C Magazine


Issue 150


Issue Contents

  1. Ashley Culver, Angelica Ng, and Liz Tsui
    Letters — Read Text
  1. Jac Renée Bruneau and Maya Wilson-Sanchez
    Editorial: Maps — Read Text
  1. paul schweizer / kollektiv orangotango and cristina t. ribas
    Hydrocartography: Mapping with Waters — Read Text
  2. Kat Benedict
    The Map Is the Territory: On Lucas LaRochelle’s Queering the Map — Read Text
  3. Lera Kotsyuba
    Star Stories and Indigenous Resistance Against Light Pollution — Read Text
  4. Leah Decter and Tania Willard
    Directions to BUSH Gallery — Read Text
  5. Mimi Gellman
    The Poetics of Indigenous Carto-Activism — Read Text
  6. Sophia Arnold
    Mapping the Black Box — Read Text
  7. Kyra Kordoski
    Slow Enough to Watch the Ptarmigan Eating Willow Buds on Tundra: A Conversation with Maureen Gruben — Read Text
Artist Project
  1. Razan Al-Salah
    No Man’s Land — Abstract
  2. Dana Qaddah
    No Man's Land by Razan Al-Salah: Text — Read Text
  1. Sophia Larigakis
    Composition — Cacophony and the Beyond: An Aural Topography — Read Text
  2. Coco Zhou
    One Thing — Octavia E. Butler on Mars — Read Text
  3. Tarin Dehod
    Tilling — Governance, Ungovernance, and Other Possibilities — Read Text
  1. Zannah Mae Matson
    Mapping Abundance for a Planetary Future: Kanaka Maoli and Critical Settler Cartographies in Hawai‘i — Candace Fujikane — Read Text
  2. Courtney Miller
    “Overburden” — Gabriela Escobar Ari, Asinnajaq, Patti Bailey qʷn̓qʷin̓ x̌n̓ , Randy Lee Cutler, Jim Holyoak and Darren Fleet, Ts̠ēmā, Keith Langergraber, Sarah Nance, Tara Nicholson, Carol Wallace — Read Text
  3. Jayne Wilkinson
    “Terra Economicus” — Will Kwan — Read Text
  4. Greta Hamilton
    Outdoor School: Contemporary Environmental Art Ed. by Diane Borsato and Amish Morrell — Read Text
  5. Julian Jason Haladyn
    “Shelley Niro: Thinking Of You” and “DARKNESS” — Shelley Niro — Read Text
  6. Sandee Moore
    “Provisional Structures” — Carmen Papalia with Vo Vo and jes sachse — Read Text
  7. Daniella Sanader
    “Jess Dobkin's Wetrospective” — Read Text
  8. Sasha Cordingley
    SULLAE 술래 — Jesse Chun — Read Text
  9. Olivia Michiko Gagnon
    The Breaks — Julietta Singh — Read Text
  10. April Thompson
    “Soul Power” — Jan Wade — Read Text
  11. Didier Morelli
    “Of things as they happen to be” — Jeanette Johns — Read Text
  12. Karina Roman Justo
    The Andean Information Age — Oscar Santillán and Alessandra Troncone — Read Text