) — Abstract Christopher Olson  
106 Theo Sims: The Candahar, Presentation House Gallery — Abstract Liz Parks  
106 To Show, to Give, to Make It Be There: Expanded Literary Practices in Vancouver: 1954-1969, Simon Fraser University Gallery, and Geoffrey Farmer: Every Letter of the Alphabet, 1875 Powell Street at Victoria Drive — Abstract Aaron Peck  
106 Here You Are, Part One, and Christian Kliegel: Walk In — Abstract Rachelle Sawatsky  
106 Scott Treleaven — Abstract Scott Treleaven  
105 Tricia Middleton: Dark Souls — Abstract James D. Campbell  
105 And Other Essays: Nayland Blake, Tom Burr, Harry Dodge, Alix Lambert, Allen Ruppersberg and Andrea Zittel — Abstract David Court  
105 Graeme Patterson: The Grappler — Abstract Ray Cronin  
105 Art/Life: A Conversation with Tehching Hsieh — Abstract Karlyn De Jongh  
105 Noteworthy — Abstract editorial staff  
105 Idols of the Market: Modern Iconoclasm and the Fundamentalist Spectacle by Sven Lütticken — Abstract Alissa Firth-Eagland  
105 Kelly Mark: It's Just One God Damn Thing After Another — Abstract Emma Frank  
105 Steve Higgins: All Things Considered, and Sara Graham: Department of Systems Oversight — Abstract Sara Hartland-Rowe  
105 Baseball Pile #2 and Wrestling Ring — Abstract Patrick Krzyzanowski  
105 The Beautiful Game: Art and Sport in the Work of Humberto Vélez — Abstract Elizabeth Matheson  
105 Sophie Bélair Clément — Abstract Jesse McKee  
105 Glenn Ligon: Death of Tom and Untitled (Minnesota Massacre) — Abstract Tatiana Mellema  
105 Hanging Fire: Contemporary Art from Pakistan — Abstract Srimoyee Mitra  
105 Editorial: Critical Participation — Read Text Amish Morrell  
105 War at a Distance — Abstract Colleen O'Reilly  
105 The Body Engraved: Performances and Interventions of Lorena Wolffer — Abstract Deborah Root  
105 In Numbers: Serial Publications by Artists Since 1955, edited by Andrew Roth and Philip Aarons — Abstract David Senior  
105 Au Naturel, by Amna Malik — Abstract Beth Stuart  
105 Annie Wu and Antoni Wojtyra: Ideally — Abstract Stefan Sulzer  
105 Daniel Young and Christian Giroux: Every Building, or Site, That a Building Permit Has Been Issued for a New Building in Toronto in 2006 — Abstract Scott Sørli  
105 Katlin Till-Landry Interviews Martha Wilson — Abstract Kaitlin Till-Landry  
105 Tim Barber: Tout va Bien — Abstract Leah Turner  
104 Yvonne Singer - Random Objects: Random Thoughts — Abstract Sarah Aranha  
104 Ars Memoriae: Eve K. Tremblay's Book People — Abstract James D. Campbell  
104 Report on the New York Art Book Fair — Abstract Miles Collyer  
104 Noteworthy — Abstract editorial staff  
104 The F Word, Essays by Alissa Firth-England Candice Hopkins, Karen Henry, and an interview with Lisa Steele by Firth-England. Artists' works by Lisa Robertson and Kristina Lee Podesva. — Abstract Ginger Scott  
104 Lorraine Field: Vanishing Point — Abstract Sara Hartland-Rowe  
104 O.H.F + U.S.A= M.F.A and Positive/Negative Space — Abstract Onya Hogan-Finlay  
104 God and the "GAZE:" A Visual Reading of Lady Gaga — Abstract Jen Hutton  
104 Colette Whiten — Abstract Leah Modigliani  
104 Editorial: Contemporary Feminisms — Read Text Amish Morrell  
104 The Importance of Being Iceland: Travel Essays in Art, by Eileen Myles — Abstract Amish Morrell  
104 Who Was that Woman? — Abstract Helena Reckitt  
104 Francis Alÿs: Fabiola — Abstract Stephanie Rogerson  
104 Istanbul: Hale Tender and Mürüvvet Türkyilmaz — Abstract Deborah Root  
104 Ecstatic Resistance — Abstract Emily Roysdon  
104 Iris Häussler: He Named Her Amber — Abstract Kate Steinmann  
104 Gerald Ferguson, 1937-2009 — Abstract Monica Tap  
103 Zin Taylor: The Bakery of Blok — Abstract Dan Adler  
103 Beyond the Hype: Nuit Blanche in the "Creative City" — Abstract Joseph Bahn  
103 Mika Rottenberg — Abstract Katie Bethune-Leamen  
103 Sea of Contingencies: Vancouver's Domestic Interventions — Abstract Jesse Birch  
103 Aleesa Cohene: Something Better — Abstract Jon Davies  
103 Michael A. Robinson: Throw Genre — Abstract Peter Dub#233;  
103 Younger than Jesus — Abstract Patrick Dyer and Jesse McKee  
103 Noteworthy — Abstract editorial staff  
103 Sara Angelucci: Regular 8 — Abstract Kirsten Den Hartog  
103 Everything All at Once — Abstract Jen Hutton  
103 Decentre: Concerning Artist-Run Culture /a propos de centres d'artistes, Edited by Elaine Chang, Andrea Lalonde, Chris Lloyd, Steve Loft, Jonathan Middleton, Daniel Roy, Haema Sivanesan — Abstract Michael Maranda  
103 Call to Order — Abstract James B. Maxwell and Kathleen Ritter  
103 Annie Pootoogook's Drawings of Contemporary Inuit Life — Abstract Leah Modigliani  
103 Editorial: Off Grid — Read Text Amish Morrell  
103 Artists with PhDs: On the New Doctoral Degree in Studio Arts, Edited by James Elkins — Abstract Gabrielle Moser  
103 The Mystical Language of the Everyday: Jamelie Hassan's At the Far Edge of Words — Abstract Deborah Root  
103 Vancouver Art & Economies by Melanie O'Brian — Abstract Leah Turner  
103 Fire Watcher — Abstract Kara Uzelman  
102 Infinite Jest: Bruce Nauman & Contemporary Art as Continuous Process — Abstract Heather Diack  
102 Actions: What You Can Do with the City — Abstract Peter Dub#233;  
102 Late Capitalist Pathologies and Redemptions: Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby's Beauty + Pity — Abstract Irmgard Emmelhainz  
102 Letter to the Editor, Re: Gabrielle Moser's Article "Do Curators Need University Curatorial Programs?" in C Magazine Issue 100 — Abstract Emily Jones  
102 Project Biennalist by Thierry Geoffroy/Colonel — Abstract Séamus Kealy  
102 Altermodern: Tate Triennial 2009 — Abstract Charlene Lau  
102 Reversing Pedagogies with a Little Social Schooling — Abstract Tatiana Mellema  
102 The Hugo Boss Prize 2008: Emily Jacir — Abstract Leah Modigliani  
102 Editorial: When is "Contemporary?" — Read Text Amish Morrell  
102 The Way I Are — Abstract Alex Snukal  
102 The Beautiful and the Everyday in the Films of Mark Lewis — Abstract Shepherd Steiner  
102 Street Poets & Visionaries: Selections from the UbuWeb Collection — Abstract Malcom Sutton  
102 Ship of Fools Portal — Abstract Christine Swintak  
102 What It Really is — Abstract Leah Turner  
101 Letter to the Editor, Re: Sholem Krishtalka's Letter to the Editor in C Magazine Issue 100 — Abstract Eli Bornowsky  
101 What Can Cinema Do? — Abstract Jon Davies  
101 Tino Sehgal — Abstract Vincenzo De Bellis  
101 Gareth Long: Second, Third, Fourth — Abstract Ryan English  
101 What Can a Magazine Do? — Read Text Rosemary Heather  
101 Those of Us Who Know about These Darkened Rooms — Abstract Jacob Korczynski  
101 PCP: Pop/Conceptual/Psychedelic — Abstract Lars Bang Larsen  
101 The Lap, The Fur — Abstract Rodney LaTourelle  
101 The Art of Disappearing — Abstract Johan Lundh  
101 The 7th Gwangju Biennale Annual Report: A Year in Exhibition, Directed by Okwui Enwezor — Abstract Jesse McKee  
101 28th Bienal de Sao Paulo — Abstract Earl Miller  
101 Nathalie Djurberg — Abstract Leah Modigliani  
101 Claude Wampler: Staging Shadows Without Source — Abstract Patricia Reed  
101 Future Forward — Abstract Carol-Ann M. Ryan  
101 Making Real — Abstract Rachelle Sawatsky  
101 Political Action Figures — Abstract Chen Tamir  
101 Fiona Kinsella: Chapel (Rose) — Abstract Stephanie Vegh  
100 On Kristina Lee Podesva's Colourschool — Abstract Michael Birchall  
100 Enthusiasm at the Limit — Abstract Nicholas Brown  
100 Exhibitionism — Abstract Gregory Elgstrand  
100 Art Pedagogy — Read Text Rosemary Heather  
100 Letter to the Editor — Abstract Sholem Krishtalka  
100 It's Time Man. It Feels Imminent — Abstract Jesse McKee  
100 To Be Seen and Not Just Heard About: On a Painting by Rae Johnson — Abstract Catherine McTavish  
100 The State of Art Criticism and Critical Theory — Abstract Earl Miller  
100 Life on Mars — Abstract Earl Miller  
100 Convergence Center (Part of Democracy in America: The National Campaign) — Abstract Leah Modigliani  
100 No Typical Donor — Abstract Lydia Perović  
100 Erwin Wurm: Désespéré/Desperate — Abstract Jean-Michel Ross  
100 Corin Sworn: Back in 5: Accessing the Back Story — Abstract Rachelle Sawatsky  
100 Katie Bethune-Leamen: Mushroom Studio — Abstract Carolyn Tripp  
100 Jesse Jones: The Spectre and the Sphere — Abstract Leah Turner  
99 An Institution is defined by its Ability to Ask Questions: A Report on the 2008 IKT Congress in Montreal — Abstract Heather Anderson  
99 Letter to the Editor — Abstract Eli Bornowsky  
99 Geoffrey Farmer: Forgetting Air/Gareth Moore: As A Wild Boar Passes Water — Abstract Nicholas Brown  
99 Bruce Conner, 1933-2008 — Abstract Jon Davies  
99 Between Home and Elsewhere — Abstract Mona Filip  
99 Orientalism and Ephemera — Abstract Julian Jason Haladyn and Miriam Jordan  
99 Art Diasporas — Read Text Rosemary Heather  
