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Current IssueSpring 2024

Issue 157


Kink gives us an opportunity to question the limits of convention as they meet with hierarchical systems. Taking kink as a shapeshifter—a conscious negotiation of desire and relations based on principles like consent—this issue embraces queerness, disobedience, disruption, and complex embodiment. Through artistic explorations of BDSM, impact play, subspace, fan fiction, eroticized debt, Indigenous-settler relations, and more, contributors dive into the fleshy and political consequences of desire as sites to reinvent our bonds to one another.

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I see these performances that pervade social media as flattened tropes and examples of erasure. It’s a kind of body-snatching that renders Blackness a costume, something that can be put on or taken off at will depending on what the wearer has to gain from the mask at any given moment. For Black people that brings questions and definitions around authenticity to the fore.
Erica N. Cardwell, in Sinister Pleasure: Interview with Ja'Tovia Gary