C Magazine


Issue 132


Issue Contents

  1. taisha paggett and Erin Silver
    Editorial: Force — Read Text
  1. Amy Kazymerchyk
    Borrowed Lady Martine Syms in Conversation with Amy Kazymerchyk — Read Text
  2. Anna Martine Whitehead
    Rocking the Running Spirit: Meditations on Sisterhood and Occupations — Abstract
  3. Esmé Hogeveen
    Feminisms of the Future, Now: Rethinking Technofeminism and the Manifesto Form — Read Text
  4. Treva C. Ellison
    Flex, Conjure, Crack. Flexibility and the Uncertainty of Blackness — Abstract
  5. Olivia Boudreau, Barbara Clausen, Corinn Gerber, Simone Forti, Tanya Lukin Linklater, taisha paggett, Erin Silver, and Robin Simpson
    Joan Jonas/ Affinities — Abstract
Artist Project
  1. laub and Jennifer Moon
    At the Edge of Space and Time: Expanding Beyond Our 4% Universe — Abstract
  1. Syrus Marcus Ware
    On Writing: 2025: Light Black Years From Now — Read Text
  2. Wanda Nanibush
    Close Readings: Anishinaabe-kwe and/or Indigenous feminist? — Abstract
  3. Aisha Sasha John
    Inventory: Ready Fire Aim — Abstract
  4. Merray Gerges
    Artefact: Virgo Woman Matches Tinder Men Only to Criticize their Profiles — Abstract
  1. Yaniya Lee
    Lizzie Borden: Born in Flames (1983) — Abstract
  2. Kendra Place
    Jaime Black: Conversations with the Land — Abstract
  3. Jessica Karuhanga
    Simone Leigh: The Waiting Room — Abstract
  4. Genevieve Flavelle
    Cait McKinney and Hazel Meyer: Tape Condition: degraded — Abstract
  5. Nancy Webb
    Raque Ford, Tiziana La Melia, Maryse Larivière, Athena Papadopoulos, Megan Rooney: A Pool is Water — Abstract
  6. Carolyn Jervis
    Ruth Cuthand: Don't Breathe, Don't Drink — Abstract
  7. D.J. Fraser
    Desearch Repartment Institute for Durational Futures: Brought to you by ESSENTIALHAPPINESSPOSSIBILITY — Abstract
  8. Shellie Zhang
    Model Minority — Abstract