C Magazine


Issue 68


Issue Contents

  1. Joyce Mason
    Notes from the mental health district
  1. Ray Cronin
    Poetic Absence: Ray Cronin on the work of Rick Burns — Abstract
  2. Cathy Busby and Sherri Irvin
    Escape Fantasies: Survival in the Diefenbunker — Abstract
  3. John Armstrong
    Thoughts Arising from an Exhibition — Abstract
  4. Wendy Landry
    Attempts at Grace: Wendy Landry on the video installations of Jan Peacock — Abstract
Artist Project
  1. Aaron Anaïs Kimberly and Robin Metcalfe
    Autoportraits — Abstract
  2. Stephen Waddell
    Il Killer — Abstract
  3. Judith Schwarz
    Blink — Abstract

  1. C the Visual Arts Foundation: Founding Patrons

  2. What to C: “Space and Silence” at CMCP, Ottawa / “Open Ends” at MoMA, New York — Abstract

  3. What to c & What was c’n: Bridget Riley at Dia, New York / “The Bigger Picture" at AGO, Toronto / TIAF, Toronto / “Being On Time” at Central Tech, Toronto — Abstract

  4. Fair Well: A short guide to upcoming art fairs — Abstract
  1. Carol Peaker
    Letter from London: November 2000 — Abstract
  2. Daryl Wells
    Hip-Hop Nation: Roots, Rhymes and Rage, Brooklyn Museum of Art — Abstract
  3. John Armstrong
    Lucy Hogg: Anodyne Contemporary Art, Vancouver — Abstract
  4. Jody Pauline Patterson
    Barry Allikas: Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto — Abstract
  5. Dena Shottenkirk
    Damien Hirst: Gagosian Gallery, New York — Abstract
  6. David Boyd Haycock
    Out There: White Cube, London — Abstract
  7. Maureen Fenniak
    Blair Brennan: Harcourt House Gallery, Edmonton — Abstract
  8. Dena Shottenkirk
    Allan McCollum: Friedrich Petzal Gallery, New York — Abstract