C Magazine


Issue 138

On Writing: A Bongard Problem
by Beth Stuart

This text adopts the form of a Bongard problem, which is a kind of puzzle with two sides. In Bongard problems, the viewer is meant to decipher the singular difference between two sets of geometric forms. They have been used as a way to illustrate meta-rational functioning, or the ability, cognitively, to move between systems and apprehend complex intersectional patterns instead of lapsing into either fundamentalism or nihilism. They have also been used as a primary training device in AI. My interest in Bongard problems emerged from my ongoing relationship to ideas of secular spirituality, meditation, Marxist-feminist discourse, non-hierarchical pedagogy and embodied abstraction.

In this context, in this contemporary art magazine, my only instruction to you, Dear Reader, is aspirational. Consider a wild imaginary in which the practices of artistic production, criticism, teaching and curation are ones of loving kindness, generative curiosity and radical surrender.

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