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Current IssueWinter 2024

Issue 156


This issue embraces the expansive nature of craft—focusing on the relationships among artists and their materials in conversation with lineage, embodied processes, function, survival, and life as it is lived. Many contributors elaborate on craft as perpetual motion: continually reformed bonds in the act of making that serve as proof of self-definition. Artists and writers explore the psychedelia of time devoted to a loom, material kinship, tea encounter, sentimentality as a curatorial drive, and more, following craft as it moves through families, diasporic realities, and markets of trade, tourism, and commercial art.

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As an archivist, your role is part wayfinder and part witch; you have to know enough about every collection to be able to point a researcher in the right direction... In other words, you become the biggest gossip.
Emily Guerrero, in Gossipy Scraps, Gossip(ing) Archives