C Magazine


Issue 65


Issue Contents

  1. Kim Fullerton and Robin Metcalfe
    Afterword: Letter to the Editor and Contributing Editor's Response
  1. Joyce Mason
    C Changes
  1. Ray Cronin
    Who. Who. Who is Michael Fernandes: Ray Cronin investigates the elusive works of a substantial artist
  2. John Armstrong
    Vacation in Black and White: John Armstrong on the travels of Dianne Bos

  3. Cliff Eyland's Liverpool Notebook
  4. Philip Monk
    Urban Gothic: Philip Monk on Stan Douglas's Le Détroit

  1. What to c: Garry Neill Kennedy at AGNS / MoMA 2000 / American Century & The Whitney Biennial / Architecture at MCA Chicago

  2. What was C'n: highlights from our editions' notebooks, Peter Zimmerman, NYCb / Kelly Mark, Toronto / Tracey Emin, London / The Experimental Exercise of Freedom, LA
  3. Ihor Holubizky
    Obituary: Anita Aarons (1912-2000)

  4. What to C: Janet Cardiff at Gairloch Gardens, Janet Morton / Peter Bowyer in Toronto Parks / HX 2000 / The Tate Modern
  1. Robin Metcalfe
    Letter from New York: December 1999
  2. Sylvain Campeau
    Donigan Cumming: Marché Bonsecours, Montreal
  3. Chris Morgan
    Flywheel: Nunnery Gallery, London
  4. Esther Grisham
    Watch: bona fide, Chicago
  5. Carol Peaker
    Letter from London: January 2000
  6. Debbie O'Rourke
    Jack Nivan: Tableau Vivant, Toronto