99 Artist Centrefold: United Nations ISO 216 — Abstract Antonia Hirsch  
99 John Abrams: Cinema Vernis — Abstract Heidi Kellett  
99 Otherwise Unexplained Fires: Joyce Weiland and the Experimental Film Scene in 1960s New York — Abstract Anne Low  
99 From Beijing to Paris to San Francisco: Hou Hanru in Conversation — Abstract Johan Lundh  
99 Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art — Abstract Jesse McKee  
99 Global Canadians — Abstract Earl Miller  
99 Take Your Time: Olafur Eliasson — Abstract Leah Modigliani  
99 Kevin Rodgers: The Mystics and the Passions — Abstract Wojciech Olejnik  
99 From Montreal to the World: Parachute Magazine - 1975-2006? — Abstract Tammer Salah El-Sheikh  
99 The Dad Tapes/The Mom Photographs: Kim Waldron — Abstract Kim Waldron  
99 Glad the CIA is Immoral — Abstract Jacob Wren  
98 Exponential Futures — Abstract Eli Bornowsky  
98 Bouquet, Diane Borsato — Abstract Diane Borsato  
98 Reconstitutions/Re-enactments — Abstract Nicholas Brown  
98 Props to the Fairy People — Abstract Jon Davies  
98 Rightfully Yours — Abstract Jon Davies  
98 The Art System — Read Text Rosemary Heather  
98 Fabrique en Canada — Abstract Chris Kraus  
98 Brice Marden — Abstract Sholem Krishtalka  
98 The Elephant in the Room: A Brief Excursus on Avant-Garde and Community Art — Abstract Marc James Léger  
98 Montreal's DHC/Art and the Changing Climate of Arts Patronage in Canada — Abstract Chris Lloyd  
98 Pablo Bronstein — Abstract Jesse McKee  
98 The 2008 Whitney Biennial — Abstract Leah Modigliani  
98 Art and Politics: On the critic Hal Foster — Abstract Lydia Perović  
98 Valérie Blass — Abstract Jean-Michel Ross  
98 Oscar Mua∓#241;oz: Disappearing Image — Abstract Tamara Toledo  
98 Objects on stage (Notes from pre- and post-) — Abstract Victor Tupitsyn  
98 Cat Thinks People Not Living Life to the Full — Abstract Jacob Wren  
97 The Painting of Modern Life — Abstract Christina Bagatavicius  
97 Mike Nelson: A Psychic Vacuum — Abstract Graham T. Beck  
97 Re-Actionism — Abstract Shannon Bool  
97 One, Some, Many: 3 Shows by Carsten Höller — Abstract Jon Davies  
97 Jenny Holzer — Abstract Janis Demkiw  
97 Beginning of the End - End of the Beginning — Abstract Amy Fung  
97 Immersion — Read Text Rosemary Heather  
97 Light Magic — Abstract Sydney Hermant  
97 On Being an Exhibition — Abstract Marisa Jahn  
97 Comedy Central — Abstract Steve Kado  
97 I+I-I on I+I-I — Abstract Rodney LaTourelle  
97 Thomas Hirschhorn: Jumbo Spoons and Big Cake — Abstract Marc James Leger  
97 To Be Immersed in the Experience of the Now — Abstract Earl Miller  
97 DAVID ASKEVOLD, 1940-2008 — Abstract Ian Murray  
97 Eoghan McTigue: The Image Screen — Abstract Wojciech Olejnik  
97 ÜBERleben — Abstract Patricia Reed  
97 On the Other Side of the Couch — Abstract Rachelle Sawatsky  
97 Artist Centrefold: Graffiti Removal Project — Abstract Brent Wadden  
96 Views: The Politics of Cool — Abstract Cooper Battersby and Emily Vey Duke  
96 Emmanuelle Leonard: Une sale affaire — Abstract James D. Campbell  
96 Family Romance — Abstract Jon Davies  
96 Auto Emotion: Autobiography, Emotion and Self-Fashioning — Abstract Jon Davies  
96 State Britain: Mark Wallinger — Abstract Emily Vey Duke  
96 Crashing Fashion — Abstract Ryan English  
96 Real Existing Capitalism — Read Text Rosemary Heather  
96 Artefact Montreal 2007 - Urban Sculptures — Abstract Rosemary Heather  
96 Conflict Studies — Abstract Andria Hickey  
96 Megatron: Team Interview with Brian Joseph Davis and Steve Kado — Abstract Steve Kado  
96 High Dispersion of Light #2 — Abstract Devon Knowles  
96 Views: Art Market Education — Abstract Sholem Krishtalka  
96 Kai Schiemenz — Abstract Rodney LaTourelle  
96 Woodlot: The 3rd KW/AG Biennial — Abstract Tor Lukasik-Foss  
96 Been Up So Long It Looks Like Down To Me — Abstract Johan Lundh  
96 Lenin, Bicycles, Theory and Love; Rainer Ganahl — Abstract Christine Martin  
96 Patterns Why: Matthew Burbidge and Jaro Straub — Abstract Wojciech Olejnik  
95 Lynne Marsh, Ballroom — Abstract Stacey Abramson  
95 Projections: A Survey of Projection-Based Works in Canada, 1964-2007 — Abstract Dan Adler  
95 Anarchy at documenta — Abstract Allan Antliff  
95 The Munster Sculpture Project — Abstract Vesna Antliff  
95 Jeremy Shaw: Best Minds Part One — Abstract Clint Burnham  
95 Two Versions of Engagement — Abstract Jon Davies  
95 Jon Sasaki — Abstract Dave Dyment  
95 The 52nd Venice Biennale — Abstract Petra Halkes  
95 Canada, locate yourself! — Abstract Rosemary Heather  
95 documenta 12 — Abstract Rosemary Heather  
95 Staring Therapy (2007) — Abstract Victoria Kent  
95 Chih-Chien Wang — Abstract Tatiana Mellema  
95 Anitra Hamilton: Retrospective on Parade — Abstract Earl Miller  
95 Monika Baer, Thomas Bayrle — Abstract Wojciech Olejnik  
95 Biennale de Montreal 2007 — Abstract Leila Pourtavaf  
95 Memory Trigger — Abstract Manuel Segade  
95 Gordon Matta-Clark: You Art the Measure — Abstract Chen Tamir  
95 Views: Artists and Air Miles — Abstract Jacob Wren  
94 In the Blink of an Eye — Abstract Stacey Abramson  
94 Kiki Smith: A Gathering, 1980-2005 — Abstract Rosa JH Berland  
94 Jillian Pritchard — Abstract Eli Bornowsky  
94 A theory of Emergence — Abstract Tony Conrad  
94 Art=Real Life — Abstract Rosemary Heather  
94 Lucy Pullen: New Knowledge — Abstract Candice Hopkins  
94 Views: She, Her and Me — Abstract Chris Kraus  
94 Katja Host: The Lonely Crowd — Abstract Tatiana Mellema  
94 The Idea of North — Abstract Doreen Mende  
94 Rodney LaTourelle: In the Absence of Unambiguous Criteria — Abstract Patricia Reed  
94 Long Distance Haul — Abstract Leah Sandals  
94 Snakes and Ladders (2007) — Abstract Jon Sasaki  
94 Material Ouvres — Abstract Catherine Sicot  
94 Loitering in Cyberspace — Abstract Cheryl Simon  
94 Notes on the Second Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the rubble (not the ruble… or the bomb) — Abstract Monika Szewczyk  
94 Views: Adventures in Ironic Activism — Abstract Jacob Wren  
93 Model for a Public Space [Speaker] — Abstract Adrian Blackwell  
93 Liz Rideal, Fall, River, Snow: Water Drape, Ice Steam, Deer Portrait — Abstract Charles Danby  
93 Views: Kenneth Anger Me — Abstract Jon Davies  
93 Deborah Margo — Abstract Petra Halkes  
93 Canada's Culture War — Abstract Rosemary Heather  
93 Rodney Graham — Abstract Andria Hickey  
93 Between the Monument and the Ruin — Abstract Candice Hopkins  
93 Neo Rauch — Abstract Sholem Krishtalka  
93 Scott Treleaven: My dear, my darling, do you hear me where you sleep? — Abstract York Lethbridge  
93 Representation of a Sculptor — Abstract Earl Miller  
93 Beyond Cinema: The Art of Projection — Abstract Henrikke Nielsen  
93 "I Believe the Solution is Panic" — Abstract Fernando Oliva and Marcelo Rezende  
93 Al Steiner — Abstract Lisi Raskin  
93 Manifesta Destiny — Abstract Helena Reckitt  
93 Iris Haussler — Abstract Catherine Sicot  
93 Views: Canadian Club — Abstract Judith Wilkinson  
93 Real Dirty Ethics — Abstract Jacob Wren  
92 Sterling Ruby: Interior Designer — Abstract Aaron Brewer  
92 Goshka Macuga: Sleep of Ulro — Abstract Charles Danby  
92 Madness is the language of the excluded — Abstract Michèle Faguet and Cristobal Lehyt  
92 Dissociation — Abstract Rosemary Heather  
92 Ornament as Content: And Interview with Shannon Bool — Abstract Rosemary Heather  
92 Gwangju & Singapore Biennials, 2006 — Abstract Rosemary Heather  
92 Sound and Vision — Abstract Andria Hickey  
92 Group Search (Art in the Library) — Abstract Vanessa Kwan  
92 Mike Kelley: Profondeurs Vertes — Abstract Rodney La Tourelle  
92 Predators & Prey — Abstract Alma Mikulinsky  
92 Views: Pile Driver: Philippe Donadini messes things up — Abstract Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay  
92 Cornelia Schmidt-Bleek: Plotting Revolution Under an Apple Tree — Abstract Henrikke Nielsen  
92 How to Colour — Abstract Lisa Robertson  
92 If balance stops and asks why, balance will die — Abstract Kirstine Roepstorff  
92 Natural Emptiness — Abstract Nadia Ross  
92 Uncertain States of America — Abstract Chen Tamir  
92 Views: The Romantic and the Entrepreneur — Abstract Jacob Wren  
91 Territory, Artspeak and Presentation House Gallery — Abstract Clint Burnham  
91 Canada: A Group Show From New York — Abstract Charles Danby  
91 Althea Thauberger: Experimentalism is Dead, Long Live the Internet — Abstract Emily Vey Duke  
91 The Young Canadians — Abstract Rosemary Heather  
91 Ninth Havana Biennial — Abstract Jacob Korczynski  
91 Greetings from LA: Chris Kraus reports on some suspicious activity in the new USA — Abstract Chris Kraus  
91 Nico Ihlein: Unclear Situations in Half Secured Rooms — Abstract Rodney LaTourelle  
91 Kristan Horton: An Image of Sculpture — Abstract Yam Lau  
91 Parlour of Twilight — Abstract Corwyn Lund and Simone Moir  
