Issue 107


Issue Contents

  1. Amish Morrell
    Editorial: Among Animals — Read Text
  1. Jovana Jankovic and Maxine Proctor
    Noteworthy — Abstract
  1. Carla Benzan
    The Lives and Deaths of Carolee’s Cats — Abstract
  2. Jon Davies
    On Year of the Dog — Abstract
  3. Karen Houle
    Infinite, Indifferent Kinship — Abstract
  4. Helena Reckitt
    Touching Animals — Abstract
Artist's Projects
  1. Gentiane Bélanger
    Of Fauna and Manufactured Derivatives: Bill Burns and the Lucrative Didactics of Environmental Stewardship — Abstract
  1. Dan Adler
    Kristan Horton: The Echo Chamber — Abstract
  2. Aileen Burns and Johan Lundh
    Marina Abramović: The artist is Present — Abstract
  3. James D. Campbell
    Marion Wagschal: Private Views and Paintings — Abstract
  4. Zoë Chan
    Christian Boltanski: Personnes — Abstract
  5. Meredith Dault
    David Hoffos: Scenes from a House Dream — Abstract
  6. Sally Frater
    Daryl Vocat: The Secret of the Midnight Shadow — Abstract
  7. Quyen Hoang
    Stephen Kelly: Open Tuning (WaveUp) — Abstract
  8. Jovana Jankovic
    Trash, by Jon Davies — Abstract
  9. Corinna Kirsch
    Justin Thomas Schaefer: Comedy Comedy — Abstract
  10. Leah Modigliani
    Carlos Garaicoa: Overlapping — Abstract
  11. Amish Morrell
    Emergence: Contemporary Photography in Canada, edited by Sarah Parsons — Abstract
  12. Nadja Sayej
    Ryan Trecartin: Any Ever — Abstract
  13. Alex Snukal
    Adrian Blackwell: Model for a Public Space [knot] — Abstract
  14. Leah Turner
    Timberland:2010 Alberta Biennal of Contemporary Art — Abstract