Issue 76


Issue Contents


  1. Ephemera: Collected mail
  2. Chris Kraus
    Torpor, Los Angeles: Whole
  3. Carl Wilson
    The Invisible Arts: The Good Destruction
  1. Jane Air
    That Cunt Has Balls: The Last of the Four-Letter Words
  2. Anna Carlevaris
    Prosthetic Devices For a Global Walker: Recent Works by Kinga Araya
  3. A.S.A Harrison
    For Real: Telling the Truth in Art & Writing
  4. Jenifer Papararo
    ABCDF LA LA: A book that offers an Artist's-Eye View of Mexico City
  5. Johanne Sloane
    On The Waterfront: Roni Horn's River Works
  6. Jacob Wren
    Eight Points Concerning Why Things Are The Way They Are
  7. Cindy Lut├Ęce (Scott Hayes) and Stephen Zepke
    Taking A Peek At Cindy: The Philosopher and the Drag-Queen
Artist's Projects
  1. Karen Azoulay, Joel Gibb, and Guntar Kravis
    Tops'N'Bottoms: A Project by Karen Azoulay and Joel Gibb
  2. Karma Clarke-Davis
    Sputum: A diptych by Karma Clarke-Davis
  1. Bruce LaBruce
    Whose Heinie Is It Anyway? Bruce LaBruce Interview Gavin McInnes