91 Dan Hays: Colorado Impressions — Abstract Ruth Maclennan  
91 Daniel Olson: Beside Myself — Abstract Tatiana Mellema  
91 Law and Ordering: On Evaluating Recent Canadian Neoconceptualism — Abstract Earl Miller  
91 Wait For Me — Abstract Jennifer Murphy  
91 Near and Far, Milutin Gubash, Stride Gallery — Abstract Jennifer Murphy  
91 Vancouver's Collecting Collective — Abstract Christina Ritchie  
91 Sadegh Tirafkan: Manhood — Abstract Nadja Sayej  
91 Michel De Broin: Taking Art For A Ride — Abstract Bernard Schütze  
91 Close To Icons: Monika Szewczyk on Steven Shearer's growing devotion to painting — Abstract Monika Szewczyk  
91 Oil for Art's Sake: Andrei Molodkin cuts into the veins of Western oil dependency — Abstract Victor Tupitsyn  
90 Anonymous, Not Impressed by Civilization, 2006 — Abstract    
90 A Museum of the Future — Abstract Vito Acconci  
90 Timeline: Manifestos for Beginners — Abstract Mireille Bourgeois  
90 Instant Coffee Puts the Fest in Manifesto — Abstract Instant Coffee  
90 I Feel Pretty — Abstract Tom Dean  
90 All you need is Leniency — Abstract Leah Glushien  
90 Michael Lewis, "Ancestor Corridor": Centre D’Exposition L’Imagier, Gatineau, QC — Abstract Diane Hardy and Dorothy Howard  
90 The Manifesto Issue — Abstract Rosemary Heather  
90 Berlin Biennal 4: Berlin, Germany — Abstract Marie Fraser and Antonia Hirsch  
90 Manifestations of Soft Revolution — Abstract Toronto School of Creativity & Inquiry  
90 A Message from the P.R.A. (Purple Resistance Army) — Abstract Bruce LaBruce  
90 Arnaud Maggs, "Nomenclature": The Robert McLaughlin Gallery, Oshawa, ON — Abstract Gil McElroy  
90 Supernovas: Winnipeg Art Gallery, Winnipeg — Abstract J. J. Kegan McFadden  
90 Shinobu Akimoto, "Better Living": Art Gallery of Windsor, Windsor, ON — Abstract Sally McKay  
90 Michael Euying Oh: Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto — Abstract Earl Miller  
90 Welcome to Freedom Street: Mark Nault's Nationalist Underground — Abstract Mark Nault  
90 Canada Dreaming: Wolfsburg Kunstverein, Wolfsburg, Germany — Abstract Henrikke Nielsen  
90 Theatre Embarrassment and Commodification: An Aesthetic of Civic Engagement — Abstract Darren O'Donnell  
90 ---ifesto: Feminist Art's Shifting Ground — Abstract Helena Reckitt  
90 Kathy Slade, "Chart": Tracey Lawrence Gallery, Vancouver — Abstract Cate Rimmer  
90 Paul Butler, "Getting There is Half the Fun": Wynick/Tuck Gallery, Toronto Nadja Sayej  
90 The Arbour Lake Sghool, Untitled, 2006 — Abstract The Arbour Lake Sghool  
90 Mika Rottenberg, "Dough": Nicole Klagsbrun Gallery, New York — Abstract Chen Tamir  
90 Manifesto: 11 conversation starters for Small Wooden Shoe — Abstract Jacob Zimmer  
89 Stephanie Aitkin, "Headlands: New Paintings", Helen Pitt Gallery, Vancouver — Abstract Sean Alward  
89 Ilya and Emily Kabakov, "The house of Dreams": Serpentine Gallery, London — Abstract Christina Bagatavicius  
89 Jeannie Thib, "Pattern Fields": Foreman Art Gallery of Bishop's University, Lennoxville, QC — Abstract Maura Broadhurst  
89 Brian Jungen Interviewed by Terence Dick — Abstract Terence Dick  
89 Jessica Thompson, "Soundbike": GlowLab, Open Lab Art Interactive, Boston — Abstract Dina Dietsche  
89 Lori Newdick, "Lucky": Corkin Shopland Gallery, Toronto — Abstract Carla Garnet  
89 Case Histories — Abstract Rosemary Heather  
89 Nancy Van Keerbergen, Self Portrait, Back Nails Drip, 2003 — Abstract Nancy Van Keerbergen  
89 Slant: Wake — Abstract Chris Kraus  
89 Jeff Wall, "Photographs 1978-2004": Tate Modern, London — Abstract Vesna Krstich  
89 Erik Goengrich, "Everything Else is Inside: Berlin Sculptures & Other Announcements", Platz Der Vereinten Nationen 27, Berlin — Abstract Rodney LaTourelle  
89 Theodore Saskatche Wan, or Posing with Another — Abstract Yam Lau  
89 "a plot with a single type of grass…": Anne Low on Andrew Dadson — Abstract Anne Low  
89 Yang Fudong: Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam — Abstract Tatiana Mellema  
89 Lisi Raskin: Transmission Gallery, Glasgow — Abstract Mick Peter  
89 My Fuzzy Valentine: Allyson Mitchell — Abstract Helena Reckitt  
89 The Short Interview: Ken Lum — Abstract Leah Sandals  
89 Chris Marker's Owl's Eye View — Abstract Sarah Robayo Sheridan  
89 Theo Sims, "Splace": Golden Thread Gallery, Belfast — Abstract Salvka Sverakova  
89 Corin Sworn, Switzerland 1972, 2005 — Abstract Corin Sworn  
89 Art Drug Centre: Jacob Wren on Kaoru Arima — Abstract Jacob Wren  
88 Awesome, Harvest Holidae, 2005 Awesome  
88 The Scale of the Disaster Aaron Brewer  
88 Le Mois de la Photo à Montréal: Montréal, QC Anna Carlevaris  
88 Martha Rosler: Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, UK Andrea Carson  
88 News From Nowhere: Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto Janis Demkiw  
88 Modern Primitives: So Faux: Canada Invents a New School of Art Rock Stacey DeWolfe  
88 Shrieks, Drones & Destruction: How Fluxus Altered the Face of Pop Music (Without Anyone Noticing) Dave Dyment  
88 Downes Point and So Departed (Again): Presentation House Gallery, Vancouver Michèle Faguet  
88 Art Rock Rosemary Heather  
88 Taylor Savvy [Sham] Artist, Pop Imposter Rosemary Heather  
88 Gap Artist: Tim Lee Works The Staged Fantastic Justin Hoffmann  
88 Disquiet: Modern Fuel, Kingston, Ontario Risa Horowitz  
88 Dan Graham Interviewed by Luis Jacob Luis Jacob  
88 Goody-B. Wiseman: Bad Girl Perennial Chris Kraus  
88 L'Autre Amérique: Art Contemporain du Brésil, Passage de Retz, Paris, France Duncan Macdonald  
88 File Under Anarchy: A Brief History of Punk Rock's 30 Year Relationship with Toronto's Art Press Earl Miller  
88 51st Venice Biennale: Venice, Italy Earl Miller  
88 Affirm/Nation: Urban Shaman Gallery of Contemporary Aboriginal Art, Winnipeg Sandee Moore  
88 Will Munro, I want to infuse pop music with disease cuz it's the beat that's killing me, 2005 Will Munro  
88 Dimensionality: YYZ Artists Outlet, Toronto Wojciech Olejnik  
88 I Really Should...: Lisson Gallery, London, UK Terri Whitehead  
87 The Shover: Andrew Pollock Interviewed by Aaron Brewer — Abstract Aaron Brewer  
87 Ana Rewakowicz, "Dressware: SleepingBagDress": Musée d’Art Contemporain de Montréal — Abstract Cecilia Chen  
87 Slant: Terance Koh Interviewed by Mike e.b. — Abstract Mike e.b.  
87 All-Interview Issue — Abstract Rosemary Heather  
87 Gregory Burke Interviewed by Rosemary Heather — Abstract Rosemary Heather  
87 Marlena Kudlicka, "The Image That Emits No Shadow": Location One, New York — Abstract Thomas Johnson  
87 Kristina Lahde, Envelope Piece I, 2004 — Abstract Kristina Lahde  
87 Toby Paterson, "After the Rain": Barbican Gallery, London, UK — Abstract Anne Low  
87 Robert Storr Interviewed by John Bentley Mays — Abstract John Bentley Mays  
87 Dedicated to You, But You Weren't Listening: The Power Plant, Toronto — Abstract Earl Miller  
87 Olia Mishchenko, Untitled, 2005 — Abstract Olia Mishchenko  
87 Glenn Ligon Interviewed by Lyndon Phillip — Abstract Lyndon Phillip  
87 Kathryn Walter, "Remnants": Zsa Zsa Gallery, Toronto — Abstract Deborah Root  
87 Noam Gonick Interviewed by Leah Sandals — Abstract Leah Sandals  
87 Susanna Heller, "City Watch": Oakville Galleries, Ontario — Abstract Nadja Sayej  
87 Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller Interviewed by Eva Scharrer — Abstract Eva Scharrar  
87 Robert Lee, "Minima Moralia": Images Festival 2005, Toronto — Abstract Sarah Robayo Sheridan  
87 BGL Interviewed by Kika Thorne — Abstract Kika Thorne  
87 Emotion Pictures: Museum Van Hedendaagse Kunst, Antwerp — Abstract Michael Turner  
87 Luis Jacob, "Open Your Mouth and Your Mind Will Follow": AKA, Saskatoon — Abstract Donna Wawzonek  
87 Gregory Crewdson, "Beneath The Roses": White Cube Gallery, London, UK — Abstract Terri Whitehead  
86 Supplemental Supernatural: David Askevold in Los Angeles — Abstract Aaron Brewer  
86 Two Types of Sacred: 1970s Endurance Art Today — Abstract Emily Vey Duke and Kevin Rodgers  
86 Reena Spaulings: Haswellediger & Co., New York — Abstract Xandra Eden  
86 Group Metaphysics — Abstract Rosemary Heather  
86 Slant: My Dinner With Who? — Abstract Chris Kraus  
86 Availabism, Ferralism and Kali 101: Bruce La Bruce Talks To Kembra Pfahler — Abstract Bruce LaBruce  
86 Germaine Koh: Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver — Abstract Kyla Mallet  
86 Don't You Feel Better?: Meeso Lee Gets Uneven — Abstract John Marriott  
86 Blue Republic: Peak Gallery, Toronto — Abstract Bryne McLaughlin  
86 The Politics of Wearability: African Cloth Reinvents The Diaspora — Abstract Lyndon Phillip  
86 Micah Lexier: Gitte Weise Gallery, Berlin — Abstract Adina Popescu  
86 Brad Phillips: Groeflin Maag Galerie, Basel — Abstract Eva Scharrar  
86 Daniel Siney, Aaron Firing Red Arrow, 2004 — Abstract Daniel Siney  
86 Untitled, 2005 — Abstract Derek Sullivan  
