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99 Ways to Start

12-1:30pm MT

Event Details


24 Jun 2021

C Magazine, in partnership with AKA Artist-Run (Saskatoon, SK), The New Gallery (Calgary, AB), and Plug In (Winnipeg, MB), is excited to host an info session for emerging art writers based in the prairies.

In this program, C’s Editor Jac Renée Bruneau will offer an array of questions, prompts, and principles for starting a piece of writing. Additionally, attendees will glean some standard, entry-level insight about publishing, putting together an article pitch, and digesting editorial feedback.

The event title is a riff on Janet Malcolm’s “41 False Starts,” an essay which is comprised entirely of beginnings, culminating into a multitudinous portrait not only of the artist who is her subject, but of her own conception of how the task can be approached. This session begins with the tenet that there is no single way to write about art, and moves through queer methodologies with which to think about imagination, sensation, association, citation, translation, analysis, and creation as they’re embedded in acts of writing. Eliding experimentation for experimentation’s sake, the focus here is to bring participants closer to their individual voice.

If you wish to participate, please write to editor@cmagazine.com to register, including a quick note confirming that you’re an emerging writer based in the prairies. “Emerging” means different things to different people; all that matters is that you’re interested in learning more about how to start publishing your work.

Please submit any accessibility requests to info@cmagazine.com. Note that we will be utilizing Zoom’s live transcription feature.