Issue 145
  1. Joana Joachim
    Curating, Criticism and Care, or, “Showing Up” as Praxis — Read Text
  2. Esmé Hogeveen and Emma Sharpe
    Tell Us What You Really Think: A Survey on the Landscape of Canadian Art Criticism — Read Text
  3. David Garneau
    Writing About Indigenous Art with Critical Care — Read Text
  4. Casey Beal
    The Limits of Empathy: Criticism and Editing Across Borders — Read Text
  5. Serena Lukas Bhandar, Kemi Craig, Lindsay Katsitsakatste Delaronde, Kim Dhillon, and Tarah Hogue
    What Else Might Be Possible? Towards a Decolonial Criticism — Read Text
  6. Michael Turner
    Pastoral Fail: Reflections on an Art World Call-Out — Read Text
  7. Hamish Hardie
    Truth to Material: Krista Belle Stewart — Read Text
  8. Alex Quicho
    On Venus: Patrick Staff — Read Text
  9. Valérie Frappier
    The Shoreline Dilemma — Read Text
  10. Michael Pace
    Civilization #1 — Read Text
  11. John Nyman
    La douche écossaise: Katie Bethune-Leamen — Read Text

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