86 James Lee Byars "Love, Life and Death": Musée De L'Art Moderne Et Contemporain De Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France — Abstract Pan Wendt  
86 Beck's Futures 2005: Institute of Contemporary Arts, London — Abstract Judith Wilkinson  
86 Stephen Andrews: Cue Art Foundation, New York, and Participant Inc., New York — Abstract Joseph R. Wolin  
86 No Truth Without A Fight: Jacob Wren On Alain Badiou — Abstract Jacob Wren  
85 Eli Lander, "Twelve Years From Earth": Daniel Hug Gallery, Los Angeles Muriel Bartol  
85 The Shover: Waiting For The One Aaron Brewer  
85 I Want More Life Fucker: Arnaud Desjardin Talks to UK’s Inventory Arnaud Desjardin  
85 Slant: Suffering, Empathy, Art and the Greater Good Emily Vey Duke  
85 It Can Change, 2004 Gavin Brown’s Enterprise  
85 Pro-Americanism Rosemary Heather  
85 Body Politics: A Letter to Terry Eagleton Thomas Johnson  
85 Gu Xiong and Xu Bing, "Here is What I Mean": Doris McCarthy Gallery, Scarborough Julian Jason Haladyn and Miriam Jordan  
85 Elke Marhöfer: Get Out if Here and Think We Rodney La Tourelle  
85 Gregor Schneider, "Die Familie Schneider": Artangel, London Anne Low  
85 Re: Twenty Years of C Magazine Dyan Marie  
85 Nice Nihilism: The Art of Chris Hanson and Hendrika Sonnenberg Earl Miller  
85 Paper Rad: The Rainbow Graffiti Will Fade! Jenifer Papararo  
85 Flipside: Artists Space, New York Lisi Raskin  
85 3 Objects, Daniel Young and Christian Giroux: Ace Art Inc., Winnipeg Mary Reid  
85 Paul P.: Galerie Lisa Ruyter, Vienna Julie Ryan  
85 White: Whiteness and Race in Contemporary Art, International Center of Photography, New York Leah Sandals  
85 Postscript to "An Interview With Michael Snow" In Issue #84 Winter 2004: Apologies and Corrections / Clarifications Michael Snow  
85 Sandra Meigs, "The Bump and Ride Paintings": Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto Chen Tamir  
85 Sadegh Tirafkan, From the Series: Secret of the Runes, 2002 Sadegh Tirafkan  
85 Table of Contents: Sydney Vermont, George Reagan, 2005 Sydney Vermont  
84 Adrian Blackwell, Car Collective: Modern Fuel, Kingston, Canada Jan Allen  
84 Precision Gesamtkunstwerk: This is a Universe, An Interview with Michael Snow Ariane Beyn  
84 The Shover: War Consolations Aaron Brewer  
84 Artefact 2004 Urban Sculpture: Parc du Mont-Royal, Montréal Janis Demkiw  
84 Fabulation: Vox Contemporary Image, Montréal Stacey DeWolfe  
84 Your information is wrong Rosemary Heather  
84 Bettina Hoffmann, Maître Et Chien, 2004 Bettina Hoffmann  
84 Shining-TV: Distortion on Demand Conor Humphries  
84 Oona Stern: False Platitudes Thomas Johnson  
84 Shrinking Cities: Kunstwerke Gallery, Berlin Doris Kleilein  
84 Utopia Problem: Bruce Mau Design’s Massive Change Project John Bentley Mays  
84 Eddo Stern: Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto Bryne McLaughlin  
84 Rock, Paper, Scissors: The Sculpture of James Carl Robin Peck  
84 Lee Bontecou: MoMA, New York Lisi Raskin  
84 The Cave and the Island: Kunstburo Gallery, Vienna Julie Ryan  
84 Slant: Terriblisma and the Work of Candice Lin and Alice Catteneo Goody-B Wiseman  
83 A Mobile Wardrobe Designed by Bless, 2004    
83 Dax Morrison, Day By Day: Art Gallery Of Windsor Allan Antliff  
83 The Father of the Raven and the New Jersey Turnpike at Night Aaron Brewer  
83 Bill Burns, Safety Gear For Small Animals: Saidye Bronfman Centre, Montréal Stacey DeWolfe  
83 Flow Chart For Chips, Maura Doyle, 2004 Maura Doyle  
83 Letter from Halifax Emily Vey Duke  
83 Jeremy Blake: Art Gallery of York University, Toronto Randy Gladman  
83 Daniel Richter: Optimistic Dystopian Eliza Griffiths  
83 Becoming Minor: Revenge of the Cradle, Keçeburnu Art Space and Diyarbakir Sanat Merkezi; Diyarbakir, Turkey Kenneth Hayes  
83 Traumatophilia Rosemary Heather  
83 Euan Macdonald, Eclipse + Other Chance Experiences: Kunstbunker, Nüremberg, Germany Sybrant Van Keulen  
83 Solutions to Problems that Don't Exist Chris Kraus  
83 Take Your Balls and Go: Bruce La Bruce on Jackie Curtis Bruce LaBruce  
83 John Bock: Klosterfeld Gallery, Berlin Rodney LaTourelle  
83 Together Forever: Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver Kyla Mallet  
83 Rachel Harrison, Latka/Latkas:GreeneNaftali Gallery, New York Lisi Raskin  
83 11th Biennial of Visual Arts Values: Pancevo, Serbia Bernard Schütze  
83 Trip Into the Unknown, Berlin’s Full-Blown Disco Perversion: The Honeysuckle Company Suzana Sučic  
82 Memoirs of Water: Station, Houston Allan Antliff  
82 Bernie Miller: Centre Cultural Canadian, Paris Louise Asherson  
82 Daniel Barrow, Hairstyle, 2004 Daniel Barrow  
82 Confidence, Contemporary Art from Vancouver: Passagen, Centre For Contemporary Art, Linkoping, Sweden Bo Borg  
82 The Shover: Jew Baiting The New World Order Aaron Brewer  
82 Helen Cho: Werkzeug/ Passion & Her Family & Orion Helen Cho  
82 Jay Isaac, Maritime Frazetta: Greener Pastures, Toronto Janis Demkiw  
82 Kirsten Stoltman, Let’s Get It On / Paul Llyod Sargent, White Blight Manifesto: Chicago Emily Vey Duke  
82 Long Music and the Short Now: On Rodney Graham’s Music Dave Dyment  
82 21st Century Werewolf Aesthetics: An Interview With David Altmejd Randy Gladman  
82 Turning The Corner On The World Stage Of Architecture: Frank Gehry’s Designs on Toronto Deirdre Hannah  
82 Pro-Canadianism Rosemary Heather  
82 Scope: New York Rosemary Heather  
82 Suzy Lake and the Cult of the Idol Patrick Holland  
82 Slant: Jack Goldstein and the Cal Arts Mafia Chris Kraus  
82 Ed Pien, Imaginary Beings: Prüss & Ochs, Berlin Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay  
82 Proposing Difficulty: Nestor Kruger In Theory And Practice Jenifer Papararo  
82 Johannes Wohnseifer, Enklave / Exklave: Galerie Nicolas Krupp, Basel Eva Scharrar  
81 Catherine Sylvain: Petites Détresses Humaines, Circa, Montreal Pascale Beaudet  
81 Obituary: Ann Lind, 1943-2004 Jessica Bradley  
81 The Shover: The Unseen, Supernatural Politics And The American Right Aaron Brewer  
81 Threads Of Belonging, Jennifer Montgomery: Gene Siskel Center, Chicago Emily Vey Duke  
81 The Last Revolutionary Moment: Weather Underground Director Sam Green In Conversation with Rebecca Godfrey Rebecca Godfrey  
81 Dysentery Rosemary Heather  
81 The Basement Show: The Electra, Vancouver Séamus Kealy  
81 Slant: Let's Call the Whole Thing Off Chris Kraus  
81 Peaches: Word To The Fatherfucker Bruce LaBruce  
81 Eli Langer, Untitled (Dream), 1996/2004 Eli Langer  
81 Siobhan Hapaska: Kerlin Gallary, Dublin Bryne McLaughlin  
81 Show’s Over Folks, Move Along: The Institutionalization of Art and The Secret Life of the Underground Philip Monk  
81 Melissa Shiff, Eijah Chair: Art, Ritual and Social Action, The Jewish Museum, New York Scott Myers  
81 I Wanna Be A Popstar: Loop, Raum Für Aktuelle Kunst, Berlin Eva Scharrar  
81 Collier Shorr: Modern Art Inc, London Fergal Stapleton  
81 All Ways Lead to Rome: Talking To La Cicciolina Suzana Sučic  
81 Mark Leckey / Tony Romano: Mercer Union, Toronto Corin Sworn  
81 Zin Taylor, The Locust, 2004 Zin Taylor  
81 Asking The Wrong Questions: 6 Artists Respond Sarah Hollenberg and Izida Zorde  
80 Dave Allen, ‘Cassette Tape Covers From C Issue #79, 2003 Dave Allen  
80 The Shover: Collectively Wrong - Fascist Aesthetics in Contemporary Life Aaron Brewer  
80 John Currin: Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Emily Vey Duke  
80 World War vs Tribal War Owen Ford  
80 Good Will Hunting Brian Gahan  
80 Andrew J. Patterson, Mono Logical: 7A*11D and Pleasure Dome, Toronto Andrew Harwood  
80 Collective Action Rosemary Heather  
80 They Is Them, We Is You, They Is Us, We Is Them Sarah Hollenberg and Rebecca Roberts  
80 Hadley Howles + Maxwell Stephens, Untitled Sculpture (1997), An Idea of Collaboration Hadley Howles and Maxwell Stephens  
80 Golden Streams: Artists' Collaboration and Exchange in the 1970's Luis Jacob  
80 Slant: Temporal Protocols Chris Kraus  
80 Bankleer (Christoph Leitner, Karin Kasböck): Kunstbank, Berlin Rodney LaTourelle  
80 Mark Lombardi, Global Networks: The Drawing Center, New York Scott Myers  
80 Isin Onol, ‘Light Compositions’, 2003 Isin Onol  
80 The 8th Havana Biennial: Two perspectives on two collaborations Janis Demkiw and Jenifer Papararo  
80 Obituary: Doris Shadbolt 1918-2003 Cate Rimmer  
80 Karin Bubas, Ivy House: Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver Christina Ritchie  
80 Contemporary Art is Sex: Rita McBride in Conversation with Kathy Slade Kathy Slade  
80 'I Am a Curator', Per Huttner: Chisenhale Gallery, London Fergal Stapleton  
80 Re-play: Edmonton Art Gallery, Edmonton Natalie De Vito  
79 Virgorabbit, Virgodeer Aaron Brewer and Sarah Hollenberg  
79 Libia Pérez de Siles de Castro and Ólafur Árni Ólafsson: Sdhjñee / appearance Libia Pérez de Siles de Castro and Ólafur Árni Ólafsson  
