Issue 134


Issue Contents

  1. Kari Cwynar
    Editorial: Land — Read Text
  1. Christine Lemke
    On Writing: Out of Season — Abstract

  2. Inventory: Canada 150: An Exegesis — Abstract
  3. Pamela Edmonds
    Artefact: Landscapes of Forgetting — Read Text
  1. Mary E. Mendoza
    Racialized Landscapes: Marking Territory Across North America
  2. Nicole Kelly Westman
    the cul-de-sacs bulb into dead ends — Read Text
  3. Sadia Shirazi
    Postcommodity Interviewed by Sadia Shirazi — Abstract
  4. Katherine McLeod
    Mare Liberum Interviewed by Katherine McLeod
  5. Weiyi Chang
    Kelly Jazvac Interviewed by Weiyi Chang
  6. Jake Moore
    Florida is Galaxy Grey
Artist Projects
  1. Olivia Whetung
    tibewh, with words by Lisa Myers: Water is Land, Land is Also Water
  1. Rose Bouthillier
    Whitney Biennial 2017 — Abstract
  2. Alex Turgeon
    Jason Dodge and Paul Thek — Abstract
  3. Coman Poon
    all our days are full of breath: a record of momentum — Read Text
  4. Genevieve Flavelle
    Sovereign Acts II: Rebecca Belmore, Lori Blondeau, Dayna Danger, Robert Houle, James Luna, Shelley Niro, Adrian Stimson, Jeff Thomas — Abstract
  5. Su-Ying Lee
    Tercerunquinto: Doble fondo (False Bottom) — Abstract
  6. Mary MacDonald
    New-Found-Lands: Exploring historical and contemporary connections between Newfoundland and the Caribbean diaspora — Abstract
  7. D'Arcy Blake
    Juan Cisneros Neumann: It Was Something and Then It Became Something Else — Abstract
  8. Jon Davies
    Babybel Wax Bodysuit and Condo Heartbreak Disco by Eric Kostiuk Williams — Abstract
  9. Esmé Hogeveen
    RAVE: Rave and Its Influence on Art and Culture Edited by Nav Haq — Abstract