C Magazine


Issue 135

red rose and lidii
by Linnea Dick and Jeneen Frei Njootli

we are covered in a veil of experiences
masked in the tapestry of our hair
woven into the world

we will never be found empty handed
as our fingers wrap around ideas
and our hands carry creation

we stand on past, present and future
it is never still beneath our feet
as they move us forward


we are made of beads of experience
strung by the threads of our hair
woven into the world

we are made of the traditions of our ancestors
stitched deep into the tapestry of skin
reminding us of our strength

we are the vibrant colours of our memories
painted into the skies of our existence
creating our futures

we are the movements of our being
choreographed history
dancing with life

we are made of the music of collective voices
sung by connectedness of the earth
beating within our hearts
we are