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09 - Sep. 20 2022
18th Annual C Magazine Contemporary Art Auction

Online Auction
9–20 September 2022

Live Auction
72 Perth Avenue, Toronto
20 September 2022

Preview Catalogue
and Tickets On Sale
15 August 2022

$150 Single Ticket
$500 Group of Four

The first 50 ticket purchasers and donors will receive the Gattuso Edition, Tortoise Egg, by Eunice Luk.

The 18th Annual C Magazine Contemporary Art Auction features over 60 artworks generously donated by artists whose work reflects C Magazine’s mandate to provide a Canadian-led forum devoted to the advancement of contemporary art. Funds raised will directly support the publication of C Magazine and the presentation of related educational programming. C Magazine commissions more than 120 artists, writers and thinkers each year, and presents the work of hundreds more.

This year’s auction includes work by Jen Aitken, Pardiss Amerian, Shuvinai Ashoona, Ghazaleh Avarzamani, Nabil Azab, Khadija Aziz, Steven Beckly, Nour Bishouty, Amanda Boulos, Michelle Bui, Bill Burns, Robin Cameron, Tammi Campbell, Christie Carrière, Jennifer Carvalho, Sean Caulfield, Common Accounts, Adrienne Crossman, Patrick Cruz, Randy Lee Cutler, Jess Dobkin, Elicser Elliott, Laura Findlay, Andrew Harding, Alexa Hawksworth, Tom Hsu, Kelly Jazvac, Aaron Jones, Kablusiak, Russna Kaur, Katie Kotler, Karen Kraven, Christopher Lacroix, Jeremy Laing, Jimmy Limit, Garrett Lockhart, Alvin Luong, Katie Lyle, Jenine Marsh, Pamila Matharu, Abby McGuane, Hazel Meyer, John Monteith, Julie Moon, Bridget Moser, Zinnia Naqvi, Oluseye, Emmanuel Osahor, Roula Partheniou, Karishma Pranjivan, Dana Qaddah, Sona Safaei-Sooreh, Kevin Schmidt, Chrysanne Stathacos, Jessica Thalmann, Althea Thauberger, Jeff Thomas, Mary Tremonte, Hajra Waheed, Amanda White, John Will, and Jin-me Yoon.

The Gattuso Edition
Eunice Luk
Tortoise Egg
Glazed ceramic, printed insert, cardboard box
8 × 5.3 × 5.2 cm
Edition of 60, varied

Tortoise Egg by Eunice Luk is a ceramic sculpture that is formed, painted, and glazed by hand. The solid stoneware edition varies in size and shape. The work is accompanied by a printed insert that reads: “Practice of patience / terrestrial harmony / among all living creatures.”

Tortoise Egg aims to cultivate viewers’ connection with nature and consideration of interspecies relationships. The small form, evoking something that’s yet to be born, encourages care now and for what is to come. Universal as the ancient, mysterious site of birth, the egg has numerous interpretations, stories, and histories from different cultures that Luk has been drawn to for years. It has many references to life and yet cannot escape its inherent fragility. This edition is meant to function as a reminder that all our everyday decisions impact the Earth’s natural environment.

Presented with the generous support of La Fondation Emmanuelle Gattuso for the Gattuso Edition, Castlepoint Numa for 72 Perth Avenue, Cowley Abbott for auctioneer services provided by Perry Tung, Akasha Art Projects, Akau Framing & Art, Akimbo, Griffin Art Delivery, The Kalaman Group, Museumpros Art Services, Smokestack, and Superframe for framing and fine art services, plus Akimbo, and Waddington’s for promotion.

The first fifty donors and ticket purchasers receive the Gattuso Edition. Each ticket includes complimentary food and bar, and a subscription to C Magazine. Charitable tax receipts are issued by C The Visual Arts Foundation (charitable no. 88643 1162) for the portion of an auction art purchase in excess of their estimated market value, and for tickets, less $50 per attendee. Participating artists will also receive a portion of the sales. Full Terms & Conditions at auction.cmagazine.com.