C Magazine


Issue 36


Issue Contents

  1. Guy Brett
    Both Author and Reader — Abstract
  2. Dot Tuer
    Perspectives of the Body in Canadian Video Art — Abstract
  3. Nell Tenhaaf
    Mutational Cravings
Artist Project
  1. Kaoru Hirabayashi
    Man'-'Katayama', 'A' 'Woman'-'Takemi', 'N'
  2. Lorna Brown
    C from Once Removed
  1. Marilyn Burgess and Gail Guthrie Valaskakis
    Dialogue: Sexual Difference on the Frontier
  1. Carol Podedworny
    Indigena and Land, Spirit, Power — Abstract
  2. Sylvain Campeau
    Anne Marchessou and Jacques Perron — Abstract
  3. Monika Gagnon
    Body Takes — Abstract
  4. Corneil Van der Spek
    Gilbert Boyer — Abstract
  5. James D. Campbell
    Barry Allikas — Abstract
  6. Robin Laurence
    Al McWilliams — Abstract
  7. Ann Dean and Jannet Edminson
    Lynne Fernie and Aerlyn Weissman — Abstract
  8. Cindy Richmond
    Lorne Beug — Abstract
  9. Christopher Eamon
    Robert Flack — Abstract
  10. Nancy Campbell
    Spring Hurlbut — Abstract