C Magazine


Issue 141


Issue Contents

  1. Chris Lee and Ali S. Qadeer
    Editorial: Graphic Design — Read Text
  1. Joi T. Arcand, Chris Lee, and Winona Wheeler
    “I’m a Little Too Rebellious for That”: A Conversation with Joi T. Arcand and Winona Wheeler — Read Text
  2. Kalpana Subramanian
    Entangled Visions: The Birth of a Radical Pedagogy of Design in India — Read Text
  3. Mary Banas
    A Completely Customized World Where Everything Is Just How I Like and Need It: The Work of Shannon Finnegan — Abstract
  4. Tucker McLachlan
    Incidental Graphics: To Design in and Through Documents — Abstract
  5. Chris Hamamoto and Federico Pérez Villoro
    The Blackbox Trick: Magic in the Age of Techno-governance and Corporate Secrecy — Read Text
  6. Tings Chak
    In the Process of Making Themselves: Poster Art, Internationalism and the Cuban Revolution — Abstract
  7. David Schnitman
    Now in Circulation — Abstract
Artist Project
  1. Lisa Gitelman
    Poletown Lives — Read Text
  2. Danielle Aubert and Kikko Paradela
    Poletown vs. GM: Insert — Abstract
  1. Michèle Champagne
    Greg Durrell: Design Canada — Abstract
  2. Steven Chodoriwsky
    University at Buffalo: Sugar Cookie — Abstract
  3. Brian Morgan
    MSCHF Internet Studios: Times Newer Roman — Read Text
  4. Danielle St-Amour
    Paul Soulellis: QUEER.ARCHIVE.WORK — Abstract
  5. Noa Bronstein
    I’ll be your Mirror: Stephanie Comilang, Erika DeFreitas, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Neil Goldberg, Milutin Gubash, Vivek Shraya — Abstract
  6. Farid Djamalov
    Joshua Schwebel: A Dream In Which I Am You — Abstract
  7. Vanessa Lakewood
    I continue to shape: Maria Thereza Alves, Deanna Bowen, Cathy Busby, Justine A. Chambers, Nicholas Galanin, Ame Henderson, Maria Hupfield, Jessica Karuhanga, Lisa Myers, Michalene Thomas, Joseph Tisiga, Charlene Vickers — Abstract
  8. Chelsea Rozansky
    Autotheory: Hiba Ali, Madelyne Beckles, Thirza Cuthand, Deirdre Logue, Allyson Mitchell, Andrew James Paterson, Evan Tyler, Martha Wilson — Abstract