C Magazine


Issue 106


Issue Contents

  1. Amish Morrell
    Editorial: Transcendence — Read Text
  1. Leah Modigliani
    Behind the Curtain: Leah Modigliani Interviews the Center for Tactical Magic — Abstract
  2. Jennifer Fisher
    Psychometry and the Affective Artifact — Abstract
  3. Lynn Crosbie
    Get on Up! Michael Jackson is Alive and, Well -- (Preface to a Twenty Volume Love Note) — Abstract
  4. Louis Kaplan
    “The Secret Circle of God’s Supernatural Blessing:” Nate Larson’s Photographic Miracles and the Question of Belief — Abstract
  1. David Lillington
    The Uncanny as Real: David Lillington Interviews Paulette Phillips — Abstract
Artist Project
  1. Elijah Burgher
    Scott Treleaven: Are You a Zombie or a Witch? — Abstract
  2. Scott Treleaven
    Scott Treleaven — Abstract
  1. editorial staff
    Noteworthy — Abstract
  1. Jesse Birch and Jesse Gray
    Cultural Programming in Vancouver During the 2010 Winter Olympics — Abstract
  2. Joni Low
    Learning from Vancouver, Western Front — Abstract
  3. Christopher Olson
    World Tea Party, Centre A — Abstract
  4. Christopher Olson
    Brawl, Norma (Vanessa Kwan, Diana Lopez-Soto, Josh Neelands, Christy Nyiri, Pietro Sammarco, Erica Stocking, and Kara Uzelman), Andy Livingstone Field Presented by Artspeak as Part of the Bright Lights Festival — Abstract
  5. Christopher Olson
    Heidi Nagtegaal: Redirecting Traffic (Hastings Between Heatley and Hawkes) — Abstract
  6. Liz Parks
    Theo Sims: The Candahar, Presentation House Gallery — Abstract
  7. Aaron Peck
    To Show, to Give, to Make It Be There: Expanded Literary Practices in Vancouver: 1954-1969, Simon Fraser University Gallery, and Geoffrey Farmer: Every Letter of the Alphabet, 1875 Powell Street at Victoria Drive — Abstract
  8. Rachelle Sawatsky
    Here You Are, Part One, and Christian Kliegel: Walk In — Abstract
  9. Bruce LaBruce
    Will Munro: Inside the Solar Temple of the Cosmic Leather Daddy — Abstract
  10. Luis Jacob
    Textiles: Art and the Social Fabric — Abstract
  11. Sarah Aranha
    Funkaesthetics — Abstract
  12. Holand Gidney
    Cedric and Nathan Bomford, Bamberton: Contested Landscape — Abstract
  13. Colleen O'Neill
    Barbara Lounder — Abstract
  14. Daniel Fuller
    Paying a Visit to Mary — Abstract
  15. Miles Keylock
    Julia Rosa Clark: Paradise Apparatus — Abstract
  16. Sally Frater
    Liam Gillick: Three Perspectives and a Short Scenario — Abstract
  17. Amy Fung
    Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller: The Murder of Crows — Abstract
  18. Laura Robynn Kane
    Drowning Ophelia — Abstract
  19. Adi Baker
    Photography Haunted by Spirit Photography, by Bernard Lamarche and Pierre Rannou — Abstract
  20. Laura Robynn Kane
    The Aesthetic Unconscious, by Jacques Rancière — Abstract