C Magazine


Issue 62


Issue Contents

  1. Joyce Mason
    C is dead. long live C
  1. Gary Michael Dault
    Life Inside Life: On the recent paintings of Douglas Walker
  2. Lianne McTavish
    Scapular Gallery Nomad: Lianne McTavish Considers The Artist As Gallery
  3. David Morrow
    A Few of my Favourite Feher's
  4. Robin Metcalfe
    Extremities: Tom Dean Prepares for Venice
  5. A.S.A. Harrison
    Tom Dean at Large

  1. What to c: a guide to the season's art events
  1. Carol Peaker
    Neurotic Realism: Saatchi Gallery, London
  2. Carol Peaker
    Letter from London: May 1999
  3. David McCracken
    The Cultured Tourist: Carol Ehlers Gallery, Chicago
  4. Susan Snodgrass
    Letter from Chicago: May 1999
  5. Dena Shottenkirk
    Letter from New York: May 1999
  6. Scott Walden
    Lynn Geesaman: Yancey Richardson Gallery, New York
  7. David Garneau
    Letter from Calgary: May 1999
  8. Ingrid Mary Percy
    Todd Tedeschini: Catriona Jeffries Gallery, Vancouver
  9. Lisa Gabrielle Mark
    Letter from Toronto: May 1999
  10. John Armstrong
    Sandra Rechico: Art Gallery of Mississauga, Toronto
  11. Marie Fraser
    Letter from Montreal: May 1999
  12. Sylvain Campeau
    Jacques Perron: Galerie Oboro, Montreal
  13. Robin Metcalfe
    Letter from Halifax: May 1999