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Call for Pitches for GRIEF

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1 Dec 2021

C151—Spring 2022

Accepted until: December 1, 2021

Loss comes whenever, and often. Between the almost 5 million people claimed by COVID, the unrelenting destruction of the planet, and the sense that the powerful may not effectively intervene—along with all the more common losses—many of us are living in grief. We don’t even need to have experienced it personally; collective grief, like individual grief, can be sharp, or a low-lying hum, a frequency that disturbs without detection. It’s a condition stranger than stereotypes, too, stirring social anxiety, distrust, fear, anger, aggression, extremism. This inexorable phenomenon that many try to truncate in order to get on with their lives calls not only for pain management but self-work, negotiation, and culturally-specific practices. How do we honour the ache, the wound, the memory, the waning trace, the joyous echo? What if we leaned into what’s lost as earnestly as we lean into gains? How can we work attentively with this condition while steeped in it, dulled by it? How does it help us see? This issue explores artistic practices and adjacent bodies of knowledge that face, embrace, and expand matters of loss, grief (an affect, an emotion) and mourning (an action, a ritual).

Thematic feature and column pitches are accepted until December 1, 2021. We suggest pitching early to avoid disappointment.

Review pitches, which are not required to be thematic, are accepted on a rolling basis.

Send pitches to pitch@cmagazine.com, with a subject line that starts with the word PITCH and goes on to clearly indicate the submission type (essay, interview, One Thing, Composition, for example) as well as your subject and intended word count.

Please see our submission and writer’s guidelines for more information.

Note: we do not accept pitches from platforms regarding their own programming.