C Magazine


Issue 25


Issue Contents

  1. Carol Laing
    How Can We Speak to Painting? — Abstract
  2. Robin Peck
    Ron Huebner: Sculpture of a New Dark Age — Abstract
  3. Donald Kuspit
    The Hype of Emergence — Abstract
  4. Gordon Lebredt
    At Home With Repetition — Abstract
  5. James D. Campbell
    The Decentered Subject: David Rabinowitch's "Tyndale Constructions in 5 Planes with West Fenestration: Sculpture for Max Imdahl" — Abstract
  6. Bruce W. Ferguson
    Klaus vom Bruch: do not paint this screen — Abstract
  7. Robert Harbison
    Returning to Estonia
Artist Project
  1. Lin Gibson
    Murdered by Misogyny
  2. Klaus vom Bruch
    Bridges to the West: a project for C
  1. Melony Ward
    John Scott — Abstract
  2. Andrea Kunard
    Sandra Meigs — Abstract
  3. Janice Andreae
    Martha Townsend — Abstract
  4. Christine Swiderski
    Cynthia Short — Abstract
  5. Shonagh Adelman
    Sandra Haar — Abstract
  6. Gail Bourgeois
    The Partition Sisters — Abstract
  7. Monika Gagnon
    "In Visible Colours": Women in Focus — Abstract
  8. Elizabeth Wood
    Claude-Philippe Benoit — Abstract
  9. Petra Rigby Watson
    Ashley Bickerton, at Sonnabend Gallery, New YorkNicholas Stewart, at Western Front, Vancouver — Abstract
  10. Peter O'Brien
    Peter Legris — Abstract
  11. Scott Ellis
    Frieso Boning, Gord Morrison — Abstract
  12. Nancy Campbell
    Micah Lexier — Abstract
  13. Allister Neher
    Erick Desprez — Abstract
  1. Cindy Richmond
    media/culture/art — Abstract