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Call for Pitches for OWNERSHIP

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30 Apr 2019

C143—AUTUMN 2019

Collections tell stories. They are indicative of the priorities of their owners—what they see and don’t see, and what they value and don’t value. In the past year, many collecting institutions have begun attempts to change the story of art that their collections tell by reconsidering the space allotted to overrepresented artists in order to make space for those who are still underrepresented. What are the collection’s responsibilities today, especially towards contemporary artists (both living and departed)? Is landing in a collection still the be-all-end-all? How can institutions diversify their collections and what could they do with the skeletons in their closets? How do collections take care of what they own? How do they handle that which does not rightfully belong to them? How is work that defies collecting collected? How are artists and curators challenging ongoing settler-colonial legacies of ownership?