C Magazine


Issue 142


Issue Contents

  1. Salena Barry, Jacquelyn Ross, Fan Wu, and Muhan Zhang
    Letters — Read Text
  1. Kari Cwynar
    Editorial: Monument — Read Text
  1. Aylan Couchie
    We Didn’t Know What the Monument Meant Until Someone Said It Should Be Removed — Read Text
  2. Genevieve Flavelle
    Not One Monument but 12: Re-memorializing the Stonewall Riots — Read Text
  3. Elwood Jimmy
    Trauma as Monument — Read Text
  4. Robin Simpson
    Histories and Setups: Interview with Life of a Craphead — Read Text
  5. Stacey Ho
    Benchin — Read Text
  6. Theodore (ted) Kerr
    How to Have an AIDS Memorial in an Epidemic — Read Text
  7. Stephanie Comilang and Heather Rigg
    “I am the colour of burnt pineapple, mango, lemon”: An Interview with Stephanie Comilang — Read Text
Artist Project
  1. Pejvak (Rouzbeh Akhbari and Felix Kalmenson)
    The Bell at the End of Time — Read Text
  1. Weiyi Chang
    Steven Cottingham: Heat, Death — Read Text
  2. Emma Sharpe
    Mike Goldby: Silver 35 — Read Text
  3. Justin A. Langlois
    Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed: Multiple Elementary — Read Text
  4. sophia bartholomew
    Not the Camera, But the Filing Cabinet: Performative Body Archives in Contemporary Art — Read Text
  5. Jesse Cumming
    Pilvi Takala: Admirer — Read Text
  6. Caitlin Chaisson
    Anne Low: Chair for a woman — Read Text
  7. Sheila Regan
    Sky Hopinka: Cloudless Blue Egress of Summer — Read Text
  8. Lauren Gabrielle Fournier
    Esmé Weijun Wang: The Collected Schizophrenias — Read Text
  9. Steph Wong Ken
    Tamara Lee-Anne Cardinal: Mekinawewin, to give a gift — Read Text
  10. Kate Kolberg
    Vajiko Chachkhiani: They Kept Shadows Quiet — Read Text