Issue 60


Issue Contents

  1. Ray Cronin
    The Rules of the Game: Gerard Collin's Work Ethic
  2. Gary Michael Dault
    In Lieu: Gary Michael Dault on Art Installed in Washrooms
  3. Gary Michael Dault
    The Greenroom of Millie Chen & Warren Quigley
  4. Sara Diamond
    Destination: Alberta
  5. Ihor Holubizky
    Destination: São Paulo
  6. Joyce Mason
    Destination: Art, introduction by Joyce Mason
  7. Sharla Sava
    Roy Kiyooka: Photographing the Local from the Inside Out
  8. Fred McSherry and Cheryl Simon
    Destination: Montreal
  1. Marie Fraser
    Letter from Montreal: November 1998
  2. Jeff Abell
    Barbara Cooper: Fassbender Gallery, Chicago
  3. Sylvian Campeau
    Martha Fleming & Lyne Lapointe: Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal
  4. Lia Gangitano
    Home & Away: Gavin Brown's enterprise, New York
  5. David Garneau
    Letter from Calgary: November 1998
  6. Lisa Gabrielle Mark
    Letter from Toronto: November 1998
  7. Lisa Gabrielle Mark
    Under Construction: Olga Korper Gallery, Toronto
  8. Robin Metcalfe
    Letter from Halifax: November 1998
  9. Carol Peaker
    Letter from London: November 1998
  10. Carol Peaker
    Lari Pittman: Institute of Contemporary Art London
  11. Steve Reinke
    Georganne Deen: The Power Plant, Toronto
  12. Dena Shottenkirk
    Letter from New York: November 1998
  13. Susan Snodgrass
    Letter from Chicago: November 1998