79 Will Ideology Pay the Rent?: Some text for TASTE Ron Giii  
79 Corporate Kufic Kenneth Hayes  
79 The Foreign Issue Rosemary Heather  
79 Kaliningrad's Luminous Cacti Conor Humphries  
79 Foreign as us: the work of Basir Borlakov Erden Kosova  
79 Lee & Elaine, by Ann Rower Chris Kraus  
79 Interview with Gus Van Sant Bruce LaBruce  
79 Yuri Leiderman: Geopoetics 1, 2003 Yuri Leiderman  
79 Althea Thauberger: Serious Althea Thauberger  
79 The Invisible Arts: Through Frog Eyes and a Glass, Darkly Carl Wilson  
78 Dreams and Conflicts - The Viewer's Dictatorship: The 50th Venice Biennale    
78 TEAM APOCALYPSE Matt Bain and John Scott  
78 David Byrne David Byrne  
78 UK/Canada Film & Video Exchange Andrea Carson  
78 Ryan McGinley and Two Years of BUTT Mike e.b.  
78 An Interview with Vasif Kortun Xandra Eden  
78 Art Chicago 2003: The Art Industrial Complex Andrew Harwood  
78 Sale of the Century: Socialist Realism Wins Big on the Global Art Market Rosemary Heather  
78 Art Collection, Part 1: Thursday, 9 April, Palm Springs California Chris Kraus  
78 Simone Moir Simone Moir  
78 Damian Moppett Damian Moppett  
78 K48-3 Teenage Rebel: The Bedroom Show Jenifer Papararo  
78 Why Stoics Don't Riff: The Prime of Ms. Jeanne Randolph Andrew James Paterson  
78 Why Stoics Box: Essays on Art and Society by Jeanne Randolph Steve Reinke  
78 FACT/Liverpool: Film, Art and Creative Technology Centre Lee Rodney  
78 The Invisible Arts Carl Wilson  
77 I've Been Thinkin' David Armstrong  
77 Keeping Fluid In A Common Place: Karen Henderson's Gallery Cameras Martin Arnold  
77 The Evidence: A romantic interrogation of the work of Hilla Becher Gil Blank  
77 Visit To Nutsy's: Randy Gladman at Tom Sach's Studio Randy Gladman  
77 buzzes...others inside out... Hans-Jürgen Hafner  
77 Asia Pacific Triennial Ihor Holubizky and Jon Tupper  
77 Lessness Rob Kovitz  
77 The Art of Noise: Merzbow Kathleen Maitland-Carter  
77 Beyond Overcoming: Notes on Abstract Painting John Bentley Mays  
77 Some Assembly Required: Ray Johnson's Performance in Life and Death Matthew Rose  
77 Will Is Was Carl Skelton  
76 Ephemera: Collected mail    
76 That Cunt Has Balls: The Last of the Four-Letter Words Jane Air  
76 Tops'N'Bottoms: A Project by Karen Azoulay and Joel Gibb Karen Azoulay, Joel Gibb, and Guntar Kravis  
76 Prosthetic Devices For a Global Walker: Recent Works by Kinga Araya Anna Carlevaris  
76 Sputum: A diptych by Karma Clarke-Davis Karma Clarke-Davis  
76 For Real: Telling the Truth in Art & Writing A.S.A. Harrison  
76 Torpor, Los Angeles: Whole Chris Kraus  
76 Whose Heinie Is It Anyway? Bruce LaBruce Interview Gavin McInnes Bruce LaBruce  
76 ABCDF LA LA: A book that offers an Artist's-Eye View of Mexico City Jenifer Papararo  
76 On The Waterfront: Roni Horn's River Works Johanne Sloane  
76 The Invisible Arts: The Good Destruction Carl Wilson  
76 Eight Points Concerning Why Things Are The Way They Are Jacob Wren  
76 Taking A Peek At Cindy: The Philosopher and the Drag-Queen Cindy Lutèce (Scott Hayes) and Stephen Zepke  
75 Too Much: The Triumph of High Production Values Gil Blank  
75 AD HOC: Andy Warhol and Tom Dean Claire Christie, Tom Dean, and Andy Warhol  
75 AD HOC: Kelly Mark Claire Christie and Kelly Mark  
75 AD HOC: Marcel Dzama Claire Christie and Marcel Dzama  
75 Twitching & Scratching: The Videos of Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby Rebecca Godfrey  
75 Documenta: Ein Echo Paul de Guzman, Hans-Jürgen Hafner, and Elizabeth Schwaiger  
75 Private Public Art Venues & The Untamed Audience Rosemary Heather  
75 Salon Des Refusés: The Narrative Subtractions of Three Canadian Fiction Writers Lee Henderson, Sheila Heti, Derek McCormack, and Michael Winter  
75 The Unreadable Present: Nadia Myre & Kent Monkman Richard William Hill  
75 The Other Side of the Clock: The 2002 Biennale of Sydney Ihor Holubizky  
75 Torpor, Los Angeles: Outlaw Woman Chris Kraus  
75 The Invisible Arts: Rat-Drifting Music / Detouring Around the Map Carl Wilson  
74 Aesthetic Intelligence Yield Raphaële Bidault-Waddington  
74 Places to dream from... Barbara Bloom, Chris Burden, Julian Opie, Renée Petropoulos, David Reed, and Jessica Stockholder  
74 Maura Doyle's Art Services Dave Dyment  
74 The Singing Dunes: Colin Campbell, 1943-2001 John Greyson  
74 Torpor, Los Angeles: You do the math Chris Kraus  
74 Triple Self-Portrait Jennifer Murphy and Chris Rogers  
74 The Secret Files of Gilbert & George Hans Ulrich Obrist  
74 Inside Images: A C project Wim Delvoye, Mario Scattoloni, and Ellen Gould Ventura  
74 The Invisible Arts: The March of the Child Bridegrooms Carl Wilson  
74 Spaceport Saskatoonia Dermot Wilson  
74 Love, love will tear us apart, again... Stephen Zepke  
73 Obituary: Colin Campbell    
73 Landscapes: Notes on a Town Without Pity Wayne Baerwaldt  
73 On Drawing Aaron Brewer  
73 Untitled (C Insert) Claude Closky  
73 Ca Cb: Lynn Crosbie looks at the work of Corinne Carlson Lynn Crosbie  
73 Ca Cb: Lynn Crosbie looks at the work of Corinne Carlson Lynn Crosbie  
73 Politics and Romance in James Carl's redemption Ann Dean  
73 Shirin Neshat: Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal Susan Douglas  
73 sensories: a time to be heavy, a time to move Cécile Hartmann  
73 Coming Home Corin Hewitt  
73 We Need Your Dick Out Here: Chris Kraus on Sophie Calle Chris Kraus  
73 Barbara McGill Balfour: Open Studio, Toronto Patrick Mahon  
73 Looking Forward: Lisa Gabrielle Mark / Los Angeles Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
73 Mara Korkola: Lonsdale Gallery, Toronto Sue McCluskey  
73 Looking Forward: nvisible Museum / Five Aces nvisible Museum  
73 Palais de Tokyo: A conversation between artists Nadine Norman and Sam Samore Nadine Norman and Sam Samore  
73 Landscapes: A View from Chicago Steve Reinke  
73 Conceptual Think-See: Three Generations of Conceptual Artists Dena Shottenkirk  
73 Landscapes: Letter from the Large Intestine Carl Skelton  
73 Looking Forward: Deborah Smith / Mainly England Deborah Smith  
73 Editorial Eileen Sommerman  
73 Looking Forward: Eileen Sommerman / Editor’s Choice, Toronto Eileen Sommerman  
73 Nothing and Something in the Work of Martin Creed Kika Thorne  
73 Looking Forward: Jonathan Watkins / Global Tour Jonathan Watkins  
73 Looking Forward: Carl Wilson / On Music Carl Wilson  
73 Landscapes: Letter from Wein/Vienna Stephen Zepke  
72 C Index: Awards, Appointments, Acquisitions and Sales    
72 Pure Happenings: The Work of Gwen MacGregor Martin Arnold  
72 New Canadian Folk Daniel Borins  
72 Scott McFarland: Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver Christopher Brayshaw  
72 Myfanwy Macleod: Catriona Jeffries and Or Galleries, Vancouver Christopher Brayshaw  
72 Thing Culture Jeff Derkson  
72 Jeremy Blake: YYZ, Toronto Eric Glavin  
72 Aernout Mik: The Power Plant, Toronto Sophie Hackett  
72 Hoser: Artists' Portfolio Cooper Battersby, Emily Vey Duke, Jinhan Ko, Kelly Mark, Alex Morrison, and Sandy Plotnikoff  
72 Victor Sloan, Susan Philipsz, and Eoghan McTigue: Plug In ICA, Winnipeg Rodney La Tourelle  
72 Society Page Pamila Matharu  
72 Centrefold 9-8-01 Rob Davis, Vincent Dermody, Mike Langlois, Rebecca Levine, and Law Office  
72 C Shorts: Recent and Current Exhibitions Dion Kliner, Si Si Penaloza, and Jessica Wyman  
72 Isabelle Hayeur: SKOL, Montreal Vincent Tinguely  
72 Promises Promises: Michael Turner interviews Christina Ritchie Michael Turner  
72 20 Questions with Bradley Phillips RM Vaughan  
72 Universal Pictures 3: Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto at Mississauga Jessica Wyman  
71 C Shorts: Recent and Current Exhibitions — Abstract    
71 C Index: Awards, Appointments, Acquisitions and Sales — Abstract    
71 "Dead Teenagers": West Wing Art Space, Toronto — Abstract Elaine Bowen  
71 Deerfucker (Sarah Braman and Aaron Brewer) — Abstract Sarah Braman and Aaron Brewer  
71 William Kentridge: New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York — Abstract Susan Douglas  
71 Social Improvisation: The Recent Films of Steve McQueen — Abstract Gregory Elgstrand  
71 Katharine Harvey: Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto — Abstract Sophie Hackett  
71 Aural Optics: Stephen Lawson on Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller — Abstract Stephen Lawson  
71 Atom Egoyan and Juliao Sarmento: 49th Venice Biennale — Abstract Laurel MacMillan  
71 lèche-vitrine blanch paris, 2001 Arnaud Maggs  
71 Skyworks: Hans Ulrich Obrist on "En el cielo," an exhibition in the skies over Venice — Abstract Hans Ulrich Obrist  
71 Then and Now: Mexico City's La Panadería — Abstract Jenifer Papararo  
71 Spring Hurlbut: Institute of Contemporary Culture at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto — Abstract Karen Roulstone  
71 Society Page — Abstract Tom Sanders, Stacy Sargent, and Jennifer F. Shlesinger  
71 The Net Effect: Eileen Sommerman's Paris — Abstract Eileen Sommerman  
71 "Metamorphosis and Cloning": Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal — Abstract Cindy Stelmackowich  
71 The Unnoticed Observer: Jochen Volz on Salla Tykkä, Anri Sala and Mike Nelson — Abstract Jochen Volz  
71 Hunting the Sphinx: Rachel Withers on Ron Mueck, Anniks Larsson, Gregor Schneider and Mike Nelson — Abstract Rachel Withers  
70 To c    
70 Art Metropole: Retail Catalogue 23, June 2001: Insert    
70 C Invitational    
70 C Index: Awards, Appointments, Acquisitions and Sales — Abstract    
70 c'n — Abstract    
70 Mathieu Gallois: Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide, Australia — Abstract Maria Bilske  
70 Christine Borland: Lisson Gallery, London — Abstract Xandra Eden  
70 Strip Joint Interventions: My Night with Charmaine — Abstract Cliff Eyland  
70 Unravelling the Grid: "Substitute City" at The Power Plant — Abstract Andy Fabo  
70 Kit Bashing, Street Remakes and Bisexual Architecture: Urbanist Rafael Gomez-Moriana in conversation with sculptor Kim Adams — Abstract Rafael Gomez-Moriana  
70 Artist's Project: Tania Kitchell — Abstract Tania Kitchell  
70 Society Page Aaron Brewer and Natalie Kovacs  
70 Editorial Si Si Penaloza  
70 Nostalgia and Nationalism: Two London Surveys, ICA and Tate — Abstract Lee Rodney  
70 Thomas Demand: 303 Gallery, New York — Abstract James Trainor  
70 Locked On: Jordan Crandall's Heatseaking — Abstract David Womack  
69 What to C: Gursky at MoMa & The World Observed at Morgan Library, NY / Photography Collection at Norton Museum, Palm Beach / Substitute City at Power Plant, Toronto / Millennium Prize, National Gallery, Ottawa — Abstract    
69 What was c'n: Walker at Saint Mary's University Art Gallery, Hfx / Snow at White Box, NY / Give & Take at the Victoria & Albert Museum and Serpentine Gallery, Ldn / Dubbet at Barbara Gladstone, NY — Abstract    
69 Tableau Vivant 1995-2000: John Armstrong's retrospective look at the gallery and its director — Abstract John Armstrong  
69 Peter Doig: Morris and Helen Belkin Gallery, Vancouver — Abstract Christopher Brayshaw  
69 Hermènègilde Chiasson: Beaverbrook Art Gallkery, Fredericton — Abstract Ray Cronin  
69 Sharon Switzer: The Red Head Gallery, Toronto — Abstract Carla Garnet  
69 On Kawara: David Zwirner Gallery, New York — Abstract David Gibson  
69 Terry Richardson: Shine Gallery, London — Abstract David Boyd Haycock  
69 Nothing Personal — Abstract Garry Neil Kennedy  
69 Robin Metcalfe's Bienal de la Habana Notebook — Abstract Robin Metcalfe  
69 Vanitas: Saint Mary's University Art Gallery, Halifax — Abstract Robin Metcalfe  
69 Rodney Graham: Presentation House, Vancouver — Abstract Kathy Slade  
69 Lessons — Abstract Ho Tam  
69 California Trip: Daryl Elaine Wells reports on "Made in California" at the LA Country Museum of Art — Abstract Daryl Wells  
68 C the Visual Arts Foundation: Founding Patrons    
68 What to C: “Space and Silence” at CMCP, Ottawa / “Open Ends” at MoMA, New York — Abstract    
68 What to c & What was c’n: Bridget Riley at Dia, New York / “The Bigger Picture" at AGO, Toronto / TIAF, Toronto / “Being On Time” at Central Tech, Toronto — Abstract    
68 Fair Well: A short guide to upcoming art fairs — Abstract    
68 Thoughts Arising from an Exhibition — Abstract John Armstrong  
68 Lucy Hogg: Anodyne Contemporary Art, Vancouver — Abstract John Armstrong  
68 Poetic Absence: Ray Cronin on the work of Rick Burns — Abstract Ray Cronin  
68 Blair Brennan: Harcourt House Gallery, Edmonton — Abstract Maureen Fenniak  
68 Out There: White Cube, London — Abstract David Boyd Haycock  
68 Escape Fantasies: Survival in the Diefenbunker — Abstract Cathy Busby and Sherri Irvin  
68 Autoportraits — Abstract Aaron Anaïs Kimberly and Robin Metcalfe  
68 Attempts at Grace: Wendy Landry on the video installations of Jan Peacock — Abstract Wendy Landry  
68 Notes from the mental health district Joyce Mason  
68 Barry Allikas: Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto — Abstract Jody Pauline Patterson  
68 Letter from London: November 2000 — Abstract Carol Peaker  
68 Blink — Abstract Judith Schwarz  
68 Damien Hirst: Gagosian Gallery, New York — Abstract Dena Shottenkirk  
68 Allan McCollum: Friedrich Petzal Gallery, New York — Abstract Dena Shottenkirk  
68 Il Killer — Abstract Stephen Waddell  
68 Hip-Hop Nation: Roots, Rhymes and Rage, Brooklyn Museum of Art — Abstract Daryl Wells  
66 What was C’n: White Cube² /”Live in Your Hear” at Whitechapel. Graham at Marion Goodman / Lawler, Simmon, Wilson and Oursler at Metro Pictures.    
