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No Man’s Land: Razan Al-Salah and Dana Qaddah in Dialogue


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11 Feb 2022

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Partners in Art and C Magazine are excited to present a dialogue between artist Razan Al-Salah and guest curator Dana Qaddah, exploring the former’s Artist Project in C’s most recent issue, 150 “Maps.”

How are people, places, and their narratives marked and erased through online mapping platforms? What politics and actions toward land reclamation are possible in the digital commons? In this conversation, Al-Salah and Qaddah discuss the thought and process behind “No Man’s Land,” which centres on so-called Canada Park, a swath of leisure land that was formerly the site of four Palestinian villages: Latrun, Imwas, Yalo, and Bayt Nouba.

They’ll explore the issues around the Jewish National Fund—a state-sanctioned organization propagating environmental narratives as a means to annex land, erase Palestinian
geographical history, and expand Zionist settlement while refusing Arab tenancy—and the significance of presenting the work to a primarily Canadian audience. The exchange will serve
as a backdrop to current land grabs being made by the Israeli government in Al Naqab and Sheikh Jarrah, which are seeing a strikingly similar plight to some 400 other Palestinian villages
in history.

Read Qaddah’s text here.

This is the last of three consecutive Artist Projects that PIA has generously supported—in issues 148, 149, and 150. The Artist Project provides an expanded opportunity for artists to explore, experiment, and grow within the specific parameters of the magazine format. Each of the three iterations is curated by a different emerging curator who commissions new work, writes the accompanying text, and hosts a public program with the artist. Working with guest curators on the Artist Project grants novel opportunities for curators to begin new working relationships, receive editorial support, gain insight into magazine production, and expand their thinking about the possibilities of print. Spanning the first six and last two pages—effectively bookending each issue—all the projects engage with the issues’ respective themes and encourage each artist to harness the generative tensions inherent in the uniquely public/private nature of the magazine as an object. C Magazine’s Artist Project has long sustained this dedicated space to connect participating artists to readers across Canada and throughout the world, striving to challenge the reader’s expectations of how artworks can come to life on the page as entities unto themselves. If you’re interested in guest curating a future Artist Project, sign up for our newsletter to receive information on forthcoming Calls for Proposal.

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Razan Al-Salah is an interdisciplinary artist currently investigating the material aesthetics of dis/appearance of places and people in colonial image worlds, breaking these thresholds of view into elsewhere here, where colonialism no longer makes sense. Her work has been experienced in community-based and international galleries and film festivals. She teaches at Concordia University in Tiohti.:ke/Montreal.

Dana Qaddah (b. Beirut, Lebanon) is an interdisciplinary artist and independent curator currently based on unceded Musqueam, Tsleil-Waututh, and Squamish territory. Qaddah’s practice uses archives of personal and itinerant cultural knowledge to traverse themes of Arab futurism and storytelling, while reflecting on the condition of being abstracted from the destruction of one’s own sense of self and place.