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Call for Letters: Craft

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25 Feb 2024

You’re invited to submit a letter in response to C Magazine Issue 156 CRAFT by February 25.

Selected letters will be published in C157 KINK (Spring 2024).

The Letters column features a selection of 100-400 word letters to our editors, contributors and readers, and is printed at the front of every issue. A $100 honorarium is paid to each writer whose letter is selected for print. Published letters may be edited lightly for length and clarity.

Letters should engage the previous issue—its theme, articles, images—and related ideas beyond the magazine’s pages. They may be informal, informative, creative, inquisitive, speculative, critical, or any other number of things imaginable in the epistolary form. The column is intended to create space for dialogue on and around contemporary art and to continue conversations between issues, themes, and writers.

Read the Call for Pitches for this issue.

Send letters to pitch@cmagazine.com with LETTERS in the subject line.