66 Rapprochements: John Armstrong on an exhibition of works by Carmelo Arnoldin & Judith Schwarz John Armstrong  
66 Mindful Movements: Rossitza Daskalova contemplates the work of Sylvia Safdie Rossitza Daskalova  
66 Stan Denniston’s Rotterdam Film Festival Notebook Stan Denniston  
66 Conversation Piece: Sylvie Fortin on Nadine Norman’s Paris “Call Girl” Sylvie Fortin  
66 Willie Cole: Miami Art Museum Sherry Gaché  
66 Letter from Toronto: March 2000 Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
66 Now is the time Joyce Mason  
66 Letter from Banff: March 2000 Robin Metcalfe  
66 The New Republics: Edmonton Art Gallery Kerry Mogg  
66 Renée Green: Pat Hearn Gallery, New York Klaus Ottmann  
66 First Person Painting: Reflections on recent New York Painting Dena Shottenkirk  
66 Agitator: Contemporary Art of Propaganda, Glass Curtain Gallery, Columbia College, Chicago Susan Snodgrass  
65 What to c: Garry Neill Kennedy at AGNS / MoMA 2000 / American Century & The Whitney Biennial / Architecture at MCA Chicago    
65 What was C'n: highlights from our editions' notebooks, Peter Zimmerman, NYCb / Kelly Mark, Toronto / Tracey Emin, London / The Experimental Exercise of Freedom, LA    
65 Cliff Eyland's Liverpool Notebook    
65 What to C: Janet Cardiff at Gairloch Gardens, Janet Morton / Peter Bowyer in Toronto Parks / HX 2000 / The Tate Modern    
65 Vacation in Black and White: John Armstrong on the travels of Dianne Bos John Armstrong  
65 Donigan Cumming: Marché Bonsecours, Montreal Sylvain Campeau  
65 Who. Who. Who is Michael Fernandes: Ray Cronin investigates the elusive works of a substantial artist Ray Cronin  
65 Afterword: Letter to the Editor and Contributing Editor's Response Kim Fullerton and Robin Metcalfe  
65 Watch: bona fide, Chicago Esther Grisham  
65 Obituary: Anita Aarons (1912-2000) Ihor Holubizky  
65 C Changes Joyce Mason  
65 Letter from New York: December 1999 Robin Metcalfe  
65 Urban Gothic: Philip Monk on Stan Douglas's Le Détroit Philip Monk  
65 Flywheel: Nunnery Gallery, London Chris Morgan  
65 Jack Nivan: Tableau Vivant, Toronto Debbie O'Rourke  
65 Letter from London: January 2000 Carol Peaker  
64 What to c: a guide to the season's major exhibitions    
64 What was C'n: highlights from our editions' notebooks, SITE Santa Fe / Science Museum / AKI 2    
64 Faki: Open Studio Gallery, Toronto John Armstrong  
64 Leesa Streifler: Latitude 53 Gallery. Edmonton Blair Brennan  
64 The Collaborators: Antonia Contro's and Maurizio Pellegrin's Constructive Engagement John Brunetti and Therese Grisham  
64 A Theatre of Presence: Beaverbrook Art Gallery, Fredericton Ray Cronin  
64 Juan Geuer: Present Intense Gary Michael Dault  
64 Here and Now: Ihor Holubizky looks at Brisbane's millennium-bridging triennial Ihor Holubizky  
64 Letter from Toronto: November, 1999 Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
64 Friend or Faux: Robin Metcalfe looks for superficial meanings in three recent Halifax exhibitions Robin Metcalfe  
64 Navigator: Philip Monk on recent works by Roland Brener Philip Monk  
64 Mimmo Paladino & Brain Eno: The Roundhouse, London Carol Peaker  
64 Suzy Lake: Paul Petro Contemporary Art, Toronto — Abstract Lee Rodney  
64 Letter from New York: October 1999 Dena Shottenkirk  
63 Location, Location, Location: John Armstrong tracks the Robert Birch Gallery's first ten years John Armstrong  
63 View 1: Toronto’s Tom Bjarnason Tom Bjarnason  
63 View 3: Vancouver’s David Chan David Chan  
63 Kathleen Sellars : Gallery Connexion, Fredericton Ray Cronin  
63 Arnaud Maggs: The Power Plant, Toronto Vid Ingelevics  
63 Fresh Heir Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
63 Letter from Toronto: September 1999 Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
63 View 2: Barcelona’s Rosa Martinez Rosa Martinez  
63 A Good Fit Joyce Mason  
63 Venetian Views: Introduction Joyce Mason  
63 Studio Visit: Carol Jackson, Chicago Michael McCaffrey  
63 Charlottetown Calling: September 1999 Robin Metcalfe  
63 Liz Magor: Equinox Gallery, Vancouver Philip Monk  
63 Nestor Kruger: Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto Philip Monk  
63 Terms of Engagement: Reports on Vancouver’s “War Zones” Bob Sherrin  
63 Letter from New York: September 1999 Dena Shottenkirk  
62 What to c: a guide to the season's art events    
62 Letter from Montreal: May 1999 Marie Fraser  
62 Sandra Rechico: Art Gallery of Mississauga, Toronto John Armstrong  
62 Jacques Perron: Galerie Oboro, Montreal Sylvain Campeau  
62 Life Inside Life: On the recent paintings of Douglas Walker Gary Michael Dault  
62 Letter from Calgary: May 1999 David Garneau  
62 Tom Dean at Large A.S.A. Harrison  
62 Letter from Toronto: May 1999 Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
62 C is dead. long live C Joyce Mason  
62 The Cultured Tourist: Carol Ehlers Gallery, Chicago David McCracken  
62 Scapular Gallery Nomad: Lianne McTavish Considers The Artist As Gallery Lianne McTavish  
62 Extremities: Tom Dean Prepares for Venice Robin Metcalfe  
62 Letter from Halifax: May 1999 Robin Metcalfe  
62 A Few of my Favourite Feher's David Morrow  
62 Neurotic Realism: Saatchi Gallery, London Carol Peaker  
62 Letter from London: May 1999 Carol Peaker  
62 Todd Tedeschini: Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver Ingrid Mary Percy  
62 Letter from New York: May 1999 Dena Shottenkirk  
62 Letter from Chicago: May 1999 Susan Snodgrass  
62 Lynn Geesaman: Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York Scott Walden  
61 Letter from Montreal: February 1999 Marie Fraser  
61 Letter from Calgary: February 1999 David Garneau  
61 Letter from Toronto: February 1999 Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
61 Recurring Images: Historical Photography as Contemporary Art Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
61 Letter from Halifax: February 1999 Robin Metcalfe  
61 Gerald Ferguson & Arnaud Maggs: Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery, Halifax Robin Metcalfe  
61 Eldon Garnet: Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Ottawa Douglas Ord  
61 Jackson Pollock: Museum of Modern Art, New York Klaus Ottmann  
61 You're In My Space: Chicago Cultural Center Laurie Palmer  
61 Letter from London: February 1999 Carol Peaker  
61 Scattered Across the Floor: The Sculpture of Colleen Wolstenholme Robin Peck  
61 Mowry Baden: Open Space and Rogue Art Gallery, Victoria Ingrid Mary Percy  
61 Letter from New York: February 1999 Dena Shottenkirk  
61 Letter from Chicago: February 1999 Susan Snodgrass  
61 Gisele Amantea: Oboro, Montreal Will Straw  
61 Manifest Destiny: Five Modest Reactions Julie Voyce  
61 Chris Ofili: Serpentine Gallery, London Daryl Wells  
60 Letter from Montreal: November 1998 Marie Fraser  
60 Barbara Cooper: Fassbender Gallery, Chicago Jeff Abell  
60 Martha Fleming & Lyne Lapointe: Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal Sylvian Campeau  
60 The Rules of the Game: Gerard Collin's Work Ethic Ray Cronin  
60 In Lieu: Gary Michael Dault on Art Installed in Washrooms Gary Michael Dault  
60 The Greenroom of Millie Chen & Warren Quigley Gary Michael Dault  
60 Destination: Alberta Sara Diamond  
60 Home & Away: Gavin Brown's enterprise, New York Lia Gangitano  
60 Letter from Calgary: November 1998 David Garneau  
60 Destination: São Paulo Ihor Holubizky  
60 Letter from Toronto: November 1998 Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
60 Under Construction: Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
60 Destination: Art, introduction by Joyce Mason Joyce Mason  
60 Letter from Halifax: November 1998 Robin Metcalfe  
60 Letter from London: November 1998 Carol Peaker  
60 Lari Pittman: Institute of Contemporary Art London Carol Peaker  
60 Georganne Deen: The Power Plant, Toronto Steve Reinke  
60 Roy Kiyooka: Photographing the Local from the Inside Out Sharla Sava  
60 Letter from New York: November 1998 Dena Shottenkirk  
60 Destination: Montreal Fred McSherry and Cheryl Simon  
60 Letter from Chicago: November 1998 Susan Snodgrass  
59 What to c: a guide to the season's major exhibitions    
59 Picturing the Toronto Art Community: The Queen Street Years: Insert    
59 Letter from Montreal: August 1998 Marie Fraser  
59 Robert Weins: Susan Hobbs Gallery, Toronto John Armstrong  
59 Conceptual Evidence: Ray Cronin on "Manifest" — Abstract Ray Cronin  
59 Shari Hatt : Oboro, Montreal Andrea Fitzpatrick  
59 Toy Box Junkies: Robert Fones on recent works by Mitch Robertson, Marla Hlady, Daniel Olsen & Sally McKay Robert Fones  
59 Letter from Calgary: August 1998 David Garneau  
59 Susie Major: Anna Leonowens Gallery, Halifax Darrin Heaton  
59 Getting Our Hands Dirty: Lisa Gabrielle Mark on Women and Painting Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
59 Letter from Vancouver: August 1998 Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
59 Letter from Toronto: August 1998 Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
59 Smart & Sexy Joyce Mason  
59 Letter from Halifax: August 1998 Robin Metcalfe  
59 "If This Is Art, Then I Really Like It": David Morrow on Tracey Moffat's Heaven — Abstract David Morrow  
59 Letter from London: August 1998 Carol Peaker  
59 Ilya and Emilia Kabakov: The Roundhouse, London Carol Peaker  
59 Huang Yong Ping & Xu Bing: Art Beatus, Vancouver Cate Rimmer  
59 Letter from New York: August 1998 Dena Shottenkirk  
59 Letter from Chicago: August 1998 Susan Snodgrass  
59 1998: New Artists in Chicago, The Terra Museum of American Art, Chicago Deborah Wilk  
59 Practice and Process: Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena / Richmond Arts Center, Richmond, CA Claire Wolf Kranz  
58 What to c: a guide to the season's major exhibitions    
58 Letter from Montreal: May 1998 Marie Fraser  
58 Letting Go: the fall in contemporary art Jan Allen  
58 Matthew Girson et al.: 7562LR. Chicago Michael Bulka  
58 Jaclyn Shoub: Gallery Connexion, Fredericton Ray Cronin  
58 Susan Schantz: Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Lethbridge Leslie Allan Dawn  
