C Magazine


Issue 71


Issue Contents

  1. Stephen Lawson
    Aural Optics: Stephen Lawson on Janet Cardiff and George Bures Miller — Abstract
  2. Jochen Volz
    The Unnoticed Observer: Jochen Volz on Salla Tykkä, Anri Sala and Mike Nelson — Abstract
  3. Rachel Withers
    Hunting the Sphinx: Rachel Withers on Ron Mueck, Anniks Larsson, Gregor Schneider and Mike Nelson — Abstract
  4. Jenifer Papararo
    Then and Now: Mexico City's La Panadería — Abstract
  5. Gregory Elgstrand
    Social Improvisation: The Recent Films of Steve McQueen — Abstract
  6. Eileen Sommerman
    The Net Effect: Eileen Sommerman's Paris — Abstract
Artist Project
  1. Arnaud Maggs
    lèche-vitrine blanch paris, 2001
  2. Sarah Braman and Aaron Brewer
    Deerfucker (Sarah Braman and Aaron Brewer) — Abstract

  1. C Shorts: Recent and Current Exhibitions — Abstract

  2. C Index: Awards, Appointments, Acquisitions and Sales — Abstract
  3. Hans Ulrich Obrist
    Skyworks: Hans Ulrich Obrist on "En el cielo," an exhibition in the skies over Venice — Abstract
  4. Tom Sanders, Stacy Sargent, and Jennifer F. Shlesinger
    Society Page — Abstract
  1. Elaine Bowen
    "Dead Teenagers": West Wing Art Space, Toronto — Abstract
  2. Karen Roulstone
    Spring Hurlbut: Institute of Contemporary Culture at the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto — Abstract
  3. Sophie Hackett
    Katharine Harvey: Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto — Abstract
  4. Cindy Stelmackowich
    "Metamorphosis and Cloning": Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal — Abstract
  5. Susan Douglas
    William Kentridge: New Museum of Contemporary Art, New York — Abstract
  6. Laurel MacMillan
    Atom Egoyan and Juliao Sarmento: 49th Venice Biennale — Abstract