Sep. 24 - Oct. 26 2015
C Magazine 127 Launch

7 - 9 pmErin Stump Projects
1558 Dupont Street

C Magazine 127 ”Poetry,” guest-edited by Kari Cwynar, Danielle St-Amour and cheyanne turions, focuses its attention on a collection of thinkers looking outside artistic and literary conventions, and beyond the status quo of civic life. Recently, poetry has resurfaced as an engaged and active voice, both to the world at large and within its own borders: rejecting its own supposed avant-garde and writing new histories, creating new spaces.

  • Tanya Lukin Linklater, excerpt from "The Harvest Sturdies," a long poem in the Slow Scrape project.

Taking poetry as a jumping-off point, the work collected in this issue restructures and renegotiates the parameters between word and image, language and meaning. Throughout the issue, the conceit that poetry and visual culture are separate genres is repeatedly undone, revealing new strategies that render visible a politics of world-making.