Issue 72


Issue Contents


  1. C Index: Awards, Appointments, Acquisitions and Sales
  2. Pamila Matharu
    Society Page
  3. Dion Kliner, Si Si Penaloza, and Jessica Wyman
    C Shorts: Recent and Current Exhibitions
  1. Martin Arnold
    Pure Happenings: The Work of Gwen MacGregor
  2. Daniel Borins
    New Canadian Folk
  3. Jeff Derkson
    Thing Culture
Artist's Projects
  1. Cooper Battersby, Emily Vey Duke, Jinhan Ko, Kelly Mark, Alex Morrison, and Sandy Plotnikoff
    Hoser: Artists' Portfolio
  2. Rob Davis, Vincent Dermody, Mike Langlois, Rebecca Levine, and Law Office
    Centrefold 9-8-01
  1. Christopher Brayshaw
    Scott McFarland: Monte Clark Gallery, Vancouver
  2. Christopher Brayshaw
    Myfanwy Macleod: Catriona Jeffries and Or Galleries, Vancouver
  3. Eric Glavin
    Jeremy Blake: YYZ, Toronto
  4. Sophie Hackett
    Aernout Mik: The Power Plant, Toronto
  5. Rodney La Tourelle
    Victor Sloan, Susan Philipsz, and Eoghan McTigue: Plug In ICA, Winnipeg
  6. Vincent Tinguely
    Isabelle Hayeur: SKOL, Montreal
  7. Jessica Wyman
    Universal Pictures 3: Blackwood Gallery, University of Toronto at Mississauga
  1. Michael Turner
    Promises Promises: Michael Turner interviews Christina Ritchie
  2. RM Vaughan
    20 Questions with Bradley Phillips