C Magazine


Issue 61


Issue Contents

  1. Robin Peck
    Scattered Across the Floor: The Sculpture of Colleen Wolstenholme
  2. Julie Voyce
    Manifest Destiny: Five Modest Reactions
  3. Lisa Gabrielle Mark
    Recurring Images: Historical Photography as Contemporary Art
  1. Daryl Wells
    Chris Ofili: Serpentine Gallery, London
  2. Carol Peaker
    Letter from London: February 1999
  3. Lisa Gabrielle Mark
    Letter from Toronto: February 1999
  4. Douglas Ord
    Eldon Garnet: Canadian Museum of Contemporary Photography, Ottawa
  5. Marie Fraser
    Letter from Montreal: February 1999
  6. Will Straw
    Gisele Amantea: Oboro, Montreal
  7. David Garneau
    Letter from Calgary: February 1999
  8. Ingrid Mary Percy
    Mowry Baden: Open Space and Rogue Art Gallery, Victoria
  9. Laurie Palmer
    You're In My Space: Chicago Cultural Center
  10. Susan Snodgrass
    Letter from Chicago: February 1999
  11. Robin Metcalfe
    Letter from Halifax: February 1999
  12. Robin Metcalfe
    Gerald Ferguson & Arnaud Maggs: Mount Saint Vincent University Art Gallery, Halifax
  13. Dena Shottenkirk
    Letter from New York: February 1999
  14. Klaus Ottmann
    Jackson Pollock: Museum of Modern Art, New York