58 Bonus: A Generation Next of Vancouver Photographers Sylvie Fortin  
58 Letter from Calgary: May 1998 David Garneau  
58 See-Through Cities Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
58 Letter from Toronto: May 1998 Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
58 Our Generations Joyce Mason  
58 Letter from Halifax: May 1998 Robin Metcalfe  
58 Trash as a Cultural System: Rauschenberg, Warhol, Smith and Shifting Museum Practices Philip Monk  
58 KIT Collective: galerie Séquence, Chicoutimi Shi N'imki  
58 Marc Quinn: South London Gallery, London Carol Peaker  
58 Letter from London: May 1998 Carol Peaker  
58 True if Destroyed (insert) Mitch Robertson  
58 Letter from New York: May 1998 Dena Shottenkirk  
58 Letter from Chicago: May 1998 Susan Snodgrass  
58 Luis Mallo: Ricco/Maresca Gallery, New York City Scott Walden  
58 Afterword: Letters, Errors and Omissions Wayne Baerwaldt and Laurie Walker  
58 John Armstrong: Cold City Gallery, Toronto Liz Wylie  
57 What to c: a guide to the season's major exhibtions    
57 Letter from Montreal: February 1998 Marie Fraser  
57 Stupidity is Kool: John Armstrong on recent work of Sadko Hadzihasanovic John Armstrong  
57 Eliza Griffiths: Mercer Union, Toronto John Armstrong  
57 Light into / out of dark (New Science) Blair Brennan  
57 Revisiting Curatorial Controversy Anne Brydon and Pauline Greenhill  
57 New Photography / Kunié Sugiura: Museum of Modern Art / Leslie Tonkonow Gallery, NYC Maris Cinitus  
57 Letter from Calgary: February 1998 David Garneau  
57 Running Fence Geoffrey James  
57 Machyderm Inc., Niagara Artists Company, St. Catharines Ivan Jurakic  
57 Letter from Toronto: February 1998 Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
57 Old News Joyce Mason  
57 Reconceiving Kelly (Mary Kelly) Lee Parpart  
57 Letter from London: February 1998 Carol Peaker  
57 Objects of Desire: Hayward Gallery, London Carol Peaker  
57 T-Race: Randolph Street Gallery, Chicago Corey Postiglione  
57 Letter from New York: February 1998 Dena Shottenkirk  
57 Raymonde April: Musee d'art de Joliette, Joliette, Quebec Cheryl Simon  
57 Letter from Chicago: February 1998 Susan Snodgrass  
57 Patrick Traer & Janet Werner: Mendel Art Gallery, Saskatoon Betsy Warland  
57 Toshio Shibata: Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago Claire Wolf Kranz  
56 What to c: a guide to the season's major events    
56 Letter from Montreal: November 1997 Marie Fraser  
56 A Rec Room Requiem: In Which John Armstrong Looks Into Andrew Hunter's "Up North A Northern Tragedy" John Armstrong  
56 Jutta Koether: Pat Hearn Gallery, New York William Bartman  
56 Pure Portrait: Recent: Recent paintings of Jean-Marie Delavalle James D. Campbell  
56 Nathalie Caron / Michel Campeau: Galerie Clark / Maison de la culture, Cote-des-Neiges, Montreal Sylvain Campeau  
56 Letter from Calgary: November 1997 David Garneau  
56 Germaine Koh: Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston Petra Halkes  
56 Fredette Frame: Sackville, New Brunswick Gemey Kelly  
56 Configuration: New Art in Vancouver, Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver James-Jason Lee  
56 Performing Art Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
56 Letter from Toronto: November 1997 Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
56 Gone Browsing Joyce Mason  
56 Kwangju Paradise: In Which Joyce Mason Sets Out On A Whirlwind Tour Of World Art In Korea Joyce Mason  
56 Letter from New York: November 1997 Dena Shottenkirk  
56 Letter from Chicago: November 1997 Susan Snodgrass  
55 What to c: a guide to the season's major events    
55 Spirit of Modernity: Ben Walmsley’s recent paintings at Garnet Press John Armstrong  
55 Oliver Girling: Red Head Gallery, Toronto John Armstrong  
55 Brent Irving: Fringe Gallery, Edmonton Blair Brennan  
55 Lucy Pullen & Mitch Wiebe: Saint Mary's University Art Gallery, Halifax Mimi Fautley  
55 Eight Canadian Artists: Metro Hockey Centre, Halifax Moritz Gaede  
55 Western Canada in Brief: Fall 1997 David Garneau  
55 Chicago in Brief: Fall 1997 Esther Grisham  
55 Lau Tin-Yum: Observatoire 4, Montreal Alice Ming-Wai Jim  
55 So this is... Suzy Lake  
55 Imagining Architecture: Mark Gomes, Karl Blossfeldt and Noel Harding Dyan Marie  
55 Toronto in Brief: Fall 1997 Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
55 C is for change Joyce Mason  
55 European Scrapbook Joyce Mason  
55 Atlantic Canada in Brief: Fall 1997 Robin Metcalfe  
55 Sheila Butler: London Regional & Historical Museums, London, Ontario Ben Portis  
55 Vanessa Beecroft, Jennifer Bornstein, Martin Kersels & Gillian Wearing: S.L. Simpson Gallery, Toronto Lee Rodney  
55 Arakawa & Madeline Gins : Guggenheim Museum, New York Dena Shottenkirk  
55 New York in Brief: Fall 1997 Dena Shottenkirk  
55 Music, Light and Other Conundrums Joanne Tod  
55 Karen Lebergott: Jan Cicero Gallery, Chicago James Yood  
53 Quebec in Brief: Spring and Summer 1997 Marie Fraser  
53 Christian Eckart: Art Gallery of North York Jan Allen  
53 A Reasoned Compulsion: Interview with Cliff Eyland Ray Cronin  
53 Western Canada in Brief: Spring and Summer 1997 David Garneau  
53 Annette Messager: Gagosian Gallery, New York David Gibson  
53 Chicago in Brief: Spring and Summer 1997 Esther Grisham  
53 Enter Hamburger Bahnhof Michael Horowitz  
53 A guide to the season's major events Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
53 Ontario in Brief: Spring and Summer 1997 Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
53 Need I say more? Joyce Mason  
53 Accidental encounters with art: an insider survey of art outdoors (and elsewhere) Joyce Mason  
53 A Dialogue of Place and Time: Interview with Christos Dikeakos Judith Mastai  
53 Arthur Handy: eyelevel gallery, Halifax Robin Metcalfe  
53 Atlantic Canada in Brief: Spring and Summer 1997 Robin Metcalfe  
53 David Morrow: Cold City Gallery, Toronto Steve Reinke  
53 New York in Brief: Spring and Summer 1997 Dena Shottenkirk  
53 Kara Walker: Renaissance Society, Chicago Tina Wasserman  
53 Karilee Fuglem: gallery Optica, Montréal Laurel Woodcock  
52 Quebec in bref, exhibitions & events, fall-winter 1996/97 — Abstract Marie Fraser  
52 Reinventing the Mega Show: Europe's first Manifesta — Abstract Jan Allen  
52 Julie Voyce @ Art Gallery of Mississauga — Abstract John Armstrong  
52 Elizabeth Mackenzie, "Radiant Monster" — Abstract Blair Brennan  
52 Eloquent Liar — Abstract James D. Campbell  
52 Lucie Lefebvre at Centre Vu — Abstract Sylvian Campeau  
52 Shaun Gough @ Khyber Center for the Arts, Halifax — Abstract Moritz Gaede  
52 Western Canada in Brief, Fall 1996 and Winter 1997 — Abstract David Garneau  
52 "Drag City" at Ace Art, AKA and New Gallery — Abstract Alison Gillmor  
52 Elizabeth LeMoine, Stride Gallery, Calgary — Abstract Amy Gogarty  
52 events/exhibitions in Chicago — Abstract Esther Grisham  
52 "Hospice: A Photographic Inquiry" — Abstract Stacey Levine  
52 Michelle Teran at Meg Gallery and Roland Poulin at Olga Korper Gallery — Abstract Dyan Marie  
52 Toronto in Brief — Abstract Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
52 The Elevation of BC Art — Abstract Judith Mastai  
52 Atlantic Canada in brief winter 1997 (mostly Moncton) — Abstract Robin Metcalfe  
52 Regan Morris, Symmetry and the Stain — Abstract Robin Metcalfe  
52 New York in brief: Franz West, Nancy Spero, Matthew Marks Gallery, etc. — Abstract Dena Shottenkirk  
52 Jessica Diamond & Yayoi Kusama — Abstract Leslie Tonkonow  
51 Quebec in Brief, summer & fall 1996 — Abstract Marie Fraser  
51 Charles Weisen at Tough Gallery, Chicago — Abstract Thomas Connors  
51 Ashley Bickerton at Sonnabend — Abstract Mia Fineman  
51 Western Canada in brief, summer & fall 1996 — Abstract David Garneau  
51 Distemper: Dissonant Themes in the Art of the 1990s at Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden — Abstract John Gayer  
51 Ginette Legare at the Ottawa Art Gallery — Abstract Petra Halkes  
51 Modern Romance — Abstract Gordon Hatt  
51 Fashioning Care and Other Acts of Memory — Abstract Kyo MacLear  
51 Ontario in brief, summer & fall 1996 — Abstract Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
51 Necessary Selection — Abstract Joyce Mason  
51 Anne Ramsden at Galerie Samuel Lallouz, Montreal — Abstract Rhonda Meier  
51 544, Room 544 Sheraton Halifax Hotel, Halifax — Abstract Robin Metcalfe  
51 Atlantic Canada in brief, fall 1996 — Abstract Robin Metcalfe  
51 Margaret Priest's retrospective at AG of Hamilton and MacDonald Stewart Art Center, Guelph — Abstract Gerta Moray  
51 Jin-me Yoon, "imagining communities", at Artspeak Gallery — Abstract Caterina Pizanias  
51 Bereft, Hallwalls, Buffalo — Abstract Carol Podedworny  
51 New York in brief, summer & fall 1996 — Abstract Dena Shottenkirk  
51 Chicago in Brief, summer & fall 1996 — Abstract Susan Snodgrass  
51 Festival du nouveau cinema (june 96, Montreal) — Abstract Jerry White  
51 1996 Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art, Edmonton Art Gallery & Glenbow Museum, Calgary — Abstract Ryan Whyte  
51 Negotiating Rapture, Museum of Contemporary Art — Abstract Claire Wolf Kranz  
50 Montreal in Brief. Summer 1996 — Abstract Marie Fraser  
50 Peter Legris @ Costin & Klintworth Gallery — Abstract John Armstrong  
50 Anette Larsson @ Red Head Gallery, Toronto — Abstract Julie Arnold  
50 Reva Stone at Dunlop Art Gallery — Abstract Greg Beatty  
50 Stephen Clayton Ellwood at Anna Leonowens Gallery, NSCAD and Nicholas Hooper at The Khyber — Abstract Peter Dykhuis  
50 Amazing Space: Donald Judd's Works in Marfa, Texas — Abstract Robert Fones  
50 Western Canada in Brief. Summer 1996 — Abstract David Garneau  
50 "Plane Speak: Contemporary Abstraction in Illinois" at the Chicago Cultural Center — Abstract Esther Grisham  
50 Do Not Go Gently : Some Thoughts On Art and Illness — Abstract Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
50 Summer Reading 96 — Abstract Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
50 Ontario in Brief — Abstract Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
