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May 31 2020
Call for Pitches for GATHER

C147—AUTUMN 2020
Feature and Column Deadline: May 31, 2020

We’ve been told that we cannot gather, and we abide because the cost of disobedience is human, and incalculable. And yet, we gather still, but otherwise, because we must. Zoom meetings, telephone calls, FaceTime, texts, virtual dance parties, online exhibitions, live streams, Instagram performances, email, Google docs—all interim gatherings. Can a magazine and its circulation be a form of gathering too?

What are the sensations at the core of gathering physically? Reading facial expressions, reacting to physical cues, responding to smell, catching significance in another’s eyes? What is lost and what is gained in attempting to transfer these interactions into unbodied space—not a new phenomenon but one that now carries different stakes? How is gathering being reimagined within these contexts and who does this benefit or exclude? In what ways have artists and arts communities cultivated alternative forms of gathering in the past, and why? And how are we devising new ways now? What responsibilities do artists, arts organizations, and culture workers have to each other within these digital gathering spaces? How are Indigenous Protocols and ceremonies, as well as mentorship, intergenerational, and peer learning affected by our inability to physically gather? How might the accelerated evolution of gathering in these spaces in turn impact patterns of gathering IRL? Along with our inability to physically gather right now, we are also precluded from travelling; instead, we are growing roots, grounding in our localities. With that in mind, how are relationships to land connected to ideas of gathering?

Why do we gather?

This issue is a collaborative project by C Magazine, and Guest Editors who have contributed to the planning of a gathering titled Lands to Travel Through (LTTT), alongside other members of the Alberta Association of Artist-Run Centres, which was scheduled to take place in August 2020 but is now postponed until 2021. LTTT was to, and will eventually, take up methods that centre care and remediation, and de-centre colonial worldviews, as a way to renovate our relationships to and understanding of resources—limited, human, natural, financial, speculative, non-renewable, essential, communal, and etymologically: that which rises, again.

Feature and column pitches are due May 31, 2020. We are also accepting review pitches (thematic relevance not required) until June 7, 2020.

Send pitches to editor@cmagazine.com, with a subject line that starts with the word PITCH and goes on to clearly indicate the submission type (essay, interview, One Thing, Composition, for example) as well as your subject and intended word count.

Please see our submission and writer’s guidelines for more information.