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Current IssueWinter 2023

Issue 153


Chinatowns are complex sites that embody shared histories of survival spanning generations, amidst ongoing struggles with displacement and anti-Asian racism. Guest edited by Steph Wong Ken, this issue gathers artistic explorations of Chinatowns across Canada to reinterpret and reimagine their pasts, presents, and futures. From architectural shifts and hidden stories within their visual representation, to building community bonds through a garden, queer diasporic library, and pact against gentrification, Chinatown is revealed as a home for multitudes.

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Rather than mere celebration and aesthetic validation, anti-extractivism offers a framework for deeper engagement between artists, curators, critics, and those curious about the work, the artistic process, the community, and the systems of knowledge held therein.
Anil Narine, in Tilling: Permanence for Black Diasporic Art in Canada
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