C Magazine


Issue 152


Issue Contents

  1. Danielle Hogan, Julia Mallory, and Madeleine Randmaa
    Letters — Read Text
  1. Jac Renée Bruneau
    Editorial: Extraction — Read Text
  1. Maggie Flynn
    Trickle Down — Read Text
  2. Zoë Heyn-Jones
    Cooked Earth: Ambivalence in Terracotta — Abstract
  3. Aamna Muzaffar
    Golden Jubilee: An interview with Suneil Sanzgiri — Abstract
  4. Valérie Frappier
    Dowsing for Remediation, with Alana Bartol — Read Text
  5. Lauren Gabrielle Fournier
    Dreaming of Decriminalization — Abstract
Artist Project
  1. nicole kelly westman
    Makochi Nibi ihoniach (The Land is Close to Death) by Solomon Chiniquay: Text — Read Text
  2. Solomon Chiniquay
    Mâkochî Nîbi Îhonîach (The Land is Close to Death)
  1. Meech Boakye and Christina Kingsbury
    Composition: Transplant Collaborations — Abstract
  2. Anil Narine
    Tilling: Permanence for Black Diasporic Art in Canada — Abstract
  1. Eleonor Botoman
    Plastic: An Autobiography - Allison Cobb — Abstract
  2. Mahdi Chowdhury
    If From Every Tongue it Drips - Sharlene Bamboat — Abstract
  3. Ryan Ferko
    "The Children Have to Hear Another Story" - Alanis Obomsawin — Read Text
  4. Ojo Agi
    "Out of Many" - Jorian Charlton — Abstract
  5. Haley McLean
    "Time Holds All the Answers" - Postcommodity — Abstract
  6. Shazia Hafiz Ramji
    "Letters for Occasions" - Farah Al Qasimi — Abstract
  7. Raven Spiratos
    Carnation, Vol. 2 (Pleasure) - Ed. by Christina Hajjar, Luther Konadu, Mariana Muñoz Gomez — Abstract
  8. Angel Callander
    João Onofre — Abstract
  9. Jaleh Mansoor
    "The Meaning of Life" - Hannah Black — Abstract
  10. Laurie White
    "The best stories I know come from late night car rides or kitchen tables." - Brenda Draney and Tanya Lukin Linklater — Abstract