C Magazine


Issue 100


Issue Contents

  1. Sholem Krishtalka
    Letter to the Editor — Abstract
  1. Rosemary Heather
    Art Pedagogy — Read Text
  1. Lydia Perović
    No Typical Donor — Abstract
  2. Nicholas Brown
    Enthusiasm at the Limit — Abstract
  3. Catherine McTavish
    To Be Seen and Not Just Heard About: On a Painting by Rae Johnson — Abstract
  4. Michael Birchall
    On Kristina Lee Podesva's Colourschool — Abstract
  5. Gregory Elgstrand
    Exhibitionism — Abstract
  6. Gabrielle Moser
    Do Curators Need University Curatorial Programs? — Abstract
  7. Earl Miller
    The State of Art Criticism and Critical Theory — Abstract
  1. Leah Modigliani
    Convergence Center (Part of Democracy in America: The National Campaign) — Abstract
  2. Jesse McKee
    It's Time Man. It Feels Imminent — Abstract
  3. Carolyn Tripp
    Katie Bethune-Leamen: Mushroom Studio — Abstract
  4. Rachelle Sawatsky
    Corin Sworn: Back in 5: Accessing the Back Story — Abstract
  5. Earl Miller
    Life on Mars — Abstract
  6. Leah Turner
    Jesse Jones: The Spectre and the Sphere — Abstract
  7. Jean-Michel Ross
    Erwin Wurm: Désespéré/Desperate — Abstract