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C130 Launch + Toronto Art Book Fair

Annie MacDonell, video still from "Holding Still // Holding Together," 2016, multi-channel video installation., 2016.

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16 Jun 2016 - 19 Jun 2016


Artscape Youngplace, 180 Shaw St Toronto M6J 2W5

C Magazine is launching issue 130 “Performance” at the inaugural Toronto Art Book Fair (TOABF) is a free public event taking place June 16th – June 19th 2016 at Artscape Youngplace featuring curated exhibitions, 75 Canadian and international vendors, and community programming that includes a speaker series, readings, talks, launches and workshops. In its inaugural year TOABF will highlight over 150 national and international artists, publishers, designers, curators, bookmakers, writers, and performers.

C Magazine 130 “Performance”

Akerman—Ken Jacobs—Mike Kelley—Sylvia Plath—Robert Ashley—MONOMYTHS—Annie MacDonell—Cara Benedetto—Walter Scott—Francisco-Fernando Granados—Brian Jungen—Hito Steyerl—Ron Tran—Shane Krepakevich—Rodrigo Hernández

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