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Anna Khachiyan: Art in the Cloud, Art Toronto

2:30 PM

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26 Oct 2018


ArtToronto 2018

Khachiyan will examine our infatuation with digital platforms and information technologies, asking what part, if any, can art have in posing a political challenge to Platform Capitalism?

Art in the Cloud functions as a companion talk to Anna Khachiyan’s essay “Art Won’t Save Us” (Open Space, 2018) in which she critiqued ineffectual attempts at “resistance” coming out of the art world and argued that we have more to fear from the uncontested cultural and economic hegemony of tech firms than from any political administration, however reactionary it may be.

Khachiyan is a New York-based writer and co-host of Red Scare, a cultural commentary podcast with a focus on women’s issues and neoliberal critique. Listen here: redscarepodcast.libsyn.com.

Art Toronto is Canada’s international fair for modern and contemporary art. PLATFORM is Art Toronto’s original series of lectures and panel discussions from prominent art world figures. Included within PLATFORM are POWER TALKS, a series of lectures organized in partnership with the Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery.

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