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Hydrocartography: Connectivity of the Waters


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29 Mar 2022


Water plays with our ideas of scale: is a large body of water a single drop? Or the container for trillions? Dovetailing with their feature article in issue 150, Maps (Winter 2021), Cristina Ribas and Paul Schweizer will introduce and then experiment and exchange around a concept and practice they have been calling hydrocartography: a way to map with waters, a methodology informed by the logic of all the planet’s water to think about space, movement, accompaniment, territories, resistance—and forms of co-living with more-than-humans. This workshop challenges normative, terra-centric, (what Ribas and Schweizer call) “arid” cartography by getting it wet, and drawing it into relation with artistic, critical, and other forms of production.

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Cristina T. Ribas works as an artist and researcher, with collective processes in academia and self-organized cartography and improvisation workshops. She is a post-doctoral researcher in Art at Universidad Federal do Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil; part of the project Arquivos Táticos, alongside Giseli Vasconcelos and Tatiana Wells; and organizes the open platform desarquivo.org.

Paul Schweizer is a geographer and popular educator. As part of kollektiv orangotango he co-conducts collective art processes in public space. He co-edited This Is Not an Atlas (2018) and curates the notanatlas.org platform. Currently he co-organizes collective mapping processes in Europe and Latin America in order to facilitate a global dialogue of critical cartographies.