Issue 74


Issue Contents

  1. Chris Kraus
    Torpor, Los Angeles: You do the math
  2. Carl Wilson
    The Invisible Arts: The March of the Child Bridegrooms
  3. Dermot Wilson
    Spaceport Saskatoonia
  1. John Greyson
    The Singing Dunes: Colin Campbell, 1943-2001
  2. Stephen Zepke
    Love, love will tear us apart, again...
Artist's Projects
  1. Raphaële Bidault-Waddington
    Aesthetic Intelligence Yield
  2. Barbara Bloom, Chris Burden, Julian Opie, Renée Petropoulos, David Reed, and Jessica Stockholder
    Places to dream from...
  3. Jennifer Murphy and Chris Rogers
    Triple Self-Portrait
  4. Wim Delvoye, Mario Scattoloni, and Ellen Gould Ventura
    Inside Images: A C project
  1. Dave Dyment
    Maura Doyle's Art Services
  1. Hans Ulrich Obrist
    The Secret Files of Gilbert & George