C Magazine


Issue 31


Issue Contents

  1. Ron Martin
    Letter to the Editor — Abstract
  1. Maija Bismanis
    Art Works/ Works of Art — Abstract
  2. Donald Kuspit
    Sizing Art Up (and Down); The Issue of Quality — Abstract
  3. Carol Podedworny
    First Nations Art and the Canadian Mainstream
  4. Walter Klepac
    Presence and Abstraction
  5. Andrew Sorfleet
    Canadian Colinization — Abstract
Artist Project
  1. Lin Gibson
    How I Learned That Jimmy was Dead
  1. Sarah Milroy
    Hanne Darboven, Ydessa Hendeles Art Foundation, Toronto
  2. Colin Smith
    Kevin Madill, Artspeak Gallery, Vancouver
  3. Amy Gogarty
    Garry Williams, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary
  4. Liz Wylie
    Landon Mackenzie, Wynick Tuck Gallery, Toronto
  5. Dena Shottenkirk
    Louise Lawler, Metro Pictures Gallery, NYC — Abstract
  6. Andrew Payne
    Real Authentic Genuine, Beaver Hall, Toronto — Abstract
  7. Karen Tisch
    Images '91, Euclid Theatre and John Spotton Cinema, Toronto
  8. Gary Michael Dault
    Michael Merrill, Garnet Press Gallery, Toronto — Abstract
  9. Gary Telfer
    Rene Pierre Allain, Julian Pretto Gallery, NYC — Abstract
  10. Amy Karlinsky
    Diana Thorneycroft, Winnipeg Art Gallery — Abstract
  11. Peter Hobbs
    Brian Scott, Toronto Sculpture Garden — Abstract
  12. Robin Laurence
    Yellow Peril: Reconsidered, Artspeak, Or and the Contemporary Art Gallery, Vancouver
  13. Maja Miller
    Carolyn White, S.L. Simpson Gallery, Toronto — Abstract