C Magazine


Issue 108


Issue Contents

  1. Amish Morrell
    Editorial: In The Money — Read Text
  1. Richard Ibghy and Marilou Lemmens
    Economies of Faith — Abstract
  2. Marina Roy
    Holy Shit — Abstract
  3. Adam Lauder
    Documents of Self-Administration: A Conversation with Vincent Bonin — Abstract
  1. David Lillington
    New Ways to Go Forward You Never Dreamed Existed: David Lillington Interviews Spartacus Chetwynd — Abstract
  2. Natasha Bissonauth
    Both Teams Cannot Win: Natasha Bissonauth Interviews Divya Mehra — Abstract
Artist Project
  1. Abbas Akhavan
    Centrefold: what is above is as that which is below… — Abstract
  1. Rachel Anne Farquharson
    Noteworthy — Abstract
  1. Heather Diack
    Annie MacDonell: Beside the Midnight Lake — Abstract
  2. Saelan Twerdy
    Projections: Music Video — Abstract
  3. Rebecca Weisman
    Guy Ben-Ner: Thursday the 12th — Abstract
  4. Kenneth Hayes
    The ABS Group: The ABS Art Practice Imagined as a Class Struggle in College Art Education — Abstract
  5. Vanessa Nicholas
    Rivane Neuenschwander: A Day Like Any Other — Abstract
  6. Shannon Anderson
    Anselm Kiefer: Palmsonntag — Abstract
  7. Jill Glessing
    Fernando Sánchez Castillo: National Episodes and Oscar Mua∓#241;oz: Becoming Air — Abstract
  8. Michael Birchall
    6th Berlin Biennale: What is Waiting Out There — Abstract
  9. Evan Webber
    Jon McCurley: Fashion Blog-Clothes for president — Abstract
  10. Marco Avolio
    Art and Cold Cash, Edited by Ruby Arngna'naaq, Jack Butler, Sheila Butler, Patrick Mahon and William Noah. — Abstract
  11. Maxine Proctor
    Green Light: Towards an Art of Evolution, by George Gesset — Abstract
  12. Aaron Peck
    The Power of Judgment: A Debate on Aesthetic Critique, Edited by Daniel Birnbaum and Isabelle Graw — Abstract