Program Overview

C Magazine’s mandate is to advance education in contemporary visual art and culture by providing readers with access to important issues and ideas. Our readers are primarily university-educated art professionals, educators and students in visual arts and culture. For many of them, C Magazine has played an important role in their studies and in the development of their careers. C strives to offer programs that enhance our readers’ learning experiences and provide opportunities for development to writers and artists.

C New Critics Award

The C New Critics Award is designed to help develop and promote the work of emerging art critics. Now in its seventh consecutive year, this program gives C Magazine the opportunity to identify and support promising new writers, who often become regular contributors.

Program Information

C Writer in Residence

The Writer in Residence program gives writers engaged in art criticism the opportunity to become closely involved with C Magazine on an in-depth level, as well as a place to grow and develop their writing practice. During their term at C the Writer in Residence proposes and develops an original piece of writing to be published in a forthcoming issue of the magazine or on the website. This new work may be inspired by research undertaken in C’s archives, or by engaging with its day-to-day activities.

Program Information

C School

C School is aimed at extending C Magazine's mandate to advance education in contemporary visual art and culture. C School offers a sponsored educational copies and subscription program where educators can order C Magazine for use in the classroom free of charge. C School also offers study guides and critical writing workshops in a variety of educational settings, taking C Magazine into the classroom and beyond.

Program Information

C Public Programs

Since 2009 C Magazine has presented a wide variety of educational programs, including artist talks, lectures, panels and events that extend the themes and ideas explored in the magazine.