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1 Apr 2022

C152—Summer 2022

Accepted until: April 1, 2022

Everything is vulnerable to extraction: water, woods, metals, oils, emotions, labour, data, land, ideas, bodies, time. As we know, extraction is systemic—the political-ontological basis for the
circulation of resources under neoliberal capitalism—and agents of such appropriation scarcely do enough to respect, heal, and replenish their sources. This issue explores artistic practices and adjacent bodies of knowledge that closely engage an array of extractive practices, interrogating their manifold consequences and attempting to demarcate non-extractive modalities. How are artists raising consciousness? Intervening? What are the possibilities for
repair work when repair requires resources that exceed those allocated to inflict the damage? For future-building? How does the art world’s rapid pace, expectation of novelty, and thirst for emotional displays depend on the exploitation of individuals? How does resistance play out? What is ethical funding, and how could the arts (especially that of a country whose wealth relies so predominantly on profits gleaned from non-renewable resources) operate without “dirty” money? How are artists forging generative practices from research, and the complex affective constellation of guilt, responsibility, and hope?

Thematic feature, artist project, and column pitches accepted until April 1, 2022. We suggest pitching early to avoid disappointment. Review pitches, which are not required to be thematic, are accepted on a rolling basis.

Send pitches to pitch@cmagazine.com, with a subject line that starts with the word PITCH and goes on to indicate the submission type (review, essay, interview, One Thing, for example). Please include ~150 words about your subject and how you’ll approach it, including hyperlinks wherever relevant. An estimated word count is appreciated. If you have not written for us recently, include a link to your website—or a copy of your CV—and one or two writing samples (ideally ones written in a style similar to your pitched piece). Submitted work must be original; we do not publish reprints nor adaptations of any kind.

Thank you for understanding that we are unable to reply to unsuccessful pitches.

Please see our submission and writer’s guidelines for more information.

Note: we do not accept pitches from platforms regarding their own programming.