Issue 22


Issue Contents

  1. General Idea
    General Idea: AIDS — Abstract
  1. James D. Campbell
    History Hurts: Barbara Steinman and Installation — Abstract
  2. Gary Michael Dault
    Arnaud Maggs: The Narrative and its Double — Abstract
  3. Robert Kleyn
    Method, Method — Abstract
  4. Donald Kuspit
    Karel Appel's Sculpture — Abstract
  5. Donald Kuspit
    Umberto Boccioni: The Creative Dilemma Of A Mother's Boy — Abstract
  6. Gordon Lebredt
    See The Picture Comes to Read You — Abstract
  7. Robin Peck
    Sculpture On The Orient Express (Further Travels with Brancusi) — Abstract
  8. Cyril Reade
    Restructuring Landscape — Abstract
  9. Charlotte Townsend-Gault
    The Artropolis Syndrome — Abstract
Artist's Projects
  1. Robert Fones
    Project: (A man and his twenty-one year old turtle) — Abstract
  1. Mark Harris
    Streams of Consciousness: New American Animation — Abstract
  2. Ray Hartley
    Some Detached Houses — Abstract
  3. Earl Miller
    Alain Paiement — Abstract
  4. Andrew Payne
    Philip Monk: Struggles with the Image — Abstract
  5. Dot Tuer
    Mary Mary: Anna Gronau — Abstract