C Magazine


Issue 111


Issue Contents

  1. Amish Morrell
    Editorial: Libraries — Read Text
  1. David Senior
    The Whole Earth Library — Abstract
  2. Randy Lee Cutler
    A Practice in Reading — Abstract
  3. Pandora Syperek
    La Biennale Di Venezia 54th International Art Exhibition — Abstract
  4. Adam Lauder
    Performing the Library — Abstract
  5. Jen Hutton
    Soft Protocols: Dexter Sinister's Book and Library-making — Abstract
Artist Project
  1. Ester Bartels, Marieke Houwers, Annette Krauss, Laura Pardo, Marina Stavrou, Maiko Tanaka, Hilde Tuinstra, and Leonardo Vargas
    Read-in Manual by Read-in — Abstract
  2. Read-in (Ester Bartels, Marieke Houwers, and Annette
    Read-in Manual
  1. Leila Timmins
    Noteworthy — Abstract
  1. Kari Cwynar
    Models for Taking Part — Abstract
  2. Erin Silver
    The Domestic Queens Project — Abstract
  3. Kenneth Hayes
    Rabih Mroué: The Inhabitants of Images — Abstract
  4. Jovana Jankovic
    Wim Botha: All Around — Abstract
  5. Reena Katz
    Gina Badger: Mongrels — Abstract
  6. Zoë Chan
    Song Dong: Waste Not — Abstract
  7. Stephanie Vegh
    The Birds and the Bees — Abstract
  8. Matthew Ryan Smith
    Adel Abdessemed: The Future of Décor — Abstract
  9. Annie MacDonell
    Chris Curreri: Something Something — Abstract
  10. Jenifer Papararo
    Frances Stark: I've Had it and a Half — Abstract
  11. Pandora Syperek
    Shary Boyle: Flesh and Blood, with essays by Louise Déry, James Bewley, and Michelle Jacques — Abstract
  12. Harry J. Weil
    Cloning Terror: The War of Images, 9/11 to the Present — Abstract
  13. Thilo Folkerts and Rodney La Tourelle
    Jardin de la Connaissance — Abstract