50 Atlantic Canada in Brief. Summer 1996 — Abstract Robin Metcalfe  
50 Michael Schmidt, U-NI-TY at the Museum of Modern Art — Abstract Klaus Ottmann  
50 Back To The Future: Revisiting Tech nology At The Sydney Biennale — Abstract Dena Shottenkirk  
50 New York in Brief. Summer 1996 — Abstract Dena Shottenkirk  
50 Chicago in Brief. Summer 1996 — Abstract Susan Snodgrass  
50 Stephen Horne @ McGill University McDonald Harrington Building — Abstract Jack Stanley  
50 L'effet cinéma at Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal — Abstract Ger Zielinski  
49 Montreal in Breif — Abstract Marie Fraser  
49 The Tim Jocelyn Collection — Abstract John Armstrong  
49 Jessica Stockholder — Abstract Anastasia Aukeman  
49 Julie Arnold — Abstract Jeff Derksen  
49 Mary Catherine Newcomb — Abstract Martin Dowding  
49 Aganetha Dyck — Abstract Cliff Eyland  
49 Turning the Tables: Recent Work by Gordon Lebredt — Abstract Robert Fones  
49 Julia Fish — Abstract Allison Gamble  
49 Western Canada in Brief — Abstract David Garneau  
49 How Did You Learn to Be So Smart? — Abstract Anna Gronau  
49 Bodies of Theory: Musings on a Symposium — Abstract Petra Halkes  
49 How Did You Learn to Be So Smart? — Abstract Kate Lushington  
49 Ontario in Brief — Abstract Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
49 Conceptual Bogeymen: art and the media in the city by the sea — Abstract Judith Mastai  
49 Passages in Urban Transit — Abstract Gil McElroy  
49 Atlantic Canada in Brief — Abstract Robin Metcalfe  
49 Dia and the Dinosaur — Abstract Robin Peck  
49 New York in Brief — Abstract Dena Shottenkirk  
49 Chicago in Brief — Abstract Susan Snodgrass  
49 Doug Buis — Abstract Eileen Sommerman  
48 Montreal in Brief — Abstract Marie Fraser  
48 Offrenda, Milagro, esperanza, Chiapas — Abstract Lois Andison  
48 On and Aroynd the photo art of Kevin Madill — Abstract Roy Arden  
48 Paul Collins — Abstract John Armstrong  
48 Nell Tenhaaf — Abstract Renée Baert  
48 "Sorrow and Joy" at Neutral Ground, Sept 2 - 16, 1995 — Abstract Greg Beatty  
48 Western Canada in brief — Abstract David Garneau  
48 Toronto/Ontario in Brief — Abstract Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
48 Editorial — Abstract Joyce Mason  
48 East International — Abstract Judith Mastai  
48 Monica Tapp and Jane Mothersell — Abstract Robin Metcalfe  
48 Atlantic Canada in Brief — Abstract Robin Metcalfe  
48 Cathy Daley — Abstract Earl Miller  
48 Which John? Visions of the Apocalypse at the National Gallery — Abstract Douglas Ord  
48 Marcwl Broodthaers — Abstract Klaus Ottmann  
48 Joseph Litzenberger — Abstract Corey Postiglione  
48 An Alienated Embrace — Abstract Gregory Salzman  
48 New York in Brief — Abstract Dena Shottenkirk  
48 Chicago in Brief — Abstract Susan Snodgrass  
48 Flowers — Abstract Thomas Struth  
48 Letter to the Editor — Abstract Norman Zepp  
47 Quebec in Brief — Abstract Marie Fraser  
47 Peter Bowyer — Abstract John Armstrong  
47 Doug Ischar — Abstract Thomas Connors  
47 New Work Supplement — Abstract editorial staff  
47 Western Canada in Brief — Abstract David Garneau  
47 Resider — Abstract Valerie Lamontagne  
47 Venice Journal: Storms and Other Phenomena — Abstract Joyce Mason  
47 Toronto and Ottawa in Brief — Abstract Joyce Mason  
47 Intimate Investigations: Looking at Death and the Family — Abstract Judith Mastai  
47 Atlantic canada in Brief — Abstract Robin Metcalfe  
47 Robert Fones — Abstract Earl Miller  
47 Pamela Wye — Abstract Dominique Nahas  
47 Paul Ruff and david Warne — Abstract Catherine Osborne  
47 Fin de Siecle Hammer — Abstract Carol Podedworny  
47 The Whiteness of the Whale — Abstract Rita Risser  
47 Notion of Conflict — Abstract Dena Shottenkirk  
47 New York in Brief — Abstract Dena Shottenkirk  
47 Chicago in Brief — Abstract Susan Snodgrass  
47 Colville, Alex: process by process — Abstract Robert Tombs  
46 Quebec in Brief — Abstract Marie Fraser  
46 Angela Grauerholz — Abstract Sylvain Campeau  
46 Lorraine Oades — Abstract J.R. Carpenter  
46 Vita Plume — Abstract Ray Cronin  
46 Marlene Creates Records of a Personal Landscape — Abstract Cliff Eyland  
46 Summer Reading 1995 — Abstract Diane Gagné  
46 Western Canada in Brief — Abstract David Garneau  
46 Dialogue: Fear of Symbols Eldon Garnet  
46 Geographies of Desire — Abstract Germaine Koh  
46 Martha Flemming/Lyne Lapointe — Abstract Carol Laing  
46 Ontario in Brief — Abstract Joyce Mason  
46 Arni Haraldsson — Abstract Judith Mastai  
46 Atlantic Canada in Brief — Abstract Robin Metcalfe  
46 The Big Shows: Surveying the Surveys — Abstract Laurie Palmer  
46 Edward Poitras at the XLVI Biennale di Venezia — Abstract Cindy Richmond  
46 Geoff Crosby — Abstract Rita Risser  
46 New York in Brief — Abstract Dena Shottenkirk  
46 Witness — Abstract Cheryl Simon  
46 Chicago in Brief — Abstract Susan Snodgrass  
46 New York in Brief — Abstract Leslie Tonkonow  
45 Montreal in Brief — Abstract Marie Fraser  
45 Denyse Thomasos — Abstract John Armstrong  
45 Taras Polataiko — Abstract Greg Beatty  
45 Baker Lake Revisited — Abstract Sheila Butler  
45 Oscillating Horizons (Laurel Woodcock) — Abstract Anna Carlevaris  
45 The Plural Void — Abstract Ray Cronin  
45 Bob Flanagan and Cathy Busby — Abstract Moyra Davey  
45 Andrea Wollensak — Abstract Peter Dykhuis  
45 Western Canada in Brief — Abstract David Garneau  
45 Consuming Beauty: Laurie Vickerson's Studies of Nature — Abstract Amy Gogarty  
45 Roberto Pellegrinuzzi — Abstract Kathleen Gogin  
45 Nina Levitt — Abstract Carol Laing  
45 Loly Darcel — Abstract Valerie Lamontagne  
45 Disclosure (Lee Bul) — Abstract Min Sook Lee  
45 Toronto/Great Lakes in Brief — Abstract Joyce Mason  
45 Tapies — Abstract Anne McPherson  
45 Atlantic Canada in Brief — Abstract Robin Metcalfe  
45 Sculpture and the Philosophy of Modernism: A Reflection on the Reference to Technology in the Work of Zvi Goldstein — Abstract Bernie Miller  
45 Jane Buyers — Abstract Carol Podedworny  
45 The Finished Work of Art is a Thing of the Past — Abstract Tom Sherman  
45 Laura Millard — Abstract Dena Shottenkirk  
45 The Absence of Photography — Abstract Will Straw  
44 Montreal in Brief — Abstract Marie Fraser  
44 Misrule at the appolo — Abstract John Armstrong  
44 A Full Context for Self: Recent Works by Murray Favro — Abstract James D. Campbell  
44 The Subllime is Now (Again) — Abstract Mark Cheetham  
44 Suzanne Hill — Abstract Ray Cronin  
44 Who's Looking at the Family — Abstract Erin Curtin  
44 Bikini — Abstract Madeleine Lamont  
44 Laurel Katz — Abstract Robert Mahoney  
44 Questioning Banners — Abstract Joyce Mason  
44 Toronto in Brief — Abstract Joyce Mason  
44 Vancouver in Brief — Abstract Joyce Mason  
44 Bernd and Hilla Becher — Abstract Earl Miller  
44 Thomas Corriveau — Abstract Yvan Moreau  
44 A Comprimised Light: Some Thoughts on the Self-portraits of Pierre Dorion — Abstract Andy Patton  
43 Laurie Walker — Abstract John Armstrong  
43 Smashing Icons: Vancouver Feminist Video Art and the Female Body — Abstract Jennifer Blair  
43 The Art of Bordering with America — Abstract Lorenzo Buj  
43 Vigilante of the Visible: The Communicative Praxis of Jochen Gerz — Abstract James D. Campbell  
43 Nadine Norman — Abstract Ray Cronin  
43 New Work 94 — Abstract editorial staff  
43 Crysanne Stathakos — Abstract Karen Emenhiser  
43 The Painting of Jack Darcus — Abstract Mark Harris  
43 Arnaud Maggs — Abstract Peter Hobbs  
43 Dialogue: No Picture: The Seeing and Selling of Barnes — Abstract Christa Jansen  
43 Bill Jones — Abstract Russell Keziere  
43 Candy Noland — Abstract Robert Mahoney  
43 Sheila Butler — Abstract Earl Miller  
43 L'Instinct — Abstract Sonia Pelletier  
43 Three Moets — Abstract Richard Purdy  
43 Can You See What I Hear? — Abstract Will Straw  
42 Lucy Hogg — Abstract John Armstrong  
42 Lucian Freud — Abstract James D. Campbell  
42 Jean-Jules Soucy — Abstract Sylvie Cotton  
42 Edward "Ned" A. Bear — Abstract Ray Cronin  
42 Claire Savoie and Ian Carr-Harris — Abstract Francine Dagenais  
42 Summer Reading 94 — Abstract Diane Gagné  
42 The Gothic Projections of Wyn Geleynse — Abstract David Garneau  
42 David Nell — Abstract Archie Graham  
42 Hannah Hoch — Abstract Mark Harris  
42 Micah Lexier — Abstract Lisa Gabrielle Mark  
42 Abstraction Today? — Abstract Gregory Salzman  
42 Home of the Brave — Abstract Paul Chaat Smith  
42 Gordon Monahan — Abstract Robert Tombs  
41 Action Figures — Abstract Michael Balster  
41 Betty Goodwin — Abstract James D. Campbell  
41 Burning at the Stakes of Representation — Abstract Andy Fabo  
41 Robert Milthorp — Abstract David Garneau  
41 Geoffrey James — Abstract Peter MacCallum  
41 Speeach (Four Books for My Mother 1912-1993) — Abstract John McEwen  
41 De Cezanne a Matisse Chefs-D'Oeuvre de la Fondation Barnes — Abstract Anne McPherson  
41 Ghosts: Sculpture Photographed at Halifax Pier 21 — Abstract Robin Peck  
41 Barbara Claus & Andrew Clement — Abstract Marie Perrault  
41 Vera Frenkel — Abstract Jeanne Randolph  
41 Thierry Kuntzel — Abstract Will Straw  
41 Anish Kapoor — Abstract Corneil Van der Spek  
41 Design Delerium: The Films of Jaques Tati — Abstract Virginia Wright  
40 Power of the Dead — Abstract Isaac Applebaum  
40 Lee Friedlander — Abstract James D. Campbell  
40 Presence — Abstract James D. Campbell  
40 Sylvie Readman — Abstract Sylvain Campeau  
40 Dialogue: The Casino Project and the Art Gallery of Windsor. — Abstract Ray Cronin  
40 Smash Mega Hitz Explosion — Abstract Ann Dean  
40 Cam Christiansen — Abstract David Garneau  
40 Points of History — Abstract Eldon Garnet  
40 Gibt Denken — Abstract Gordon Lebredt  
40 Common Ground — Abstract Dyan Marie  
40 Paradigms and Paradox — Abstract Tanya Mars  
40 A Once and Future C — Abstract Joyce Mason  
40 Kim Adams — Abstract Earl Miller  
40 Michel Daigneault — Abstract Marie Perrault  
40 A Tale of Seven Cities, Two Townships and Two Villages — Abstract Clive Robertson  
40 Cheryl Donagen — Abstract Dena Shottenkirk  
40 Thaddeus Holowina — Abstract Robert Tombs  
39 Sheila Ayearst — Abstract John Armstrong  
39 Patricia M