C Magazine


Issue 114


Issue Contents

  1. Amish Morrell
    Editorial: Men — Read Text
  1. Ken Moffatt
    Shame and Men: A Queer Perspective on Masculinity — Abstract
  2. Kerry Manders
    Everything But the Boy: Chris Ironside's Mr. Long Weekend — Abstract
  3. Dan Adler
    Ian Wallace's Monochrome Series — Abstract
  1. Ann Marie Pe
    A Terrible Beauty: Politics, Sex and the Decline of Empires — Abstract
  2. Shawn Syms
    Gender Diasporist: Shawn Syms interviews Tobaron Waxman — Abstract
Artist Project
  1. Logan MacDonald
    Lezbros for Lesbos — Abstract
  1. Gloria Hickey
    Michael Flaherty: Rangifer Sapiens — Abstract
  2. Jane Affleck
    Material World — Abstract
  3. Amy Gaizauskas
    Seripop: Landscapes Events Reproducted — Abstract
  4. Jeffrey Swartz
    My Winnipeg — Abstract
  5. Corrine Fitzpatrick
    A.K. Burns: Pregnant Patron Penny Pot — Abstract
  6. Natasha Ginwala
    Christoph Schlingensief: Fear at the Core of Things — Abstract
  7. Sky Goodden
    Attila Richard Lukacs from the Collection of Salah J. Bachir — Abstract
  8. Rose Bouthillier
    Althea Thauberger — Abstract
  9. Jacqueline Bell
    Andrea Zittel: Lay of My Land — Abstract
  10. Emmy Skensved
    Declining Democracy — Abstract
  11. Kirsty Robertson
    A Refusal of Images — Abstract
  12. Milena Tomic
    Radical Prototypes: Allan Kaprow and the Invention of Happenings, by Judith F. Rodenbeck — Abstract
  13. Ellyn Walker
    Contemporary Art in North America, edited by Michael Wilson — Abstract
  14. Leila Timmins
    Martha Wilson Sourcebook: 40 Years of Reconsidering Performance, Feminism, Alternative Spaces, by Independent Curators International — Abstract
  15. Benjamin Bruneau
    Noteworthy — Abstract